Gowdy: Individual states need to take initiative in a public health crisis


  1. Buck Up Steve. The patriots are in control.

  2. In 9 months there is going to be huge baby boom. Not much on tv. What to do 😉

  3. I saw dozens and dozens of contrails today, some airlines are fine

  4. Yeah – I'm starting to wonder why the hell we bother to elect a governor, senators & congress people from our state's – what the hell is their job?

    everybody's relying on the federal government tit… These are the United States of America –

    They're constantly complaining the federal government can't dictate what they do – they want their independence from Trump … but where is their leadership?

    Why did President Trump have to tell Congress to pass a coronavirus bill?

    the places hit the hardest were a mess to begin with – this pandemic is revealing all the weak links in our government and Leadership

  5. Dying is pretty severe…if all the consumers die the economy fails anyway.

  6. Out of this STORM

  7. But what if your stuck with Diblasio Cuomo and chuck ?

  8. Drop tariffs and reward China. No, thanks.

  9. we dont need to go backward ??? shake off the fear….its not the boss!! I plead the Blood Of Jesus against lies and deception and fear in Jesus Name!

  10. If the democrats wouldnt have put so many restrictions on american companys to manufacture for its own country, we wouldnt be so bad off. But since the swamp have made china their primary country, this is why they label trump a racist for simply staying the truth about them. They all have biden/ukraine type deals with them.

  11. BS

  12. I’m genuinely asking, how does ending tariffs help America?

  13. Get rid of the income tax for 8 months. Make it proactive starting jan1st. I dont want the hand out. Just give me what I have already earned.

  14. O think we'd all be better off if individual people were more responsible about their actions. When people are told to stay away from public places and minimize contact with others. It is cr tical that all citizens do exactly that. Kids that have no School , should not be going to play with friends or attending social gatherings. Public Schools are closed for a reason. It is not Summer brake or a Holliday. Parents need to make sure that their kids , no matter what age, are being responsible

  15. And that is why we are Americans….and sad to say, not everyone fits in….real true Americans come together when times get tough…..thank you everyone who is, in someway or another doing their part……

  16. Suspended tariffs, Its not a good idea. These countries need to pay American for every thing they have stolen from us. Especially China.

  17. Fuel for the airlines is socialism stop with socialist plans the government cannot save us from anyting

  18. Slow down here you knuckleheads I’m not in favor of removing any tariffs unless it’s across the border. I’m not lifting any I’m not in favor of lifting any tariffs unless it’s being done everywhere. If our trading partners are not lifting their’s too. Should be a two-way street equally on these tariffs. If our trading partners left their tariffs. then we can lift ours !! Otherwise No !!!

  19. Drop the ten day waiting period for firearms purchases.


  21. Trump should sack up and tell Those sneaky slant eyed bowl cut bi-itchs to lick balls they can just consider any debt owed to them as paid in full. If they have an issue with that come and try and get it. If all the world powers stood together they wouldn't/couldn't do a GD thing.

  22. Do not reward China for this by cutting tariffs. They mishandled it and they need to take ownership. I do not believe cutting tariffs helps the everyday Joe feed his family next week, or py their bills due and the Guy who said “give it to someone, take it from someone” needs to realize that you “take it” from the American people everyday in thousands of ways in taxes so “giving it” back to them is really just giving them back their OWN money! As a help to cover being not able to work is a better decision than easing tariffs! They say Airlines and Cruise companies are getting help because “at no fault of their own” well it is “at no fault of our own” that the American people are loosing their livelihood due to this virus. Take care of the American people Mr. President and they will take care of you! Do NOT ease tariffs. Especially the ones on China and Iran and the middle east! Some of that is for the way the treat their people. Easing that does not help those people either!

  23. The governors don't trust trump that's why they took it upon themselves to take charge, I mean trump did say it was a hoax, we need a leader not a boy who throws tantrums and blame everyone else

  24. Well, this white house is certainly not taking any initiative. Still a shortage of tests despite a 3 month warning from China. Maybe play less golf on taxpayer expense and plan for emergencies.


  26. When you eliminate the Tariffs China wins… This was a strategic retaliatory act on China's part to pay Trump back for putting the tariffs in place to force China into fair trade agreements…

  27. To HELL with CHINA! Those commie bastards just threatened us. They're so ticked off that they have to put up with for another 4-1/2 years.

  28. David’s idea to buy up the cheap excess surplus of fuel for aircraft is an excellent idea. It accomplishes another couple of bonuses got the country.

  29. Bernie Sanders would fix this fast. Everything would be free. Nobody has to work for money because everything will be free…

  30. How come individual states weren't prepared????

  31. He said Trump is bringing calm to people. On what planet?

  32. Also…. what ever you PEOPLE do, but don't DONATE BLOOD! COVID-19 could be passed thru. BLOOD as well

  33. Beginning to THINK my State of Indiana is Run by DEMORATS disguised as Republicans!Somethings not RIGHT with this State!Am a Veteran if that even means anything!I don't wear a tin hat,Mines RED! TRUMP 2020! On the Fence about Pence!

  34. How about sanctuary state's and state wise list?

  35. Asia, India🇮🇳 Telangana state CM passed state Level Police action and Prime Minister must be doing the same across India🇮🇳, Asia. It's good Friday, Lucky day.

  36. I like the "Idea" of the $1000 Payment because it sends the Message that "You're Not Alone!" in this Time of Self Quarantine.
    It's not "Everything for All Time" like Socialism Pretends. It's a Hand Ip.

  37. You don’t remove tariffs when someone perpetuated a virus on our country the tariffs are in place for a reason we need to find a new trading partner. China is not a good trading partner there an evil governing system that abuses people and abuses the people of America they build crappy products and they have some of the worst pollution practices

  38. It's time for America and the rest of the western world to stop dealing with the repressive totalitarian communist China which reportedly has been experimenting on biological weapons that eventually got exposed from their laboratory in Wuhan and released to the public that resulted to this corona virus pandemic, causing panic, hysteria, anxiety, social & economic chaos, and deaths around the world. Countries around the world should band together and CENSURE China at the United Nations for this atrocity and other violations of international laws, human rights and other norms of civilized behavior.

  39. The Godless, leftie communists made the world into "Sodom and Gomorrah" and God punished the world with a plague. It's simple. The Globalists have lost 10 times the profits they made from pandering to the Godless communists. Karma

  40. Tax payers lose in all financial crisis, shameful…

  41. Ending tariffs are similar like bending our knees before China!

  42. If your 40 or younger go back to work.

  43. Remove tariffs? Are these people insane? Shame on fox business for being the problem!

  44. We need to stop giving money to other countries. All of them until America is back on it's feet.

  45. the last thing we need is more govt… The idea of all of this is to get rid of the tyrants. GITMO

  46. No support for the people under this corrupt ,incompetent , illegitimate ,soviet administration , no federal taxes for IRS. Tax Strike Now!!

  47. Bah end the tariffs , all that will do is reset the situation back to what these globalist want and so much work has been done to undo the damage they have done. No now is the time to say get these industries back to America because we have seen what having a reliance on other countries for our basic needs can do to you in times of emergency No ending all tariffs would just set you back to the situation that existed before Trump became President , it would just be short term gain for long term pain.

  48. End all tariffs…. bwahaha

  49. Its our tax dollars. Support people directly during times of pestilence. There are certain circumstances where certain actions are acceptable. They are temporary and the government needs to be dynamic and responsive to the People… not workers, not businesses, but THE PEOPLE.

    I'm okay with giving direct payments during this time of crisis. It's actually a lot cheaper than trying to save every job and bailout many different business sectors . . It's like dominoes there…. each sector can support another. . It will funnel too much money.

  50. Calming effect with more disinformation than I can even keep up with

  51. The State governors are like a flock of vultures landing on a fence ready to pounce on bags of cash the Federal government are getting ready to hand out to them?

  52. Would be funny of patient zero is actually an American. Conservatives they call themselves only to act like liberal Dramacrats.

  53. Remove all tariffs except on China increase theirs.

  54. The Airlines are Not devastated. Just the Workers for the Airlines! Get focused like the lady says!

  55. U.S should charge china the BAIL out, just takr it iff the top o fcb what the UD owes china.

  56. Tray looks so handsome !

  57. Do Not help the country that has caused this.

  58. I thought we were a republic

  59. Drop the Income Tax for a month for those still working and give a wage to the people that lost their jobs over this BS. The money doesn't belong to the Government, it belongs to the people.

  60. This is the Virus of the Swamp

  61. Thanks for speaking the truth!! China on the world’s stage is a an evil repressive regime not a people. Truth & America are not racist. China must pay back for the world for this debacle!!

  62. I'm sick of the American people filling out these big what are making so much money when times are good

  63. The most important, 2 weeks of sick leave was removed by republicans on the SENATE, think about that.  What happened to the Christian Politicians from the Republican Party, do you have a heart?

  64. Mr. Gowdy. Is right. Need to help each others NO politicizing. This is America 🇺🇸 land of the brave. United we stand. No matter what. Storm come ur will pass safety and health that President. Priority thank YOU. Mr President. ! Sir 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  65. the restaurants are open in south dakota!!!!!

  66. Trey Goudy;
    professional PINHEAD.

  67. Expect 11 million deaths worldwide.

  68. drump needs to resign now …. drump is corrupt…. the globalist gop drumps coven is the devil a n d if you could top that ….batchit crazy azzholes….(eliminate tarifs?!?! its the greed over people globalists) they are the greed over people party and should be thrown in a padded room…. capitalism run amock they only think about their bank accounts… its canniibalism (sp) for the well connected caste system sychophants ….loeffer burr… who are these monied azzholes? drumps cabal is selling stock and rigging the system for their benefit…they need to resign in disgrace… resign in disgrace the corrupt party of money over people

  69. end all tarrifs?..even where USA gets charged but they dont?

  70. Yea after the storm Made in America that’s how our economy wil be stronger than ever cause if we keep dependent in China next it will be a pill that wipe out millions keep the tariff 🙏

  71. If Democrats would stop allowing illegal immigrants to come into this country, we would not have such a mess !!! Have Amazon help pay American's being that Amazon doesn't pay fair taxes !!!


  73. Fuk the investors … DO NOT RELEASE the TARIFFS

  74. This fiasco has shown, unlike anything else in memory, just how inept and useless are most governments and politicians

  75. Trey Gowdy is a swamp protection creature..

  76. And now people now how fragile the us economy really is

  77. Let them eat aspirin.

  78. I am sure glad that President Trump had strengthened our economy so well so we could take this hit

  79. Our leaders gave our economy to China a communist country so this means our leaders embraced a communist regime in my opinion

  80. You folks with thumbs down are wanting our country to fail. Where does that get you……..nowhere you jerks

  81. Don't drop the tariffs! Do give people money because you are basically hiring them to STAY HOME. They require money to survive.

  82. Maybe now people will realize that American industry is so important to sustaining us long term! Buy here and support small businesses!

  83. And the Market is going back up…. Amazing!! it's almost like it was designed that way weird…

  84. Stand YOUR GROUND on tariffs…do not give one to china due to their lackies causing global destruction…infact INCREASE TARIFFS FOR CHINA!!

  85. End the globalist trade control. Keep the tariffs.

  86. Americans need to stop depending on government to micromanage their lives. If states can protect illegals, why didn't they plan for their own states?

  87. What will keep China from purposely sending out another virus in the future? Hit them in the pocket book by insisting on forgiving US debt.

  88. Buy up all the bargain oil – – best idea – and trump card – yet.

  89. Bill Maher it looks like your wish for the economy to crash has came true.
    America says big thanks, big thanks Bill.

  90. What's keeping us from eventually becoming another colony to China? Trump policy.

  91. Basically……individual states……you’re on your own !

  92. Surely, sane individuals – even believers of the adultery, theft, collusion… – could visualize promises realized, or at least the mental acuity to refrain from hate.

    I am not a member of a cult, BTW.

  93. Dropping all tariffs would only be good if all nations ended their tariffs also. Lets not let foreign nations screw us over like they tried is the Paris Climate Accord. I say let our President make the call. He is better able to make that call on what is best for the USA.

  94. There should be a sort of “go fund me page” in recognition of dentists and clinics how donate face masks to hospitals. It is a good incentive and idea.

  95. It was not about money it is change hope love all the hero .God will help us.

  96. Are the Democrats in Hell yet

  97. moore is a 'former' because he's a swamp creature feature …send him the memo -go to commie land where you belong

  98. This is a whole scam we need millions of respirators and all these other equipment but we only have thousands of people that even have the virus and only 20% of them even show any signs of the virus the math doesn’t add up

  99. Yes, do your job. You have money. You generate a lot of money.

  100. The best way to punish china is pullng all western companies out of china and boycot the heck out of it since the west are the biggest comsumers in the world!

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