Governor Peter Shumlin: The health care providers’ current reimbursement system needs to be fixed.

you’re a provider in Vermont, particularly a primary
care provider, a nurse, a chiropractor, or
whatever, good luck surviving on the current
reimbursement system. You can’t. You can’t. We have primary care docs
who are making less money than when they graduated from
medical school 30 years ago. What did they want to do? They didn’t want to get rich. But they want to
make people healthy. And the current
system requires them to see more and more people on
a shorter and shorter period of time, to fix the immediate
problem, theoretically, and get paid less than they were
getting 30 years ago. So the providers are
going, hey, this system is not working for us. We’re willing to
try something new. And I would argue that
most people in health care who are providing primary
care, and many of the others, don’t want to have more
billers in the back office than they have providers
trying to make people healthy. People in health care
actually go into it to make people healthy,
not to make a ton of loot. SPEAKER 1: All right.

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