Governor Peter Shumlin: Climate Change is the biggest challenge that health care providers face

PETER SHUMLIN: Climate change. Listen, climate change is going
to be the biggest challenge that current health
care providers face. It’s going to land
right in their office. Because the health effects
of the challenges that we’re facing as we burn oil and coal
with extraordinary irrational exuberance, is going to land
on health care providers plate. So then you ask, well, you
know, what about the other issues that you worked on? I say it all is going to come
back to the door of folks or in both public and
private health right now. So you know, more than
any time in our history, I would say to health
care providers, folks in this school and
this community, why does politics matter? It matters to you, because
the policies that we make about what food we
eat, about whether or not you can have access to insurance
is a right and not a privilege, about whether we get off coal
and oil and move to renewables, all those issues
are going to come right to the door of
health care providers as we quickly see the
effects of the years that we’ve spent
burning carbon, not to mention, the
current carbon we’re putting in the environment.

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