Gov. Jay Inslee issues ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ order


  1. I live in Washington. How come idk of any??? This is all fake. Give me a name of a death of someone that xan be verified.

  2. You gov donkeydick and the media together are a virus

  3. USA should always practice better hygiene and secure borders…should allow the homeless to be housed; like stopping discrimination in H.U.D.
    Chinese take over? Wow, stay calm, your Constitutional rights have just been suspended because of the flu and to keep Donald J. Trump from being re-elected; May God save us all in Jesus's name.

  4. What law makes this a legal statement

  5. Can't wait to vote him out

  6. So how about you suspend all bills since you keep screwing people by closing places

  7. How about u just suspend our bills and we will stay home

  8. What gives you the ability to supersede my civil liberties. Amazing that when it finally came down people couldn't wait to give their rights away


  10. Just don't close the pot shops!!
    P.S.: They won't ~

  11. No one will listen to a voluntary stay at home order. Most people are still under the impression that this is all fake news. We don't get names of the deaths released to the public because of privacy laws. So no one believes the deaths. It's just we are in times where the news and our government has lies so much that no ones believes anything they say anymore. Some say ignorance is bliss. In these times ignorance will kill.

  12. Waist of time your help helping nothing it's just going to get worse keeping restaurant an another places open are not important to keep open only helps spread the virus

  13. Is car dealership esstinal I work in the service department ??

  14. Did he close the airport?

  15. In addition to all of the above, we need a better medical system and less teleprompter use. The following is a copy and paste effort:

    Posted 3-23-2020 on U.S. Surgeon General interview on Today:
    Great interview by the host. KEEP READING, LINKS INCLUDED. Congratulations to the Producer, Director, Floor Director, Camera Crew, CG and Sound[.] It was obvious that the/your guest was not authorized to give you the truth. And, movie-wise, it wasn't quite "Go ahead, make my day" and "You can't handle the truth."

    Because I consider myself honored to be in the media, here is one of my YouTube comments within the majority of an UFCW Union contact us comment:  

    …3-23-2020… [To: UFCW]

    I found this article on Dr. Campbell's YouTube Channel in the comments posted today. It is about an Oklahoma Nurse that was fired for wearing a mask. I replied to the commenter that I would get it to the UFCW:

    This was my post [on the Dr. Campbell, UK YouTube Channel:

    Thank you for posting. Will send it to UFCW Washington State (Union). Sometimes the media covers only one story to make a bigger difference. Being in the media is an honor.

    Pass the following around, with or without my opinion – to further an issue. Thank you again for your post!

    I have zero confidence in Governor Jay Inslee's choice of Retired Navy Vice Admiral Raquel C. Bono as the Washington State Director for COVID-19 Health System Response Management. The military record of experimentation and horrifically destructive drug testing outlined and described in the book "The Malaria Project" is only one indicator of past abuses toward patients that our military and the legally confined have experienced.

    I deplore Governor Jay Inslee's "possible experimentation" on Washingtonians with "military based clinical trials" and "compassionate unproven pharmaceuticals" when the patients are told "or not told" that it is a "placebo vs. your only hope" choice.

    Technically, is it a "moral crime" or a "legal crime?"

    Search: clinical trials .gov



    In my opinion, there is no apparent enforcement, only tracking of moral and criminal patient abuses regarding this COVID-19 Pandemic.

    Again, I have zero confidence in Governor Jay Inslee's choice of Retired Navy Vice Admiral Raquel C. Bono as the Washington State Director for COVID-19 Health System Response Management.

    Pamela J. Hanson
    Volunteer Producer, Director & Crew at our local TV Station
    Former Security Officer
    Former 12 Yr At-Home-Mom
    Former Washington State Department of Revenue Supervisor

    UFCW: It is obvious to me, and I have been emailing it through congressional media entities and local and state government, that the NPDB [See media link above regarding NPDB Texas hospitals sold/closed & death conviction.] may be used to quash (effectively swat, as in swatting) Qui Tam efforts. The Seattle Police Department has an anti-swatting effort that you may be able to learn about and implement through a Union effort and ultimately through Congress.

    I was at Swedish Medical Center during the strike this year. Aside from whom I was with that day, you are great people for taking a stand!

    Pamela J. Hanson

  16. Seattle/Washington residents, be strong during these hard times & be close to those you love. If you’re ever in need of some entertainment during these times, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our YouTube channel for original content surrounding our local music scene. God bless.

  17. Statewide walk. Bring your school kids to walk with their grandparents on local trails. If it is your family you can’t catch it from them. You can only catch from touching a stranger. All these gross strangers don’t wash their hands.

  18. Now it's a choice between:
    #1 Continue to go to work to cover Bill's and keep your roof but maybe die in the process
    #2 or stay home safe for a month then become homeless the next one and eventually die from other exposures
    Can't decide yet.

  19. Fuck you Inslee , slack jawed liar of a man

  20. Shutting down churches is infringing on our 1st amendment right to freely practice our religion. This also infringes on our right to gather and protest. It's not acceptable and needs to be overturned. Freedom is worth more than virus prevention.

  21. I'm making a note to vote for anyone who runs against Inslee.

  22. Tip O'the day…. Don't bake your masks to reuse.. spray down.

  23. Stay home stay healthy green New deal for you why don't you talk about how pelosi is turning this into the green New deal AOC

  24. Hairstylist, need help many of us are not making a income at all, many of us are independent or small business. I can’t get through your fucking system and wait to pay my rent, because of the high demand and lack of enough employees to meet the demand on unemployment and paid medical leave, some of us don’t even have that to turn to. Do your job and hire more people to meet the demand, bring in a emergency UBI! Enough of your idealistic feel good stories and toasting this. Suspend rent and other bill payments as well. You are not helping the working class by leaving that out as mandatory!

  25. How fucking annoying is this dude! How many times do U need 2 keep taking those loud gulps

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