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this is a really healthy eating cookery book that you've bought out yep and this is based on your own fitness because you now do triathlons we know for marathons but now you're like super fit yeah Ironman stuff yeah and you know what when we started that stuff it was almost little bit more time to yourself and more importantly getting the family involved so Jack Tilly have all done the sprints the London track from here every summer is incredible we do that for the Great Ormond Street Foundation and yeah how many of those are you doing a year roughly you know – yeah one full one and then one half one so I suggested it's all about three years here look with you spend a lot more time together how'd your fancy going for a little swim so I'd love to national Tyler did her first Ironman in Staffordshire two years ago oh this is amazing but it got you thinking obviously about food the family healthy lean bodies all that also we're dodging every day and you know I've got a lot of history family wise dad passed that fifty three of the heart attack well there's a constant reminder that you know not only you have to stay fit but more importantly get a grip what should you do so I don't go on a diet I don't want to start you know removing desserts and fun is there lay living an influence on you with that sort of thing you know when we spend time there you know it's it's an amazing place to be you know and also it's a lot sort of healthier a lot of us spend a lot more time outside so well it's better of course so run chicken trail a swim yeah so this is quite straightforward for the chickens I like to get whole cut them up so you've got the drums besides the wings and you still keep the skin nice age you know the flavour net skin is incredible also stops the chicken can go and dry so you start roasting on the top of the tray so we're not faffing around with pots and pans some time in again just keep it whole garlic no worries about garlic because they were cooking enough so roast it let it go sweet and squeeze the garlic over the chicken literally two minutes before it comes out upside down upside down exactly that into the pan and then start getting some color on there now this it's think it's it to seal the meat or is it your coloring it the flavor as well that's right two things so we're sitting in so I guess we're that horrible sort of grey anemic color and then when we sear it goes all the flavor gets the skin crispy and we'll turn it up skin side up so it gets nice and crispy as it sits in the oven a nice thing about this is that it can be done literally five minutes now into the oven twenty five thirty minutes and then literally it just cooks yourself now in terms of health for us Gordon and being lean and things this is a good dish so what low fat there's no fat that's touchable in there and for me you know the brown meats not just the drums and the thighs and also the breast stuff gets a little bit dry yeah the drums and the thighs delicious links we don't eat enough off so roasting the leeks with a chicken the garlic salt pepper and a little touch of white wine now a little just a little touch next to that we must in some potatoes they're part steamed in a way that we're going to steam them first and then roast them as well so get crispier let them steam and it blisters on the outside see them a little bit turmeric little bit chilly and then literally into the tray and in your book you said you've got kind of sections where it's so if you want to maybe if you are looking to lose some weight or if you're just looking to be healthy or for someone like you and Tana who do a lot of exercise there's the kind of pre-workout post-workout foods as well why did you break it down like that because I wanted to sort of make this book appealing for the cross sector without having everyone's worried about January they go drive they go to the gym they start paying money on stuff that they're not using and so this is a way that you could just state normal yeah cuz everyone's gonna die i haven't gonna die in my life and yet you know I stay incredibly fit and also smoothies frozen berries yogurts soups you have a complete menu in there then I have menu and also kids even their eyes you know what I like well I tell you if you're eating with your nose it sounds less in there so garlic leeks beans yeah again so these are just beautiful butter beans that's more protein start to thicken up this June yeah Courtney just makes it a bit more sort of waxing so as you see I've turned the chicken the skin side up now and you can smell that time you smell that garlic this is very easy to do it's very easy and I'd love with one plus anything it's my kind of cooking that little touch of white wine did you not really use white wine such a burger in there yep okay that's gonna make it look kind of cider vinegar all sorry red wine vinegar mm-hmm and then from there just a touch of stock once you've evaporated and caramelize all that wine a little touch of stock in there bring that back up to the boil okay I've turned all the chicken up you've used fresh thyme but could you use drives time or easier absolutely easy and then from there literally honestly into the oven I can thank you morning okay now thank nice when I open that now look at that Oh FastTrack okay lovin it lovin appointing the love enough Bruce can you get that garlic yeah just sort of squeeze it over the chicken yes okay okay and there's the potatoes so almost sort of rub it you know on top oh there you yes I've got a soft isn't it so just on there like that almost like a paintbrush and again doing that two or three times and rubbing the top see how crispy that skin is now so that I don't know why but when you prove now and they throw that away keep that yeah because that is just a beautiful rich puree of garlic that can be yo put inside of mayonnaise hey look nice so let me steam the secret behind these now is the fact that once they've been steamed you you can use them again and again again and jet to roast them for as long as I do I do let them go cold and grate them and then start find them that with an egg welcome her friend like a roaster there you go there you go so what are you training for next what's your next big so I'm training to be an amazing dad the twins timaeus their big birthday party their big birthday party tomorrow we're doing a little sort of Great Gatsby theme and till he's just talking I do that's it that's the problem when you're a chef when is Christmas someone said hey let's have a great time it's the worst month as a chef in the country Tilly's still doing her titties will end us yeah yeah just finished season four with CBBC's took Matilda Ramsay bunch so yeah taking over the world you are taking over the world yes really really nice you

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