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hello friends this video is not for people who have always been to it the agouti open door girlier joking marriage SAS generate criteria or scale who and keeping their fitness schedule the outcome of this video is going to be that one great golden rule which will actually help us to maintain a fitness regime throughout our life often it I got an amazing opportunity and opportunity to interact with the best people in the industry and the industry was has been Fitness many of them were dietitians fitness coaches gym instructor Zumba coaches life coaches and yoga instructors as well the sole topic of discussion was what is the one rule which each individual must follow to ensure that he or she will be able to keep up or follow up it with Regine's toy example a period a our house discussion cows come discussions all communica yogurt recipients on again short karna mookie was in the key but regularly excites qatar Haga jaffa of knee fitness or health care per regularly customer data riga those could then may come circumvent a lease minutes if each particular slot make nickel never engage in the complete day an individual must take all 45 minutes to work on his or her fitness i am very sure kim misuk copy sorry Lagoona talisman integrant Apella be nikola Haga or fail me who am gay so I eat John Lee taking hamari discussion K buzz is pepper let me admire such a hot curling it he hums in the HEPA filtering it let me explain it a bit further we all have to take out these 45 minutes and take this process very very seriously pick up any time slot in the day the slot in which queue are generally free freeze that slot for your Fitness related activities you cannot take a random slot in the day for example you cannot keep 6 a.m. on one day and 8 a.m. on another day the reason is purely scientific we have a biological clock inside our body a clock which always guides us tells us that there is a particular activity which needs to be done at a particular time in the day so the clear-cut reason to keep a fixed time slot on each day for your freshness that even if you don't want to work out even if you are physically tied on a given particular day your body will tell you to go ahead and work out of you have a ball sorry no give directly get the problem Heine items curse okay hand of it so successfully kept execute straight that is the problem so friends up with drastic step in the healing iron you simple need to freeze that particular time slot I am suggesting 45 minutes in a particular day for example I keep a tiny slot at 6 a.m. in the morning now what happens is every day at 6 a.m. I have to go out at a particular designated location to work out that particular location could be some designated bar some gems some workout classes which you have joined with your friends it could even be an isolated road on which you would like to run or walk to stay fit so till now you have done two things first is identifying a particular slot in the day second identifying the list of activities which you will be doing to stay fit now comes the crux of the video the activities or the plan which have shared till now most people are able to do it most of the times the only problem is that we fail in executing the plan let's look at the reasons because of which we created execution first is accept party how my office mates to caricature our case wanna give us emergency oakna impossible silica second there is no desire or as it was reason to work out body or mind oh no I cut American one are there negativo percentage so which term it so what sort of job excise superior body bazooka video so once you start following what I have proposed will that not happen again yes it will happen but this time you have to do one thing whenever your body says that he will be able to work out today tell the body in mind that yes that's okay I'm not going to work out but I go out on the particular designated locations and spend 45 minutes come what may so ugly water of Sanja Matsuri Toba oh so Beth Chavez Jacob slaughter or up so they sought a clean with us ok oh FK pasture up injecting in Peru II he sees that I say a bedsit barnacle yay go to the particular path where you want to excise give time to your fitness and spend those 45 minutes in the park itself so if your mind says you wouldn't be able to workout today it's okay you can avoid that completely you have or simply go to the particular location you can sit on a bench you can walk around you can maybe do nothing you can plan your day or think about your dreams and future but in those 45 minutes you have to be at the designated location that particular gym the particular path the particular road where you want to go for workout now a few people may ask if you are not working out if you are not giving time to our fitness how is it going to help us make a question Bob fire on my left first your biological clock will not be disturbed every day at 6 a.m. you will have a motivation you will have a biological hand holding you and taking you out to a particular location to workout second is even if you don't exercise you will be doing some physical activity this physical activity will be beneficial for your health in some way or other you will be able to breathe fresh air second maybe were walking in the park instead of running maybe you are simply strolling in the gym in not working out but still you are there and most importantly the third point that is your mind is saying that you are right now following the workout regime your mind is superbly powerful if your mind says you're focusing on your body your body will be reaping the benefits come what may so what I am saying my so controversial but it is absolutely true that even if you are not working out but you're thinking about your body your well-being then your body will reap the benefits of course Kafka does the rule say hoga intermediate area of quick bottom quadrant a Tommy Lee Raja down in exceptional scenarios as in people for whom this strategy does not work sa long the repairs of park beds are they or Jacky Ben's authority or yes you'll follow clarity Anna wanna copy some arrows eyeing it for Jacky Ickx particular is a park of bed angry offers clustering it if you will do such a thing of course the health benefits will be delayed up to puppies some Eva's by the homeowner Shirou hoga they click at full truth in rj if you want that your body and mind should also support you in exercising even if you are tired your body and mind must tell you yes your quick break size and you will be doing quality work out there is a particular thing that you can do so here is the golden rule supplement when every body says you don't want to exercise when everybody says i have to sit on the bench or maybe simply stroll around instead of working out you have to do a simple exercise 10 things you have to perform what I am doing right now though this particular exercise for 10 times it will increase your blood circulation the moment your blood circulation increases your mind gets the vibrations or the wives or the signals that you need to workout you're ready for it opt Optim 1 Carmilla de aqui approach physical activity clearing effects I scurry before closing the video and sharing of final word of advice let's just summarize everything first is you have to pick up a particular sign squat dedicate that time slot for your physical well-being in which you will be exercising or working out second make a list of interesting activities which you will be doing to keep yourself it first make sure you go to the designated location to workout even if your body says no or you don't want to work out your short about it you have to go over there maybe sit over there for couple of hours fourth if your mind and body are not supporting you you have to do the physical exercise to give signals to your brain that you want to workout friend things it is not a choice it's a compulsory thing we all have to do it no matter how much money we earn it doesn't matter no matter how many relationships we develop a different matter at the end of the day we are not happy if we are not healthy then we won't be able to enjoy our life we will be able to have quality time with a loved ones so for the sake of your own good and the good of the people around you spend time on your fitness stay fit stay healthy best of luck you

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