Go4Life Exercise–Side Leg Raise

five side leg raise use a sturdy chair table or counter for this exercise I want you to stand with your hand just as you've got it right here on this table or counter you're going to draw your abs in always draw your abs in that helps with your stability and balance you're going to pull your shoulders back now I want you to take your your leg out to the side keeping your toe facing forward bring it back down perfect take it out again we're going to do this 10 times but normally no tears here normally take it up hold for one second take it down normally you would do it 10 to 15 times take a rest and then do 10 to 15 more times what's that 10 not yeah 15 we got 5 more now what I want you to do if this is too easy you can always add an angle wait I mean oh no we should have to put that away not yet but your form is good so be sure you that sometimes you can challenge yourself okay so if it gets too easy and let's go ahead and stop that was great now the other leg hand over here on this counter now draw the ABS in let's get that positioning again feet shoulder width apart shoulders back nice straight back and take that leg up and bring it down I'm gonna hold on to take it up again that's three so we're gonna do ten once again how many we gonna usually do 10 to 15 10 or 15 let's take it up and so what you want to do 10 to 15 on one side rest then 10 to 15 more then switch legs okay yeah yeah get 5 more it's so fun I knew you'd like this feel it working in the house yeah I can feel it too so how about two more okay last one oh my good job ah thanks

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