Go365: How Daily Fitness Points Work

One of the easiest ways to earn Points every
day with Go365 is through daily fitness. There are
three different ways you can log a verified workout using a compatible fitness device:
steps, heart rate, and calorie burn. With each of these, you can earn a maximum
of 50 Points per day. You’ll also earn Bonus Points if you exceed
50 or 100 fitness Points in any given week. To earn daily fitness Points for steps, you
need to use a device that counts how many steps you take,
like a pedometer or step-tracking app. Go365 will award you one Point for every 1,000
steps you track. For heart rate, use a device like a compatible
heart rate monitor while you work out. You’ll earn 5 Points
for every 15 minutes you exercise above 60 percent
of your maximum heart rate. Some compatible apps and devices – like
Polar, Garmin, Runkeeper and others – track calories for Points. With these, you’ll earn 5 Points per 100
calories as long as your burn rate exceeds 200 calories per hour. The last way you can log a verified workout is by checking into a participating fitness facility. Let’s say your gym is part of Go365’s
network and you swipe in or use the beacon check-in
through the Go365 app. You’ll get 10 Points for each visit. So, what if you wear a device AND
go to the gym? On any given day, Go365 will look at all
the Points you earned across all workout types and award you the one with
the highest value for that day. So, if you go to the gym and get 15,000 steps
in the same day, you’ll get 15 fitness Points. And that’s not all—for every new program
year, you earn 750 Points for your first verified workout, with an additional bonus of 500 Points for your first time ever logging a verified workout. So, what are you waiting for? Start tracking, start moving, and start getting
rewarded for making strides toward better well-being.

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