Gmod Hide and Seek – Parkour Gym Edition! (Garry's Mod)

Hey Hey look at the good guy look at this stupid dead guy right here he's okay come on guys can pee on him I'll never mind why is why is no one else from school here I don't know but I don't want to do physical activity so let's just hide what the book what my dad let's just hide the dead guys gonna come back to life fucking kill me noise noise this is ugly why are you with me yes I don't see this is putting you here you're not here I'm here I'm here I'm right out right inside oh yes here oh you're just do me do whatever you do do not fart please okay a hole dude well you already have to fart oh I said I'd hold it in yeah they're gonna find us they're not gonna find us sharp our fire wanna make bets okay all right we're betting well not dude open right now by the way check out my betting website in the description yes I know it's you obviously would look their course why wouldn't I look their fucking big hole with the Buddha chin in the day are we doing that we're doing the team yeah they'll be doing the team we gonna do whatever I can never not that tinged oh let's do it no yeah I know I know are you doing down what if I push this team with shaking that ting member what a cheating stop pushing me you fucking bitch I'm gonna break was tanking you want to push that ting what if I don't push me are you fuck spot ah no cuz will you give me a little bitch hang it down oh hey no gula banister color he's kind of dropping down on your waist that's all I'm saying asshole are you right next to me oh sorry Suellen he's wailing Oh Ellen feel easy one for you I'm Lance please come on for me hey come here I'm gonna go write like a Pokemon noise ya know Pokemon ever has made that noise gaga's is that Pokemon is a poem called in the New Sun move but I'm gonna who's that pokémon its glug glug glug where's that backstabbing Pig beyond backstabbing nice I say that I'll resign who you fucking dirty baby backstabbing dirty out bitch he's right there perfect use this challenge to try Zig me off that branch and I'm like Riley's ass right there right choice is taking a poop yeah no I don't take it on me hey let me shit peace for taking a poopa where were those guys I don't know they must have been all taking a poo they must be in the other one yeah yeah we takin a poop am taking a plea taking a poop we can get like like a bird like a little dick calm down c-calm ugh get that out hurry nineteen about boy always toklas gonna train jump jump down Matt you were the fucking head you little winded they are new too bad you follow me follow me follow me follow me follow left and left I know what I'm doing I know what I'm doing follow me this all now they know unfortunately no sir greatest all in the mind okay so ugly Nick no yeah commit according to WHO wait car corn to me you I'll stay this new big balls Scottie big dick and big balls big reforms here thanks thanks out hitting big big big big big balls big digging big balls see this size of emerge doesn't matter if we get why you're Scottie you got to be this balls eyes gone for me fuck you Pig but at least we all known it's gotta go big big big balls big balls kick the ball you don't say about people with big dicks with meatballs what they call you they call me big big big balls that was good routine be close oh yeah believe that back in the day they call me big Macross I'm a porn star baby then bitches behind in the dumpster oh you thought maybe I'm a snitch what a dumb has a busy looking at a dumpster oh you're below you see if you can climb up that pipe rope can you see if you you need my ass also also also check to get inside that paint can in that corner I fucking hate you guys I heard someone John Simon had a nasty fall big big big bone big bone big all what fuck are you guys man pig why are you pissed man Cosby taken into toilet pussy-ass mother longer in my dick my dick eat my balls dick something like that we eat my dear all right oh I see you guys up there oh you think you're real good and then you're real good Emma come here come here come on quickly for lobsters you coming I'm going to alright okay would I fuck is this I don't know I'm so glad that you're wearing white cuz I wanna be able to see anything my kids own I can't see anything what ever what's your name I see you name us we can make us anywhere right now just chromakey with a black screen oh dear we can't wait for were traveling through space call oh my god now we're at the leopard exhibit at the zoo oh shit did you see that ah what see the fly monkey oh my god flying monkey oh they're coming they're coming where you guys come oh they came through all those bastards big dick the balls boys I have big day big balls well if you got a big dick big balls about to get castrated I don't want to I don't want that I don't want that man have you ever seen a pig pig balls get a kiss I got big dick big balls he's coming it's not you yeah he sees fuck yeah we saw you stop Evan we know what you're fucking doing here just push it we're just simple worker man before she dies what do you not mind us we're just we're just bringing the mail every man delivery we're like anyway I was looking no to look at no go away no go push it no go pushing with his dick Oh watch this I got the biggest dick cuz I can push it with my dick see this and your victories right that's wheel come on Brad Wildcat go is going so slow why didn't you go for them stop stop whispering you don't a gmod ASMR man come on think of eating woody what do you think you know that thing that teeny right there woody 13 do you think you could you think you do the thing what I fucking do it do it do you want do it did you get it even if you get it it's not hot like he'll just jump you're a bitch do your fucking little you little clown outfit oh yeah for that fact when you push me off you started pushing me first yeah where is the room you want to clear everyone eclipse a push button to rewind you to rewind bitch push first I push back go-go-go some boy no God KK walk out well Cal Cal Cal wakka we gotta do this those foils some fucker ting close together after me found we got you to Tang in the tank he had attained gonna ting it'd be hard because I know we don't have flashlights yeah oh this is gonna be very difficult it's gonna be very difficult all right there's just can't just keep time in it right just keeps have yeah everything's good okay all you got to do is put up the brightness on your screen okay oh yeah the way I'm fucking doing that okay real quick real quick real quick Oh quick did you see that stupid Lobster and that cowboy go into that back home what were retards where are you founded retard stupid asses you guys are born I'm fucking oh I know where they are we just want a boil curate okey-dokey and Johnny go seven six five four three Oh happy fucking dick Bravo hurry hurry hurry are you quickly Oh laughs you're the one slowing down go I'm trying you quickly quickly quickly I'll be quick we gotta be quick where I'll be quick we have cook we got real quick web you know the way you fat shit Robbie quick we gotta be quick we gotta be quick okay okay okay don't do anything don't do anything I know what I'm doing I'm sticking really fucking hard oh I fucked up Emma No Limits give lobster damn hey come on you sure yeah okay dude just take your time whatever you're doing no glow just watch me okay just my flashlight fucking working take a turn kick your fucking times over there hiding ain't no glove stopping trying to see you know the fuck up no Glock maybe pay attention yeah yeah man yeah we did it no doubt yeah what's here oh my gosh fish and what am in a goldfish party block this is great well I'm in there guys so I guess we won I was pretty sorry no go where'd you go are you doing okay this game what are you lying for Scott why you've lined for he jump at me come here bro Lily don't move bro I want to chill in here you'll see next round I'll show you oh so where could the piggy be I see you spectated I saw you switch teams Oh where's the piggy huh rookies you are teaching and I saw you change eating cheated you are you how are you it's give me a hint oh yo are you really getting your hit room oh I'm watching a wild cat we're coming we're coming for you you switch to spec were coming for you doing we are coming for you oh he's such an accomplishment when you find me oh my god you totally did it but based on your own skill bruising I have no idea fuck you dude look we're having this argument just cartwheeling around we forgot about one amazing spots yeah yeah yeah tell us more so great than only a man with all of our cucumbers is amazing like well they need to get get to cook quick come back walk out you're ruining the plan bad guys could be any plan goddamn it of course you come for me stupid fuck dammit you got okay you got that much done it's just after No oh my arts it's a major it's offensive but you are fucked you gotta keep trying run away huh they're really fuck you know Oh who's got that door on me I tried we got picture who's in it I don't know but it looks like you got a big dick big balls I know exactly where you are because you said oh fuck and I'm pretty sure I walked out and Vanna saw me oh I'm pretty sure I'm so sure those door catches with Newton n54 tree wait you see that you see that you see that in that corner right there why that corner below knows that a baby fuck is that it was like a baby it's nothing it's nothing good guys we found one of them no gone oh you son of a bitch eli ran and ran oh hi quick you couldn't see me Oh uh-huh yes appeared would you go I quit the game in there wow he actually disappeared oh hey little Allie ow okay everyone run everyone run he's not going down to the alley oh yes yes no he is I got I was gonna do oh the other dear Esther we're getting away but I got you and you got the most subs


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  21. 10:39 The Blair Witch Project
    1999 – Colorized


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