good morning guys so I am on my way well I'm not on my way I'm off to be my friend no I actually met in LA she messaged me on Instagram and then we ended up meeting up in LA will improve really yummy yummy brunch challenge through the photo yeah I'm off to meet mo because we're gonna go to the gym and then also get some breakfast because he does have a breakfast there's the palm tree today and I'm just gonna bring you along with me so they would blog see Addison blender now and I'm good [Applause] now I love coffee number two which I wouldn't usually dare but I just thought treat yourself I'm having coffee with her and her boyfriend and we're about to go to Harrods and then it's now raining on me and then this evening I also have a book large this is evening I also have a book launch as well which I'm going to bring you guys too it's got a really fun day in London first copy then Harrods and then the book launch [Applause] so breakfast this morning is three egg white and then one whole egg on a bed of spinach and lettuce and super basic but yummy good morning guys happy Saturday so I did not blog yesterday because I was literally at home in my dressing again looking like you don't even want to know what so there's now the weekend I put on a little of a makeup just for you and from my friend we've come and visited put roots Instagram here but I got loads of exciting delivery strays so I thought I would show you and then Ruth and I are going to go to the gym after we make some lunch and then yeah that's pretty much the plan through the days a pretty children but wanted to blog but I need to show you guys what I got so so first things first I got a delivery frog in the style and I'm so glad you guys like my boo boo haul because I'm gonna do one for in the stall Primark she and so be having other suggestions and that a girl no and I will review them for you but in the stall find these that meet some of the new activewear so I'm gonna go and order loads more of it and review the whole collection I thought it was really nice and they also sent some trainers okay this delivery is insane and it's from Protein world and they I'm even Ruth and I are having like super girly chats and I love it so this is what I got off protein world Oh guys they basically send for protein so I got chocolate orange salted caramel banana Gingerbread and they also sent loads of these protein bars oh so what i'm gonna do is i'm going Kate where are you so what I'm gonna do guys is I'm going to do a giveaway over on my Instagram so if you're not following me over there go follow me because I want to give loads of these away because I think is really cool that I have all of these but it would be even cooler if you have to have some as well so yeah follow me on instagram if you want to enter that giveaway the next thing I got I actually got from Amazon I got this book because I've been listening to this woman's podcast it's called the keto diet so I got this book and I'm really excited to read it I've read a little bit and it sounds really good but I've been really enjoying that podcast lately because I don't really know much right the keto diet I like to educate myself so that's that book I will leave everything down in the description if I find it I got a booty barbell tied so so when I go to the gym I can do hip thrusts and I don't have to have other people sweaty barbell on me basically and ya got one of them on Amazon and another thing I got was a lifting belt but kind of for women so it's like not as bulky and manly and scariest some lifting belts so I got one of them as well because I'm trying to get stronger and then last up they're just like neutral but they're also like a snake print I think they're quite nice for like a casual trainer that I'm not really gonna gym in but when I want to wear trainers and then cut some leggings and I got a first bra stop all the deliveries I've been like storing them up this week because I haven't really blogged that much and I wanted to show you but now I'm gonna make with some healthy food you want food now yes yeah chicken that's okay I'm gonna make this chicken salad and then I'm gonna get Ruth to raid all my protein cupboards so she can have lots of protein as well because because this is a good reason to be my friend of anything thank you yeah I need to give people a reason to be my friend so I just like offer them protein and supplements in return for their company and like come round didn't be my friend and I will give you food yeah you know you know this is the act of where I got from in the style they kindly sent it to me but I will do a full review I think of all the activewear and in this style but this is the new one from Charlotte Crosby and I actually really like it guys I'm not going to talk about it too much because I do want to fall to do a full video on it but it's actually really nice to know let me know what you think in the comments okay I think it's good I'm making roots to grow your lovely so during the session guys I give the video a thumbs up if you like it ok guys so today we are gonna do a leg and booty workout and instead of doing like 10 to 15 reps which I usually do we are going to do 4 sets of 6 reps on each exercise starting with hip thrust and we obviously want to go a lot heavier because we are doing less reps so you have 4 sets of 6 for every exercise today make sure your glutes are nice and warmed up when you start our next exercise is going to be squats again doing 4 sets of 6 reps on these make sure as well to keep your core nice and tight when doing them hence why I wear the belt and then squeeze your glutes at the top making your butt look super ugly next we're gonna do single leg press followed by dumbbell deadlifts and I didn't record the rest of it but I hope you enjoyed the workout guys and enjoy the rest of the blog ok guys so I just got home and I completely forgot to film the rest of my workout but we did deadlifts with dumbbells but she knows my new time favorite and then we also did the hip adductor abductor where you push it out so we did the hip adductor as well to finish now we just have having shakes were you having which one's yours oh yeah ok so I made three half vegan chocolate half salted caramel way so it's like a half and half and which is they're nice and then I have made myself me a really thick you know what I'm like guys you know what I'm like made myself a super thick creamy shake it's basically ice cream so we're gonna eat these by sending booth home with a big huge bag of protein basically right in here [Applause] I'm just sat at my usual spot in the kitchen watching a little bit of YouTube I also just had my dinner as well had a really good day with Ruth it was just so much fun to hang out with like the girlfriend and just chat all things live I had a really good Jim session as well but yeah the first week of 2018 is over and it's obviously really hard to like get back into the swing of things trying to motivate yourself to get back into it get back into the gym as well feeling really good though after the first week of the year I spent some time yesterday kind of goal setting and goal mapping and by goal mapping I kind of been like planning out how I'm gonna achieve my goals I think I am gonna do a little video on that on my goals for 2018 if you are interested leave a comment and just let me know if you do want to see that because I did do one last year and it was really really fun to look back at that video that would be a really cool video just to do with you and share with you guys and yeah I just feel like I've got so much to share with you honestly got so much going on a lot of time is like spent by myself working but I do have a lot of fun things coming up in January which would be really fun to share with you so I hope you have enjoyed watching this super random vlog literally just in my life but yeah I hope you have enjoyed watching if you did give the video a thumbs up and if you are new here hit that subscribe and yeah I'll see you guys in my next video I'm really excited I'm always really excited but I am really excited for 2018 and all the videos we're gonna make hopefully you'll watch my videos as well which would be really good I'm much appreciated if you do so yeah thank you guys bye oh I failed let's try that again bye guys


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