Global Health: We Are Duke

the focus that Duke has on global health was one of the reasons that I came to do and I am so unbelievably happy that I made that decision the way I think would be radically different had I not had to go well institute I think it's pretty incredible that University like you can offer such a unique opportunity to students like I would never had off to to come here and do what I can to try and help the community coming here and and seeing a lot of these things that i've read about and studied I've been able to you know interweave and interrelate those concepts and ideas into context or each bringing different perspectives but also bringing those different perspectives in different countries was was very powerful for me the work that I did on my thesis in collaboration with people that I worked with at the World Health Organization during the summer when I came back to Duke I kept collaborating with those same groups of people and then really about 15 days after I defended my thesis was asked to join a wh 0 I myself have grown as a person and I'm definitely going to take everything I've learned back back to do and apply them to my life and my academics and with my from here

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