ha ha ha so down here with the lovely cardi so minute things today or I wanted to do like a feel top video but in the style of fitness and health and well-being because I highly just moves her stuff with all the bands it's so nice to be able to ask questions to someone who can I give you an honest answer and be really helpful so I will do my best I'll be very honest yes and we did so filmed a video over on Carly's channel so i leave the link that's to that down below if you guys want to check it out alright it's not ringing down ten questions because I know that you rate that for moment I'm sorry for you but it's just like what the worst memory ever so many questions that I always think about and I still like their questions that some of you guys might have as well to do with just fitness and health and looking after yourself so the first question how do I stop the cycle of working out for like a whole month and then stopping for a home ok anyways dude I'm so like I just get all or nothing about this so I'm gonna go do that and I think when you did that did you have like a body gold with that why you know nobody people give you a tip so a lot people it's January for example everyone has to burn off for this myth so they go to the gym from zero to like five days a week and then they change all their food and they just go mental and then because they've won so hardcore so quickly you just burn out because it's just not something you can keep going and for a lot of us girls are in our head and we think we're gonna look like – Oakley or someone by the end of that month of the most of us it's just not gonna happen and because we're also changing our food during that time to broli I bet we've cut all of our props with them exhausted and you just feel like that wasn't really worth it and he just stopped you know the best way if you want to keep on going and thinking you'll probably realistically do look in your diary and be like oh two days one day three days and try not planning in like you would a date with boyfriend yes and then think of a goal that's gonna keep you going so not just you want abs or something think and when we have to run or yes – yeah like visit yeah physical yes and that will generally keep you going or if you want to add a new thing so paga nothing class or take a different friend and just change it up generally we just get really bored or burn ourselves out don't see people at the healthiest on-the-go food places have fun rushing around London's easier in Norwich right it is not serving you and Leon is actually one of the top one yeah and my boyfriend's video there all the time really really good ones all you want to think is try to build places where they haven't like covered it in cream or fried it so don't even work quite natural back to basics it's the best press awesome another one and sharing the juices gentleman juice that's three nights it doesn't go juices they're actually their sandwich I'm really feeling this like it differently like they only hire just by going in there and go my three of you are in London Ifrit now is over see like there's lots of amazing restaurants you just want to try everything this fresh as possible that haven't been like dunked in a deep fat right how much cardio do I need to do and how many times a week I don't know that mu K changes spin like a big thing it depends on your goals okay so it kind of just like Sims it like tone up we have slimmed down a little bit because I feel like every time I go to the gym I need to be doing like half an hour of cardio cardio and weights are important but a lot of it is all in your mind so a lot of female health and women and men think that they need to do cardio because in your head you feel like you're immediately just dropping fat and in all honesty cardio burns calories bare and then and weights actually because your body has got to repair itself over time that will probably burn just as many calories over the next day and a half so I tend to say to people to do like a 24 just bit so think maybe 20% of your workout is cardio and I'm 40% in some way definitely and one of my favorite ways when it comes to car do is hit training yeah because no one wants to be a chemist doing a marathon running for hours in the treadmill I tell ya watching many videos is like everywhere and so 10 minutes think 10 minutes and I Jimmy tell people to do like a 20 second sprint uphill and then stand still for 40 do it 10 times the best one fat loss and if you need to be much better a permit you to be dying like so red couldn't possibly do another minute and you do it as 10 minutes anyone's done and then go do 40 minutes away it was in my cravings at night what should I go for yeah I always always have it it's like out like an end of the day when I relax I like hibernating like a bear and yeah so when I wake up things would be to make like a hot chocolate to us but options to do good ones and there's loads of recipes on Pinterest and stuff for things like that to make the brownies so yeah see you but or just like dark chocolate or even Greek yogurt or berries you just want to think something that's going to Julie it's like a board and things I just put you in and moving around so something like a hot chocolate is warm or even like a warm and really the best way of doing it or if you think it's actually throughout my day I've been really well-balanced I haven't actually been that naughty at all then treat yourself to the message digest abisco tube but just not the whole package yeah it's not about the actual food it's about the imbalance oh okay this is such a big question to me cuz you shall do my workout in the morning and then other time I like just I just won't have breakfast I've never been like that but so my question is is it important to have breakfast before you go to the gym I personally a little bit Google around the world to it friend I think you should eat when you are hungry I think a lot of us are forgotten and we're just trains eating yeah what am I told Bishop when you work out it should be done when you have the most mother energy for a lot of if you're waking up very early in training that would then mean program to be up another hour and a half earlier to be able to have some food before you rain which a lot of us just want to be in bed so as long as you had a good the night before with some cards in it and you for not feeling really good then I think it's fine to Train fasted it's just me to make sure you have something as soon as you are done if all of you don't mind getting up early then great have breakfast but actually just listen to your body if you are hungry eat if you are not then the other words this was easy okay so because I know cinema lot is a sweet or salty popcorn bet a few overall I don't know so show me I'd say go for the new punitive pop is it like metcalfe video tycoon there's a better but she can make your own so easier if you own the recipe for that but we've got time for that when you own a cinema so I actually don't know much much difference other than salty is going to make you thirsty or which is possibly gonna make you crave buying Cotto but what's the Mela drink to go with it so sweet especially if you are a sweet person will probably stop you from aged drinking more and be made by a chocolate bar so what's the first thing I should do if I'm having a period or not a period remember the period of low self-esteem about my birthday okay yes so we've all all had that and reggae stuff with that the first thing you should do is actually just have a moment with yourself in the mirror and because nothing changes that quickly it takes a long time for your body to gain weight or lose weight so if you've gone from yesterday quite liking your outfit and have you looked at the following day thinking you look like hell it's a mindset that thing it's not you in the slightest and really when it comes to confidence actually I would suggest this getting outside and go for a walk or going and playing with dogs or something just something that brings you back to reality and then another thing is that no one is perfect so well then you might not like how you there is always going to be someone better than you and there's always gonna be someone worse than you there was nobody the same and you've got to realize you have all your limbs and you're gorgeous and actually just made me eat a lot better that day and breathe some good mindset books or little audio stuff and just get yourself back on track it's just a blip because nothing's really changed okay if it really back to eye makeup to the gym no it's like a skin thing I mean some of your skin reacts really bad meat like to make happen several skins fine I mean if you can ya go fresh-faced in the morning if you've got the time summers haven't got a confidence do that and I think as long as you wash your face afterwards so if you are really sweaty there's nothing wisemen keeping balance this is gonna come yeah and also I feel like a lot like most women in the gym probably thinking more about themselves yeah like I never look at like you know I'm never like the gym is so do you think that it is like the most self-conscious place you everybody in there's no changes up in some way and when you realize that all my clients like all people are looking at me right like xposed I'm like the reason if he's one because your heart because you are or two they're like what is she doing or three she's looking at me so just realize that everyone is trying to deal with their own demons than that and just just go in and knock them dead do you have a go-to healthy meal when yeah just something like easy quickly like breakfast alright any breakfast pancakes love I'll give you a recipe super simplistic she's bananas eggs protein powder with silver put simply reason some honey on amazing you think you're having dessert but it's not and obviously there is the typical eggs and avocado and which is lovely one it's a really good one on like a Sunday we just want something really quick and but I'm a huge fan of like sweet potato I love fish because I love doing things like salmon with like a sweet potato and then courgette II is really really nice or stir-fries my big fan and generally I just love also yeah one major thing guys go and do yourself a slow cooker it has to be the best investment for the kitchens but if you have a life and it is busy shove it all in at breakfast time and then leave it all day and then also you just keep going back to it and evening when you want something extra to eat the best yeah and they're not too to expenses like 25 pounds you know you can get small ones as well selected for that a single okay and last one Oh what do you love the most personally about looking after you looking after your body I think as a women I'm not selling where I'm feeling really independent so I'm aware that I don't need anybody to help me with anything daily tasks I am strong enough to do all the things that I want to do I know I can run if I need to I can pick up something I also feel like quite powerful sometimes when I go into like the weights area and there's all these guys and I like Rohtang and I feel good infinite enough to walk in and pick up some weights and do it myself and know that I am strong I think is a really nice feeling you know your body is thatthey if your whole life and we're so mean to it so if you can just take like 20 minutes a day to just be a little bit kinder to it and make life easier for it that's just the best thing ever yeah know if it's been helpful leave any comments down today please check out colonies channel go subscribe which is just lovely as a person we also check out the video we did on Carla's channel that's like that minute because everyone might I don't really know Beauty stats though we're talking about confidence and just kind of yeah feeling your best really and Sam you know the top top tip thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye yeah you have like one confidence tip so like if it was something about how to feel comfortable in your body yeah what would you say to be wrong


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