Ginger Lemon Juice – Summer Special Recipe – Ginger Lemonade Recipe By Healthy Food Kitchen


  1. really rumba nalla irukkudu unga inda lemon shugar ginger nandri from mohan

  2. Sorry soo much of white sugar is not good for health do disliked 👎

  3. Ok

  4. White sugar will kill the taste and good benefits. Otherwise thank you for the recipe.

  5. ithu ipo velaiku ahurathu illa hum😏

  6. 😤

  7. please avoid sugar there is lot of alternative for that

  8. Good one.

  9. Please mention in title that its not in English or Hindi

  10. I like it😊

  11. this super

  12. Super mam

  13. 😲😲😲how much sugar

  14. Super tip good

  15. sunnanpu sathu udampu ku nallathu atha en thanniya edukanum

  16. Very good video

  17. I'm sorry but this thisn't healthy at all after adding 800Grams of sugar

  18. Anand

  19. Very good recepie but I didn't understand add subtitles thumbs up for your making

  20. sugar syrup at what consistency?

  21. Nice

  22. Thank you so much Ma'am . Can we use palm sugar ?

  23. thanks for tips.wish u all the best

  24. tq nice recipe

  25. Iio

  26. n tell the price too

  27. what brand juicier is tat mam

  28. Use jaggery instead of white sugar poison…

  29. tooomuch sugar

  30. Wish you talk in English would give it a try didn't get the whole process

  31. SUPER.

  32. it's very nice in summer

  33. mam nega up load panra ovvoru vedio ku evlo prize kedaikum

  34. ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்கும்மா! எலுமிச்சம் பழம் த்தை ஈசியா எப்படி பிழிவது?

  35. Very ec mem

  36. I like it.Sumesh Kerala

  37. I tried

  38. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    Title was in english,
    Video should be too.

  39. Shall we use honey instead of sugar

  40. Español

  41. Vellam use pannalaama?? Evlo alavu edukkanum??

  42. Raja

  43. For sure, I understood nothing. Translation please

  44. use take so much sugar please limit sister

  45. Thats not lemon its lime

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