Gigi Hadid's No Equipment Travel Routine | Cassey Tries Celebrity Workouts

hey you guys Cassey here and welcome to kasi try celebrity workouts and today we're trying out gigi hadid equipment free travel workout which I found on self comm and this workout is very much in line with pop Pilates you don't need anything no gym membership you could do it in your bedroom in your living room and your bathroom wherever you want to be your hotel room and you can get a solid workout without any fancy equipment okay and I've been preaching this for a long time but as you can see supermodels do the same thing and look I also want to say something real quick we're not trying to look like a supermodel today okay we're all built differently we're all different but today is all about trying somebody else's workout to see how we can challenge ourselves right is this gonna be easy for us it's gonna be hard for us I have no idea because I've never done this workout before it's the cool thing about this series is that I get to try this workout with you for the very first time today right now and we'll get to judge it together and see if we like it or not okay if you don't like this one maybe you like the other five that I already posted try everything out and figure out what works for you so in Gigi Hadid z– equipment free travel workout there are three sections we start off with our warmup and then we head into the meat of the workout and then we end with a cardio and core finisher so it's a complete workout it's quick and let's see how we do okay all righty you guys we're starting out with jumping jacks we're gonna do 25 of them ready here we go boom jumping jack nice and easy and fun very good come on pants but the head nice light on your feet good stuff breathe five and four and three and two and what okay immediately into our high knees so you're gonna draw your knee all the way up to your belly button here we go come on higher higher give me five four three two one okay you guys bodyweight squats for ten here we go down and up nice oh gosh I feel like my butt is so much stronger from that hundred squat challenge Oh give me five for getting low two and one okay alternating forward lunges you guys you are going to come down 90 90 with the legs and down got 20 of these just warming up right now now this is solid we're working all have the major muscle groups in our lower body getting a head start on the cardio burning the fat making sure we are warmed up and ready to rock this workout oh let's go down and up and locked and living whatever you want with your hands and place me your hips can use them to get low to get up whatever you want okay you're gonna give me 20 good board lunges give me five come on and for good and three last two getting down the chest high one more down and up oh right legs are feeling really good now we're heading into the meat of the workout we're heading into our push-ups for 10 now I'm gonna give you some modifications here you guys can place the knees on the floor okay and what you want to do is place the hands slightly outside of the mat for our chest push-ups I'm gonna come down like so and lift up notice how my neck is in line with my back I'm not going like this I'm not looking underneath my body it's very important for you to keep proper form all right I'm gonna go on my toes so you guys decide where you want to go make sure you were always challenging yourself I'm gonna go for ten here we go legs back and in line we got ten breathing inhale down exhale up inhale down exhale up strong chest strong shoulders let's go inhale down exhale up you're doing so good three more three two one more now once and lift okay very very good next up we have our tricep dips so you guys are gonna place the hands facing your butt okay you're gonna lift up right here and all you're gonna do is bend the elbows bring it back up what I don't want you to do is to bring the butt down and bring the hips up and think you're doing a tricep right because for anyway we got ten here we go same thing two one here we go down and up elbows back down and lift down hips up down hips up let's go push and lift boom and up you got five come on four and three good using entire body to last one one up and all the way down okay very good now we're on to our sit ups so your legs are right here your hands are behind the nape of the neck if you need to modify you can grab on to your legs and help pull yourself up otherwise let's go it's only ten we are up and down it's a full sit-up if you feel like your toes are lifting off the mat then you want to place them under something heavy like a couch that's really helpful we're even get your friend or your significant other to four more four and three good – one more what all right now go find a wall a non-moving one so we're gonna sit here in a wall sit for 30 seconds okay so your slide your back down just like that knees out to a 90 and just sit just in that's all you're gonna do this is gonna really activate the quad really activate the hamstrings and the booty and it forces you to Jasmine isolate okay so just hold for me just hold you're gonna be fine it's gonna be awesome and what I don't want you to do is just slowly let your legs fight for it so make sure the floor that you are you are on it's not slippery if you're wearing socks def take them off you want to stick to the floor okay and press your butt back into the wall hold it you've got five seconds more four three good two and one okay push yourself up hooray you guys we are on to our squat jumps we got 15 of them I want you to get low there okay here we go and we're down lift down hi guys lit Hamlet Hannah come on hi hi five four three two one okay my goodness now we're on to our single legged calf raise so what I want you to do place one foot off of the floor like that and all we're gonna do lift up and down it becomes pretty heavy or you're using just one calf to lift of your entire body you ready fifteen on each side here we go and lift and lower lift and lower bring my arms out so that you can really so I can really balance up and and lower come on up and how we doing you guys feeling good well this is pretty solid travel workout you give me five and four look and three come on – and what okay let's switch to the other side Oh ready arms out or wherever you would like them and let's go ahead lift and lower really pressing that heel off of the floor beautiful I'm squeezing my core I'm lifting my chest my shoulders are away from the ears the neck is long I'm just enjoying this travel workout come on back up look at one place and you won't fall good five more give me five come on for a little higher three last two up one more one all right now we head into our cardio and core finisher we've got four moves Mountain Ruiz burpees the plank and the V ups thirty seconds each so let's go hard ready with mountain climbers here we go hands and beneath the shoulders let's me my knees into the chest nice guys press the palms into the mat your spine is in line your eyes are looking right down into the mat don't look underneath you you got it come on breathe breathe nice guys ten more seconds okay come on you got five four three two one okay we're onto burpees here we go and up out push and in oh you know it's hard when the push-ups feels like the break and you guys you don't have to do the push-up just do the Burpee part without the push-ups let's go one more hand lift okay you guys plank for 30 seconds here we go and plank hold it legs hip width apart hands right under the shoulders oh man I am shaking good all that cardio the blood is rushing through my body ten seconds more hold it tuck the pelvis in five four three two one last one knee ups you guys last 30 seconds make it good legs out hands out and we lift and down we lift and down beginners you can bring it in to the knees just like that let's go up and lower and down almost there taking your time lift up nice couple more last one and done huh you guys that was good I like the combination of cardio and the dedicated like muscle toning strength section and ending with more cardio as you know cardio is really hard to me so that's why I'm sweaty anyway in conclusion to all of the celebrity workouts that I have tested this one it's definitely on the easier side so I feel like if you're just getting into working out this is a great workout for beginners with lots of different modifications that you can make you don't need equipment so you can do at home so I think this one's really good for that and it's very much in line with the brand or the pop Pilates workouts although the Pablos workouts are not easy I think the hardest one I still think the hardest one is the Megan Markel workout and became Kardashian workout so you guys should definitely go check those out if you haven't already you can do those workouts at the gym I do it with you in real time with the weights and I am suffering but if you don't have a gym membership no worries can also do those at home because I give the at home modifications for everything so you guys if you enjoyed this entire celebrity workout series give this video a thumbs up and also let me know in the comments below if there are certain people's workouts that you want me to try I am all up for trying new things that's what this life is about right it's a journey and why not take a risk and do something different it is so boring to stay comfortable and stay the same you should do something exciting all the time so I would love to just jump in to something new so I hope you guys enjoyed that and I honestly love you so much thank you so much for working out with me all of these years and I will see you for the next workout love you guys bye


  1. So glad to be working out with you again after my first baby. So out of shape but pushing myself.

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  3. WARM UP 2X. 1:28
    WORKOUT 2X 3:53

  4. it always cracks me up when she says before wall sits
    “Go find a wall. A non-moving one!”
    I mean, what type of walls have you been around, Cassey? 😂

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  6. cassey im dying

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    We also have to workout on the road all the time, just did our first wokrout video, freaking out!!

    cheers hun

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  12. I started WW in June of last year, dropped 20lbs, then hit a wall. The hubby and just started whole30 and I have been using you morning yoga and stretches an love them, Wanted to add a little cardio this am and it was great! I have 3 kids and work full time with a commute this and your morning energy stretches are a great way to get my sweat and wakeup on. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Pink's work out!

  13. Ooooh it is not that hard!

  14. So much easier on a trampoline

  15. These celebrity workouts are so fun! They're such a great addition to our regular Blogilates workouts. Great idea, Cassey!

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  22. That wasn't too bad actually – this might be a good one for me!

  23. i have a question, casseyy!! what if you chose a workout and it doesn't work on you? how can you find a workout routine for your body?

  24. has anyone done this for 30 days and seen results??? Please let me know!!

  25. Love it!

  26. Do u know how many calories does this work out burn Cassey? I'm not late to this video and I just thought of this question now. Please answer this comment thx

  27. Oh my God, I did it!
    I'm dying but I'm so proud of me. Thank you Cassey!;)

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    Me: 😦

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