Giada De Laurentiis' Healthy Meals!

our next guest is a Food Network Star and the author of a new book it's called happy cooking make every meal count without stressing out please welcome for the first time on our show Giada De Laurentiis no I know this is your eighth cookbook and um I understand that this book helped you through some rough times uh yeah you know what um I've all obviously always loved cooking yes and I always say that I sort of gained my confidence as a young girl in the kitchen that's where I felt the most creative most impact mom dad anybody have yes all of them cooks okay everybody cut my mom cook because she had four kids just love to cook but the rest of my family members do my grandfather may have but anyway so what happened is over the years obviously working you know you get caught up in your world yes and then all of a sudden my world came sort of crashing yes and I got divorced and I'm you know I have a child so he came to see your mother having you seven Jade yes and so I sort of took a year of just sort of reflection and cooking really homie gets ruined then be happy during that time we had hot topics it's no secret we talked about you and Bobby Flagg you and Matt Lauer you and every man that you met yes and you have to do any anybody that laid eyes on even crossing the street yes you know you're a beautiful woman unfortunately there's a stereotype I guess yeah well you know well you're a beautiful woman too yeah the minute you're in doubt in your yeah seasons and all of a sudden you know let's get to cooking you know I am vegan you are vegan gasps my whole family and I do cook you know I I do cook the food and I find that it's easy with people like you showing us okay so this is this is these are so this is not technically right now a vegan dish but we have made you a vegan version of this taco okay it's a broccoli rabe taco you can make this with any vegetable you want broccoli rabe is very popular in in Italy so you can if you want to touch it you want to eat it that as dead as no cheese on it this one has ricotta salata yeah here we go you blanch and and Grill the broccoli yeah okay give me any but do you eat broccoli yes I do you sure yes okay some hot sauce spice it up olive oil some salt and some lemon juice okay that's it okay okay so what we do is we just mix this together now what's your favorite vegan dish what are you eating these days like what's what are you making for your family well we really do like egg now we like eggplant great eggplant over there Greg really yeah perfect in real seed oil I like to make it uh I like to fry it okay I put it in the spelt flour and I like it I like to shake it up with the UH with that you know big um what do you call it the UM Oh God what brain for it anyway doesn't matter okay but listen the thing is who taught you to cook vegan because that's not an easy thing to do I go online and I looked and I count on people I guess you know I can be like oh you know we do is known as hummus yes well you know that chickpea puree it's technically not hummus because there's not tahini in it right there isn't sesame paste in it yes garbanzo beans a little bit of garlic lemon juice cumin lemon zest and sew up the Cavazos they do so much they do and they're good source of protein especially when you're a vegan okay so then you put the broccoli rabe like this look at this isn't it pretty though yeah but I want some more you put some our lemon okay you do your thing some peanuts now I put a little Leacock to set out on top you do not have to put the cheese okay this is a drier Italian cheese similar to a feta okay and then you just wrap it up like this these make a great lunch how's it going I'm gonna join you might as well very plenty of vegan dishes in my cookbook is gluten-free there's different things I believe in a balance to sort of diet though okay so let's go to the okra she's eating a second bite that's what I always say this is all vegan panzanella a grilled vegetable panzanella salad all the vegetables so we have eggplant tomatoes scallions fennel I don't even eat sent home and zucchini hmm you grill them all mmm okay then over here mm-hmm little bit of white white wine vinegar I mean a white balsamic vinegar olive oil a little salt are you dating do you have a boyfriend like you know what I love I love how she just dropped that in the middle of it all that's what makes you good at what you do Wendy well this is catch me off guard kitchen table tour well do you uh I'm gonna say uh kinda this is the first time I've actually said that and this is my young love hey did you want to try the pectin ella salad yes cuz it's quite fast like I could just read page six and find everything out or you can just come clean now cuz you know stage six actually tell the truth well have you found in your experience it does no that's what I want you to talk to us about whether I find in my experience they tell the truth I haven't food on my face something do yeah there you go you got it mm-hmm I heard you're a germaphobe by the way I am so how did you why did you let me touch your lips then because we only have a minute left in time oh okay so I'm gonna eat yours since they told me you were a germaphobe you want a drone bowl oh no now I'm gonna eat yours well I didn't see my fork you're just gonna go to sleep right my mouth is fault do you live here understand do you live in the city I do not I live in Los Angeles mm-hmm by the beach uh-huh and you live just with you and your daughter that is correct and my kitty cat Bella about Bella yeah she makes it a threesome oh well I have to tell you everything here was delicious no really everything is delicious and you know what I'm just healthy eating is maybe a sometime thing for you or maybe it's all the time thing if you happen to be a vegan this is really good stuff to find out more about these recipes go to Wendy show com make sure that you pick up a copy of Giada's book it's called happy cooking it's in stores now she oughta DeLaurentis everybody thankful you


  1. She always takes mexican dishes/ingredients, twists them and then she calls them italian SMH


  3. Wendy tryna hit that.

  4. I thought they were wearing the exact same outfit when I saw the thumbnail

  5. Come on Giada hands everywhere 😢 take it easy
    I need to calm down now

  6. Giada is a homewrecker.

  7. She’s a skinny chef because she lives in Laguna Beach…Cali beach people tend to be in shape…just like Colorado.. it’s kinda tough to gain weight when you’re always outside exercising

  8. Giadda…. we get it….you’re Italian…. stop going overboard with the pronunciation of words πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  9. what's Giada trying to prove with that outfit?!! it's not decent

  10. skinny queen

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  15. Transgender Wendy. No thanks.

  16. She looks like a bird hahaha that face!

  17. Lol…. Ackward and I love it!!

  18. There are so many blind items about Giada having sex with multiple Black men behind her husband's back.

  19. They just twinning with the hair to outfit…lol did they notice

  20. Lol when Giada says it doesn't matter to Wendy at 2:52 lol and Wendy's reaction πŸ˜‚ she looks upset. Wendy is like " girl did u just whatever me?" Lol

  21. Thanks again for the

  22. I Thanks to be in touch when I get back home to get the car while waiting to see if I have a Dr appt for my bday is the best I could remember the name of ur eating I can't talk about it o u ttro from the island and the kids will get it to

  23. Awesome vegan recipes!!

  24. i think"divorce" has done Giada some good, so much more real, and not so uptight. Super cute tho

  25. everyone knows shes practically engaged to Bobby Flay – nice deflect Giada πŸ˜‰

  26. Do you eat broccoli?.. are you sure? lol what?!?!

  27. "My mouth is Full i can't Answear your questions" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Good one Giada

  28. "My mouth is Full i can't Answear your questions" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Good one Giada


  30. best video everrrrr

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