Getting Sober: Dietary Supplements to help you recover from Alcohol abuse

hello everyone I am getting sober again and today we're gonna be talking about supplements supplements what supplements do I take and why I take them and why they're important for you here we go so first and foremost I've always taken vitamins I've always taken minerals and different nutrients in in the form of capsule liquid form so on and so forth even when I started drinking I always knew that I'm gonna need to undo the damage that I did while I was drinking so drinking is one extreme and we got to keep that balance to keep ourselves centered so keep those vitamins in our body and if we're gonna do anything we're just gonna keep even while we're doing all this damage right so hopefully you're done with the damage now just like I am and now we're not just keeping even but we're starting to reap some of those benefits of some of those better decisions that we're making with the vitamins minerals and the nutrients so I always take liquid multivitamins why liquid well it just kind of eliminates one one thing one more thing for my body to have to do which is process like little gelatin capsules or whatever fillers or additives that are put into gel caps soft gels whatever binders that they put into the hard pressed pills I want to eliminate that so liquid form also – it's just more readily available for your body to consume and to use and then also to the vitamins that I take the liquid vitamins I take also have minerals added to it as well I think the one that I take has about I think 50 50 – added minerals things like copper zinc magnesium iron you name it there they're a bunch in there the one that I use no affiliation your honor is the tropical oasis it's like an orange mango flavor so it actually tastes really good a lot of the a lot of the liquid multivitamins I've taken over the years kind of taste bad I what kind of plug my nose and swallow him or put him into a smoothie but it was always kind of like when I put him in a smoothie it was always like oh yeah that's there it is I can taste it so over the years have kind of whittled it down to things that I like the taste of in addition to them tasting good and being good for me so tropical oasis liquid multivitamin that has minerals added to it that's just going to be good for this overall health and wellness for your basic bodily bodily functions every vitamin has a different different designated purpose and helps a different part of the body or multiple parts of the body we can go into that later but I'm also too I in addition to the multivitamin I always take fish oil so fish oil is something that's really important to have for good cognitive function brain health and heart health and those are two things that always are affected primarily by drinking and smoking so the fish oil the multivitamin we already talked about vitamin D very important I always take the going back to the fish oil I always get a lemon flavor fish oil the one that I get is made by Carlson's that is all their businesses that they just do fish oil they're not some umbrella parent company that does a bunch of other stuff they just do fish oil so the one that I take it's 1500 milligrams it comes in a big bottle it's depending on what store last time I went to Whole Foods it was 55 dollars I went to fresh thyme market which time like the seasoning th yme I got a bottle there for $30 with a coupon and it was on sale so saved a bunch of money you might be able to get on Amazon I think for $33 so make sure you're shopping around – and also when you're buying supplements feel free to use Amazon as a resource when you're shopping to see can I get it cheaper here or can I get a cheaper in the store but I will put out a disclaimer it's always important to shop local why because that's somebody's business that's somebody's baby that somebody's primary source of income they're taking that seriously they don't get the big corporate discounts they're not the big conglomerate they are the little guy and when you spend money in your community at a local retailer guess where that where those tax dollars go into the community if you're sending money out to Google I'm sorry out to Amazon that money probably isn't coming back you're sending money out to buyers out and on eBay that are outside of the country then what the money does even stay in the country so please keep that in mind too when we're making better decisions versus worse decisions but going back to the supplements we talked about the liquid multivitamin I always take the the liquid form of the fish oil again no gel caps it's a lemon flavored too so it actually tastes just like lemon oil which is really nice I sometimes I'll just do a shot of that it's poured into my mouth a little a tablespoon depends on you I think the serving size is two of the smaller teaspoons not a tablespoon but I take the tablespoon anyway and then the vitamin D I also take that and drop or form liquid dropper of vitamin D because you get way more when you get it in a dropper and a little dropper a little vial a little tincture I get nine hundred servings in a bottle a little bottle one drop is one serving there are nine hundred servings in one bottle if you buy a bottle of gel caps or soft gels of vitamin D you're looking to get like maybe at most like a hundred and twenty for the same price 120 servings plus you have to consume all that that gelatin coating stuff so what would you rather have 120 servings or 900 servings for the same price makes sense right vitamin D is gonna help improve your mood and that's really what we're gonna try to do alcohol is a depressant and it massively massively easily and quickly causes the depression you wake up the next day not feeling so hot you feel the wake up the next day feeling a little glum a little gloomy and you need a little pick you up and then you're just kind of waiting to get through your shitty workday so you can get back to happy hour so you can start that whole process back over again and start riding that pony back into a land of depression and regret and wasting money and doing things like spending extra money to sober yourself up or something doing something worse a lot of people I know that drink a lot also then drink themselves into a place where they now need something to pick themselves up whether it be cocaine or something simple like coffee they mean to go straight into cocaine territory but something simple like coffee to sober themselves up but sometimes that doesn't do and then they do something like cocaine or something like adderall or some other upper but with that being said we talked about the multivitamin you might say like well doesn't the multivitamin have vitamin D in it yeah it does but nothing's gonna be just having just the one supplement by itself so the multivitamin the fish oil getting your omega-3 fatty acids right you can also get some awesome omega-3 fatty acids from chia seeds and flax seeds if you're getting those two things make sure that they or are organic and then also with the flax seeds they tend to they can go rancid quicker if you get them already pre ground up so make sure that you get them in their whole form the flax seeds and then get yourself like a little food processor or a coffee grinder and then grind them up yourself and you might sell a class that sounds like a lot of work you gotta replace some of these bad habits start getting the good habits in there you're gonna replace the bad habits with the good habits so start to start creating new rituals maybe your ritual is I like to roll my tobacco and roll my own cigarettes and maybe I like to pack my own pipe when I smoke tobacco or weed maybe I like to mix my drinks and go through the process of stern and shakin and all that stuff those are rituals create new rituals and maybe that's one of them as you grind your own flax seeds because you know that when you do these things this is a healthy ritual replace the bad rituals with good rituals and make the association in your brain start to rewire those neurons so that you have yourself momentum going forward and you know that every one of these actions are going to equal an investment into your future investment to your body and better building blocks and better foundation into this this is the only vehicle that we have in this lifetime as far as we know so moving on multivitamins with minerals liquid form liquid form fish oils and then a dropper of the vitamin D I also take other a couple other supplements I take a powder form of zinc its zinc iron and magnesium it's a powder form it tastes kind of it's like a carbonated white powder that goes into a liquid just like water also – I take let's see I make a fresh tumeric ginger tea with cinnamon cayenne a little bit of thyme fresh thyme not to be confused with the market we just talked about but some actual time the seasoning the herb I should say and a little bit of lemon and then also a little bit of local honey it's important to have local honey because those bees are collecting from the flowers in your area and that's going to help you with your allergies also so I started off with a filtered water filtered water how do i filter my water I actually have a big royal Berkey filter Berkey not berkeley murky murky royal Berkey it's metal stainless steel cylindrical tower that has two massive they're about this sized massive carbon filters inside you can have up to four it comes with two and this filter you could literally go down to the lake or to your river and assuming it's fresh water grab yourself a big bucket of water import into this filter and it will filter out that water and clean it out of 99.9% of pathogens metals toxins etc it is amazing and I also got the additional arsenic and fluoride filters that screw into the bottom of the carbon filter so screws into the bottom of the carbon filter the goes into the carbon filter and then down out of the carbon filter into the arsenic fluoride filter and then out of the court that a fluoride arsenic filter and then now I have clean drinking water and I use that water for even soups every day I pour water into that thing every single day fill that thing up and I make big jugs of water that I have on the side in case I'm feeling lazy because we all know we can feel lazy but also too that's part of my one of my good rituals now replace my bad rituals with good rituals and that's one of them is making fresh water for myself every day for drinking purposes for making tea for making coffee for making soups for putting my slices of celery and carrot I have a little tub what do you call it a Tupperware tub that I fill with my sliced up carrots and my sliced up celery I put that in the container and I fill it up with that filtered water so that's that water gets absorbed into the care and to the celery and the celery and the carrot is nice they're nice and crisp nice and crunchy nice and moist and that's a that's about it for everything that I take if I think of any more I'll make another video or we can comment below make sure that you are commenting below so that we can build a dialogue and I can help you along your journey and or you could just be a total jerk and say some really mean things and I'll just not respond to them depending on my mood also make sure please that you subscribe and then hit the alert button so that you are getting alerts when I put out new videos which is sometimes as many as 4 or 5 a day but so it's all supposed to be helpful tips and shrimp tricks to help you getting sober and staying sober or at least 2 if you can't get sober to help you stay even instead of constantly doing detrimental damage to your body with your drinking maybe smoking maybe other drug usage because if we stop beating around the bush for a second alcohol Tobacco Firearms FDA drugs alcohols drug tobacco nicotine is a drug doesn't have to be cocaine or marijuana or methamphetamines to be a drug some of these things we can buy easily in our local convenient or grocery store very innocently – so that's all for today hope you learned a little bit about supplements and good luck if you need any tips or suggestions again comment below and I'll help you meet me provide some links for you and you can get started on your journey good luck talk to soon

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  1. Go for it man. You got this. People want to see somebody do it. Gives hope. Thanks for wanting to help.

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