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today I’m going to show you how you can
get thicker healthier more beautiful longer hair all naturally it’s kind of
easy it doesn’t take that long and one of the ingredients I use to help me with
this has many huge benefits for women in our age group so if you’d like to know
what it is please keep watching hi my name’s Schellea and this is fabulous
50s a lifestyle channel that celebrates women in their 50s so today’s video is
all about hair growth hair thickening and making you hair more beautiful
because when we’re in our 50s our hair can start thinning out and that’s
because our hormones are changing and we can be kind of stressed and everything’s
sort of different so hair loss can happen because of stress it can happen
because of when we have babies and it can also be times when you’re not eating
properly and your body’s not getting the nutrition it needs so I found out about
hair loss the hard way because when I had my third son or after I had my third
son my hair does fell out like in clumps I pull my hair and every day I was
getting these big clumps of hair and I was just mortified and it just happened
every single day so I started reading about what to do about it and the first
thing I did way back then was I changed my shampoos to sulfate free and quite
soon after I did this the hair loss was less so there has to be something in
that for sure and today I use I’ve always used sulfate free since I’ve had
kids shampoo and I believe that there’s a lot of magic in that I used behave
which is perfect from kind of here which is course kind of
wiry sick here and there’s lots of different brands that you can try and
the sulfates that go into your shampoos actually foam them up and you get this
beautiful foamy clean feeling when you’re washing your hair which is
beautiful but it contributes to hair fall out so I don’t know try that if
your hair’s not perfect at the moment because it did make a huge difference
for me but the products that I take internally I’ve haven’t been taking for
that long and the hair growth the thickness has been like something that
I’ve really noticed because you know when you start using things and you
think oh I don’t really know if it’s working well this you do this is a
definite yep it’s working and I’m going to keep doing it and lots of studies
have proven that what we’re putting into our body actually shows up on everything
on the outside so the first thing I use is biotin and biotin is b7 vitamin b7
and the body needs b7 to help work on the proteins to convert so that you’ve
got your hair can grow and when we’re depleted in our B vitamins due to stress
and due to poor nutrition that’s one of the things is why our hair falls out so
we’ve kind of got to build it up again build our proteins inside our body so
that everything can work properly and it’s kind of really aging to be depleted
in biotin or your B vitamins because it’s aging and it affects the skin and
the hair and your nails and you just feel like you’re not at your optimal so
biotin works it really does I use I’m just trying this one this is 5,000 MCG
so it’s kind of strong and I’ve only decided using this one the
one that I normally use I’ll show you a picture of which has been great I’ve
been using that for about eight months or maybe longer than that but still it
works so this everyday and secondly I use collagen every single day twice a
day for my hair and my skin and I use perfect hydrolyzed collagen and the
reason I use this one is because when I found out about the benefits of collagen
for hair and skin and how it helps build the proteins inside your body to back to
optimal because when we age our collagen kind of goes to sleep it’s finished it
doesn’t want to do anything else so it needs to be woken up and and replenished
so that it can regrow and keep stimulating inside of our body to help
all the things that show aging which is hair nails skin all of those things and
perfect hydrolyzed collagen the company it’s it’s pure it’s a pure source of of
collagen and there’s no fillers so when fillers are in products like this I’m
really hesitant to use them because you’re just putting more toxins into
your body and we don’t want that so try collagen every day it’s great for
everything it’ll help your skin and it definitely helps sort of bring fullness
back into your hair and as I said it doesn’t really take that long and yep
it’s it definitely works okay the third thing I use is vitamin b3 and this
particular it’s called nice and I get this from a compound pharmacy that’s why
the label is kind of generic but the reason I get it compounded is because I
like to get an eco tonic flush and this is a hundred milligrams so if
you want the flush which is great you’ve got to get a hundred milligrams but it
could be kind of strong if you’re already taking medication for blood
thinning or something like that so use with caution if you’re on medication
ask your doctor but I found this by accident because I was reading a natural
health book and it was it came up as a solution for digestion and what happens
when you have a nikkie tonic flush your body every part of your body goes bright
red and what happens is inside your body all of your nerves stand up to attention
over there all activated and it oxygenates your blood and when you have
a flush you’ll you’ll see yeah okay this is what’s happening everything’s kind of
alive and awake and it freaks you out when you first have one because you
don’t it’s hot and it’s full-on but the benefits are amazing so I started this
for digestion and then more and more research I found that it is kind of a
miracle tonic because vitamin b3 actually can really really help with
depression and anxiety and hair growth and because everything inside of your
body is reignited and oxygenated so when you’re feeling sad and depressed about
things and everything’s just like heavy and flat and just disconnected really
taking these just reactivate you and I mean I’ll link some talks below from
doctors who are recommending this for depression and you know as we get older
sometimes there’s crappy things going on that bring us down and it’s really hard
to get out of the slump and that’s kind of natural
and it’s normal but if you can find a product that is going to help you just
naturally feel better and you can do it easily and it’s cheap like why not try
it I have known people who have depression and some quite severe this
stuff people can go off their medication you must must must check with your
doctor first but definitely it’s worth a try I think we should all be using this
it’s just it’s kind of like a little explosion inside of your body to
reignite everything and wake everything up and and bring bring you back alive
again so give this a try it’s amazing so biotin is b7 and niacin is b3 so
bringing your B vitamins back up seriously
reignite you gives you back some vitality and it is definitely worth a
try because there’s plenty of evidence to support what I’m saying and yeah give
this a try another thing for hair is a silk pillowcase and you know I hear
people say the silk pillowcase is great for wrinkles and decreasing wrinkles I
don’t find that my wrinkles are exactly the same with a silk pillowcase I do
agree the silk is more gentle on your skin which is great but I bought a
beautiful set of linen pillowcases and sheets and everything and after about a
month of sleeping on the pillowcases all of the hair at the because I wear my
hair in a ponytail so all of the hair at the back got kind of ripped and I had
all these flyaways at the back and I realized this must be because because
the linen is kind of harsh it’s it’s
it’s I don’t know textured and it was must have been rubbing against my hair
so that wrecked the back of my hair where my ponytail was anyway I bought
the silk pillowcase and yes it is so much better for your hair and if you
blow dry your hair and sleep on a silk pillowcase your hair’s smoother but in
the next morning for sure 100% it works if silk pillowcases work for your skin
and your face and you have less wrinkles please let me know anyway oh and then
one other quick thing that I found for length is I used to get my hair trimmed
like this much every six weeks and then I stopped doing it every six weeks and
got my hair trimmed every second cut so every 12 weeks and that made my hair
grow much quicker because it wasn’t being cut every time and I didn’t get
split ends because I’m using all this beautiful nutrition inside my body and
proteins and collagen and everything so it worked so if you cut your hair less
and just get a nice cut on this on the second visit that will help grow it
longer okay thank you everybody I hope this was
really helpful for you don’t get down and feel bad about you know losing your
hair and thinning and you know getting older start to feel great that you can
do something about it and become empowered with the fact that we can make
stuff happen we can change things and we can be the best version of ourselves
that we can be not somebody else or someone who looks a certain way or
someone who’s got something just the best version of you is is everything so
yeah thank you very much for watching I hope you have a beautiful day and please
subscribe if you’re new to the channel thank you


  1. Thank you so much for this great video. I have had exactly the same problem and have been following your advice, and I am shocked to see what's going on with my hair. I have been using these same supplements for the last 4.5 months and I have 3" of brand new hair growth all over my head. I first noticed breakage from using a ponytail at night in the back of my hair just like you said you did. I stopped that and ordered a silk pillow case in addition to using the supplements. Now it's weird. I have SO much new growth, that my collar length hair is much longer than the new growth. But the new growth is going to make my hair much thicker when it all catches up to the longer hair. I will just keep trimming until the new hair blends in and is the same length. When I put my fingers through my hair, I can really feel the thickness. It's quite amazing, really. Thank you again, so much. This does all work. I am vigilant with it and do it daily. I am 64 years old. Honestly, I'm amazed. You are right. You say that you know it's working. I do too and I have proof! I can't thank you enough for pointing out this and I wanted you to know it absolutely works wonders.

  2. really

  3. You hair looks great, do you also have a topper on? Your hair looks beautiful

  4. Rosemary essential oil with olive and castor oil is good for the scalp?

  5. Here I go! I ordered the life flo hydrolyzed bovine collagen, the nature's way niacin with flush, and Now biotin. Beginning today. Very excited. Thank you.

  6. I’ve been using sea buckthorn for plant based collagen and omega 7s. I couldn’t see the collagen you use for the US, but I found a pescatarian option that includes rose hips and hibiscus, which my cancer doctor highly recommends for post surgery cancer prevention. I can’t wait to see how I helps! Thank you!

  7. ThnkU 💕

  8. Love your videos. Your so informative and enlightening. You are a beautiful soul. Please let me know where you got your beautiful top.😊

  9. My hair use to be so thick I had to thin it, it was so heavy it gave me headaches. I hated it, becareful what you wish for. Since I started coloring it, it is so thin now (still thick by most standards) I feel like I have no hair. I'm sure alot of it is aging and meds.

  10. Thank you again. We use a lot of suppliments, but nothing seems to help my hair. So I shall try the Biotin, B com. and Collegan approach, oh and a silk pillowcase. My skin has always been young looking. Heredity, staying out of the sun when possible, taking care, sunscreen foundations, cleansing, efoliation, moisturizers, no smoking, which can really age skin.
    I am a natural blonde, starting to get some grey, and my hair is fine and thinning, I use poofs that I comb in over my pony tail. I have gotten so many compliments, but I would still like for my own hair to make a comeback. It used to be long and wavy😣😣😣😣😣 Thank you for listening to me rant.

  11. Everything you say and show us is very interesting and helpful! Thank you so much! Could you suggest a hair colour for curly hair? I've got green eyes and reddish cheeks.

  12. I love the way you spell your name. It's really pretty. People who don't know how to get sulfate free shampoo or don't want to use it can "cowash" which means washing the hair with conditioner. Yes, it gets it very clean. I didn't believe it would so I waited about five years to try it. Come to find out, once I did it I found out I have beautiful curls. Conditioners like Suave essentials coconut conditioner work perfectly for this.

  13. I have had thin fine hair all my life. I use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I started the B vitamins and the collagen about 2 weeks ago. I really hope it helps. If I try and grow my hair long, it always splits apart at the back of my neck. I've got a silk pillow but it's always on the floor in the morning, to slippery to keep my head 🙂 I love your video's, thanks

  14. How many a day of the B3 do you take ? Might try this need all these benefits you mentioned.

  15. WOW! That was really helpful! I am going to try the silk pillowcase. I put my hair in a ponytail at night and I have very fine hair and I didn't understand why the back of my hair was so thin. I just resigned it to the fineness of my hair. What a relief to know that there might be something I can do. I am really enjoying your videos. Thank you!

  16. Just noticed that the collagen you recommend is from cows…as a vegan, I am not comfortable taking anything from animals..any other options..

  17. What is a good plant based alternative for silk?

  18. Pls mam tell me that Are you taking all the supplements together or collagen powder is enough.

  19. The idea of the silk pillowcase is to lessen further wrinkling, as the skin gets dragged around less as you move, if a side sleeper. I bet you sleep on your back and didn’t think of this. 🙂 Thanks for loads of great tips

  20. Do you cut your own hair? I love the flowing layers. And the color is beautiful. If so can you do a tutorial on how and what?

  21. You are gorgeous

  22. Thank you for all your wonderful beautiful tips you look like you have a full head of hair too.. I was wondering why you sleep with your hair in a ponytail? Just

  23. In Australia a women can take a tablet once a day called Elevit

  24. Who is watching this under 40? Lol

  25. Also vite B3 is really good for those who smoke the only thing about vitamin b 3,12 you NEED TO TAKE IT IN A SUBLINGUAL LIQUID bc the stomach acids will eat away the b vitamins before your body will get a chance to absorb any of it this is why b vitamins are sold in a bottle and medicine dropper for putting it under your tongue ie absorb through the arteries under your tongue so that your stomach acids don't eat it away

  26. I love your little motivating messages in the end!

  27. Taking Collagen for thicker hair is great advice, we us it and love it too! Right now we have a review and Giveaway of the same brand going on- check it out!

  28. 1) Yes, I agree with the sulfate-free shampoo. I like Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor oil SHampoo.
    2) Yes, but I must take no more than 300% RDA because I will undoubtedly get acne and a biotin rash-I take a b-vitamin complex from Garen of Life. No synthetics!
    3) Yep. I do Collagen Hydrolysate. I like Nu Naturals grassfed bovine.
    4 )See#2 Have you seen Dr,Berg's Videos? you should. I think you'd appreciate his information.
    5) Yes! I love mine. Lily Silk.
    6) I cut my hair twice a year.

    I think wearing hair in a tight pony tail or in a super tight hairdos will cut off circulation and inhibit hair growth.

    I also went for a hair conditioner that's dimethicone free. It builds up on the scalp. I like Living Proof Restore and Briogeo "Don't Despair, repair! Hair mask (I buy the 32oz and a half a pump works great as a daily conditioner.)
    Evening primrose oil. I take 2 1300mg capsules. Great for skin too.
    I am 42 (43 this coming july) I JUST got my first gray hair (near my ear) and My hair is long and I have a lot of it. It's super shiney too! I wash it just about everyday.

  29. BTW: I love your videos, especially the ones on how to dress. Do you have a video on how you style your hair? I love the way you style it. Thank you!

  30. I would like to add a caveat about Vit B-3, especially if you are diabetic or pre diabetic. Niacin raises blood sugar.

  31. When I hit 51, my hair started to deteriorate quickly. It looked dry, frizzy, couldn't hold a curl and was thinning. What I found to help me was The Curly Girl method. It works for straight hair, too. It's the best way to care for your hair. Sulfate free, paraban free, silicone free and condition, condition, condition. The BHave shampoos have sodium lauryl sulfates. I would not use it! The BHave conditioners have dimethicone, amodimethicone, which are silicones. Also, has harsh alcohols. Definitely not healthy for hair. It's a plastic coating that sometimes needs to be cut out of hair. She's on the right track though. It doesn't matter what vitamins you take internally, if you wash your hair with harsh detergents and coat it so moisture can't get into the strand.

  32. I follow you from Italy great video

  33. Each time I watch your video's I feel so happy that I have discovered this channel:_)) SO THANK YOU AGAIN
    of course, I 'm doing my best to follow your advice. I'm almost there and although I LOOK younger (SO I'V BEEN TOLD LOL) these age symptoms as it described in your video started to be shown or rather felt, and yeah definitely the hair problem fricking me out lately. I use cologne regularly and after taking my blood checked I've started to take iron AS WELL (so I guess it's very important to mention this regarding hair thickening) I definitely gonna try the B7 + B3
    Keep on the good work Schellea


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  36. Silk pillow cases are the best protects hair & skin. Great video!

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  39. Thank you. I’m 70 and watch at least one of your videos with my morning coffee. Your video on fashion colors helped me identify and remove clothing and Assessories from my closet that were not working for me. I’ve been blonde with dark blue-green eyes all my life, but my hair is turning white. So, I could use some advice about best hair colors and styles for women “over 50”.

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  41. thanks for the video. I agree I take all of them. Question have you had facelifts or work on your face? it is beautiful either way

  42. can you make a video on how to dry and style your hair. It has the right volume that many people would like to know how to achieve. thanks

  43. Hi lovely. I am 71 and have an under active thyroid. My hair and nails are suffering. Thank you for all these tips. Will definitely try all of them. Your hair looks amazing. .And so do you. Bless you.

  44. Biotin is awesome. I started taking it regularity about 4 months ago. Started seeing results about a month later. My nails and hair are stronger. Love it !

  45. Would anybody recommend a healthier shampoo that I can get here in the United States?

  46. Thank you so much for everything you do for all of us, you are so sweet and beautiful thank you 🙏 god bless you.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌸

  47. Great recommendations! Also try drinking aloe vera juice and/or applying the gel to your hair, it makes your hair thicker, stronger, and shinier. Castor oil is also really great, but for your kind of hair you would just need a small dallop mixed with a lighter oil like maybe almond oil so that it doesn't weigh your hair down while still giving it SERIOUS strength and an amazingly youthful and healthy shine.

  48. Thanks for sharing 🌼🙏🌼

  49. The same thing was happening to me and I also researched about the vitamins and collagen. It does work! I also read that vitamin K2 works so I added that.

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  51. Australian?

  52. Many people who lose hair at that age is also because of the high blood pressure medication.

  53. Hi schellea thank you i like videos

  54. OMG Schellea! I hope I get the spelling correct. U r freakin amazing & look the same! LOVE UR VIDS!!!!

  55. Put them all aside and you can only stick with collagen only and you will still get the same results

  56. What about taking a vit B complex?

  57. Great video! Do you take a multi vitamin also?

  58. Chia seeds and flax seed along with black caster oil is great for hair.

  59. I just came across your channel! I not quite 50 but I want to look and feel as great as you seem to be! 😁

    I lost clumps of hair due to health issues and I could definitely see a difference when my body started functioning better and absorbing nutrients!
    I have been using biotin and have noticed a big difference!
    Just started collagen & my nails have been looking fabulous! 😉

  60. I am nearly 51 and I have naturally curly hair and I have been following the curly girl method for 10 months and my hair hair is loads more healthy and longer than it’s been in years

  61. Her secret is wearing a wig.It's so obviously. Her body language is telling the truth.

  62. I have hair fall n gray hair problem, I'm 37, i can use this madicine

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  64. To add to what she said, first the collagen comes in several different types.  The type of collagen you want for hair, skin, & nails is Type 1 & 3.  Type 2 is for joints.  Its best not to take the different types together.  As for the Biotin (Vit. B7), if you take a supplement, its best to take it in liquid form because it will be 100% absorbed in your digestive system, whereas, in solid (cap/tab/gel) form only partial absorption occurs.  Also note, while these have shown to be effective, your general health also plays a vital role in hair growth.  Hope this helps.

  65. At 66 my hair isn't as long as when I was young when it was always long, as it doesn't suit my face now. But I want to tell you this that I came upon a while ago. Hair is an extension of the nervous system (think the film Avatar). Native American trackers believe that it is their long hair that gives them their ability. When they signed up with the army (Vietnam era) to do the same job, guess what, they had to have their hair shorn off. and couldn't do it any longer. Then they regrew their hair and the ability returned. Throughout the world warriors had/have long hair and I feel that it is vital for them (Samson?).


  67. My hair only does that when I use shampoo, when I just wet it, it can be extremely tangling and no hair will fall out, I use shampoo tons fall out, I only wash my hair once a week now.

  68. I’ve always had long thick hair until about 2 years ago. I noticed thick clumps coming out of my hair and I’m 36. I figured it could be hormones and stress. Im into taking vitamins but it can run into money. I like Mary Ruth’s organic liquid vitamins. I also heard Castor oil really helps with thinning hair and volume. I just started using. Thank you for your video I might also try using collagen. I hope I can find something that works for me.

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  71. You don't have to have a niacin flush to obtain the benefits of niacin; that's totally false.

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  73. Do you take the B3 at bedtime or with food and do you take it every day? Thx in advance beauty!

  74. Thank you so much! I have noticed less wrinkles and a less harsh complexion with the satin pillow cases. BUT, you have to keep using them for a while. It's been about a year or so and it really does make a difference. 🙂

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  77. You know, I use a fleece pillowcase every year at winter and this last year started paying attention because I stared seeing lots of hairs all over the pillowcase and for some reason thought to try a silkier pillow case and dang if I didn’t see less hair on my pillow. I think the fleece or linen grabs those hairs, where the silk allows your hair to glide vs. grab and hold. I’m not using anything but silk…even in winter. There is truth in your advice. TFS! Hugs!

  78. Is she 50 or something??? Sure?? Really??? She is gorgeous so beautiful and graceful 😊😊😊 you are an inspiration👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you so much for sharing this 🥰🥰🥰

  79. Hello, I have enjoyed your videos and found them to be so helpful and realistic.
    Have you done a video on women over 50’s lips? How can we repair or hide the aging process around our mouths? Thanks you. Danielle

  80. Hi I enjoy your videos especially on health and well being. I'm 64, live in Sydney and am in reasonably good health. I'm interested to start taking collagen peptides and would like your recommendation as I noticed in this video you refer to it as being good for hair and nails and overall wellbeing. Could you give me more information and where to purchase this product please. Thanks Annette

  81. A new subscriber here from the Philippines . Thank you for this video. I’m only 46 and my hair is very thin.

  82. I'm 51, and a year ago, I started washing my hair with chickpea flour. My hair has never looked better! I use acv/lemon diluted with water, or fresh herbs from my garden diluted in water as a rinse, then put some argon oil on the tips when my hair is still damp. I have thick long healthy hair! I also do a mask once a week using fenegreek and flax seeds.
    It's interesting that all this time, my hair products have been in my kitchen pantry or in the garden! Lol 😁🌾🌿🌱

  83. I recently stumbled upon your channel and have just been telling my mum all about it – this video in particular. I sent her the link and she has just texted me to say she has watched it and is off to buy the B vitamins and collagen tomorrow (we’re in Qld). Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  84. Thank you! I’m thinning more and more on top of my head! Help! Lol,! I will try this! 🤗

  85. Why can't we just have a good B vitamin complex?

  86. I live in South Sinai and can't always get products. However I get a weekly injection of B complex. They say B vitamins should be taken in a complex. It works for me because people are always complimenting me on my hair. I get hair loss after stress. Three months approx after major stress I get this reaction. Working towards a stress low lifestyle!

  87. Very informative. I will try it. Thank you.

  88. Hi there I suffer from psoriasis n I find I'm losing alot more hair,also my hair is more dry n dull as well.

  89. I wanted to ask a question-(I see this is from a year ago but there are a lot of recent comments😊) Regarding collagen: I have tried to research collagen supplements for many years. Some (studies/“experts”)say that supplemental collagen is not used as collagen in our bodies, some say it’s wonderful with numerous benefits , and some say it’s better to take nutrients that help us produce more collagen. …I’ve taken it on and off but it tends to be pricey, so I’d like to get more opinions. To add more confusion: -some say to take it on an empty stomach and others mix it in with their smoothies!! Confusing but, may be worth it if it is beneficial to our hair, skin, joints…. you mentioned you have also researched it so if you have any info or links please share! TY! (USA, 56 👩🏻❤️)

  90. Thanks for the tips. I'm 61 and have very thick hair and no split ends. I only cut my hair 3 times per year and only use organic shampoo. I use to wash my hair more but now only twice per week. I also have coarse hair and lost a lot of hair after my third child. This regime keeps my hair very healthy. I have been blessed with great hair colour as I age so no need to dye. I am going to try the supplements you suggest for their other properties. I'll have to research to find vegetain versions.

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