Get Ripped Lower & Upper Chest Workout Without Going to The Gym

in this video I'm going to show you how you can isolate your upper and your lower chest by doing some really easy exercises that you can do at home or anywhere you do not need a gym or any special equipment for these the only thing you need is something to prop your knees up on that's about two and a half feet off the ground and when I'm at home I use my beds the perfect height for these so basically through the gym if you want to isolate your upper and lower chest to isolate the upper chest you're going to do an incline press to isolate the lower chest you're going to do a decline press now the only thing that these machines are really doing is changing the angle position of the arms and providing weight is the resistance so we can recreate those same exercises and movements at home using our own body weight changes in addition of our arms so when you're doing an incline press your arms are up at about 135 degree angle and when you're doing a decline press to isolate the lower chest your arms are down at about a 45 degree angle now I can recreate those exercises by doing an advanced version of push-ups I'm going to show you how to do those it's a little bit easier for me to demonstrate and to explain them with any of these exercises you just always want to make sure that your your core is really tight and your back is completely straight and you don't prop your neck up like a turtle you want to keep your neck and alignment with the rest of your spine keep your shoulders solid don't bring them up into your neck and don't arch your back this little substance


  1. I always come back to this video for motivation! Thanks bro!

  2. At least a body that inspires me, i dont like the typical Gym body, i like more naturla, like yours. Thanks man.

  3. thanks man, finally found a good home lower chest workout, there aint many of those here idk why, most focus on upper ones

  4. Awesome tips thank you so mucj

  5. Thanks for this video buddy. Finally not a boring trainer that speaks for 8 minutes without showing up a f*cking exercise. Simple and effective!

  6. For isolating the lower chest, instead of being on your knees- could u still be in a normal push up stance but still put ur hands further back? (Would this still get the same results? )

  7. You're right arm's bigger than your left wtf

  8. How long should I do this for a day?

  9. your pubes are showing

  10. Hey thanks for the help man.

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  12. can I do it everyday

  13. Why lower chest workout look like standard push up. What is the different ?

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  15. Does it work Because I have try all of this But seem like there no any changes in it .But I will keep trying

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  24. awesome cheers

  25. fuck right and wrong food, just eat a fuck ton then burn that shit off then do it again,a "real" diet doesnt matter as long as youre not a lazy shit and can work it off

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  27. Hello bro!Are you using proteins? How can i lost tje fatt on my lower(outher)chest?I am traning really hard but it don`t shows any effekt :/ Can you make a video for that training?
    How long did you train your abs?

  28. What's the music you had used in the video please

  29. Well I've seen his ebook and he focuses mainly on being healthy,being fit, build functional strength and having a lean physique and muscle endurance not so much as body building or pushing his body to keep building muscle and strength.

  30. Thanks Andy Roddick, these tips really helped!

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  32. Oh come on, this is almost a scam.

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  34. I like this vid. I see your chest and realize that this is what I want my chest to look like. Not those bulging chests by extreme workouts out there, but lean, sculpted muscles like yours. Helpful too. Saves me tons of money buying weights and benches.

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  38. nice vid bro.. nice exercices too.. thanks a lot, you just got a new subscriber 😉

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  40. i want to have a body like captain america 🙂

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