Get Rid of Painful Stiff Neck with 1 Exercise


  1. Mine is swollen. HARD.

  2. That towel technique is gold! Just go easy in case you get that next day soreness.

  3. Any reason why you can’t do this lying down?

  4. Guys does stiff neck cause ears to feel clogged and full

  5. Can you suggest something for body stiffness…as i am a reguler gym goer…my body is becoming stiff day by day…normal stretches arent helping out…tia

  6. Can you advise how long we hold the position for? Just a few seconds? A minute? Thanks!

  7. Hey Bob and Brad. I have extreme pain on the right side of my neck. What kind of stretch is best for that? I am trying to stretch my left to reach my left shoulder any others? Thank you!

  8. What about painful scalp. I literally feel the muscles like strips in my neck, back of my head even temples. 😩

  9. Lord love yas Bob & Brad !!! Lifesavers !!

  10. PTA here. Try lower trap exercise with cervical extnesion

  11. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 You have no idea how much I needed this this weekend!!! Thank you!!!

  12. I'll say it for you! You guys can fix almost anything except a broken heart!

  13. I love Bob and Brad I watch every day. Thank you 😁

  14. Thank you guys I hurt everywhere it's one day at a time. May Yahuah Baruk you.

  15. I needed this today! Thanks!

  16. The third option gave immediate relief! Thank you so much 🙂

  17. You guys are the best! Thank you for your time and efforts.

  18. The third one made my neck feel great. I'll add it to the list of stretches I've gotten from you guys!

  19. Thanks guys, this is an easy one that I can do regularly.

  20. I saw you guys show neck extension in an older video and I've been doing it and it has helped my stiff neck soo much!

  21. Hy bob and friend I am physiotherapy student from India and I ever seen your vedio and I like it this is very useful for me thanks you to make your channel I wish you a very good luck

  22. You guys are the BEST!! Thank you

  23. My neck has been lacking some range of motion since getting some whiplash from a sideways impact. I'm liking how this exercise affects it.

  24. For some reason I've been having neck pain on my left side…I'm 70 and never have had neck pain before, so this video came at the right time. Thank you both sooooo much for this information. It sure has helped!

  25. Ok… I’m thirty. How is it that every video is something I’m dealing with!?!

  26. Serious question,plz reply. Two days ago I was in a serious mva where a dump truck hit me. I was taken to the hospital by EMS and all the normal scans/x-rays were done. I told them I could not lift my head and when I'm laying flat, no matter what I do, I cannot lift my head up. I have to take my hand and lift it just to turn over. My head seems to be ok when I'm up but not when laying down. It feels like something's not connected. I'm hoping my neuro surgeon can see me tomorrow cause it concerns me. What's your thoughts?

  27. What is wrong when it goes into the upper left arm?

  28. This one is super helpful. Thanks, gentlemen!

  29. Can use a dog leash! My dog gets happier when I multi purpose his things! Thanks u guys!

  30. What’s up with bob’s hair?

  31. Instead of a belt, he could use a noose. Best if hung from the ceiling. I bet the pain would go away quickly.

  32. PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO FOR PATIENTS WHO HAVE BOTH PINCHED NERVE AND SCIATICA. What exercises to be avoided or the exercises to be included etc,… PLEASSSSEEEE BOB AND BRAD

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