[Applause] good morning everybody and welcome back to my channel feel like I'm going way more in this wing of it's kind of more regular upload YouTube videos so hopefully it will continue this way and that's Friday today I'm actually woke up like quite late from here today and I think it's because I had my first squash session we'll kind of played a match against someone and at my new squash club in London I've literally I mean I can't actually remember the last time I played squash it was probably about a year ago now and and I was pie rubbish but my body is so sore today so yeah I think it was kind of like right need a bit of rest so where can i I'm feeling really like you know you should feel like very very tired and so it started my day with a coffee which I obviously showed you before and I'm not been doing that much recently because I feel like I've got really sensitive to caffeine and and I have no idea why if anyone can actually tell me why I couldn't certainly I've got quite silence it's caffeine it would be good to know and I said coffee big thing of water as usual such acute water bottle with my little thing on it's from and all quite cheap brand anyway and I like that it's a big one as well because and I have I said that really weirdly and I have a few of these bottles and they're the ones that I keep it cool and but they're all quite small and then I think inside they're quite thick because they've got like a an insulating layer so you can have either hot drink or a cold drink in them and I'll keep it in the hot or cold and but this is really big one so it's great and then as I showed you this is what I've just been eating and this is from balanced meals and I just find these so useful if I'm really busy or on the go they very kindly send me and I box each week full of really nice stuff and it's by no means do I have them for every meal and but it's just really far but this morning Farrelly's hired can really bother to make breakfast so got this and this sort of thing I'd eat for breakfast anyway so this is I think it's a soy yogurt and which I love it's vanilla flavor and then their homemade granola I'm gonna you can see her but I think I did show you on camera before and yeah I just love their meals I'll probably have a few more today and I'll show you a bit more about like what they do just because I think they're really great company and this isn't a sponsored video but I just think it's worth showing you because if you struggle the time they're just a really really convenient brand basically so not too sure what my plans are today and but I'm gonna start off with just doing some work from home so I'm just editing actually my last vlog which is like a really Christmassy one now which will probably be up over there no I think I'll put out this weekend I'm still quite unsure over what days or good days to upload videos and but I think a lot of people do it on Monday night or Sunday night so I don't know that would also be useful to know if anyone has any and any preferences so not sure what I'm going to do later on probably just finish off work and then maybe go to meet Elliot may possibly go to the gym and I think he wanted to film a few bits in the gym so maybe do that but I'm just planning on having like a cosy morning and just doing tasks that I've got to do I've got a few quite exciting brand collaborations of them so I've got their work to do with those as well I don't have too much of a chaotic day today either because tonight I've got a Kumasi 'v group meal with all my uni friends which is I could bring your own booze your own that sounds really funny but the BYOB Neil anyway it's hai restaurant near why live and that's gonna be so much fun and then tomorrow it's one of my friends house parties so basically it's gonna be a reprimand weekend again I keep saying like I needs just have a chilled weekend with no drinking or anything but everyone sort of in the Christmas spirit I'm wanting to go out and it's obviously so much fun so I think I've just accepted that December's not going to be the healthiest month ever i I've sort of said to myself if I can stay healthy during the week I'll see the weekend I can do after I won but anyway it's all fun and games and it's only for a few weeks so I'll be it'll be great but yeah I am gonna get on with a bit of work and I'll catch up with you later so how Q is this little outfit I mean they don't actually go together but they kind of dude and they looks like I've got like a cozy pajama set on but these were from forever 21 I think I ordered some sports bra slacks one of my friends recommended it to me and then I got some pyjamas because my house is absolutely freezing and my house at home I'd never have to wear like these kind of pajama mr. Coates sleep but here it's just so we don't want to put the heating on unnecessarily so yeah I've got a little burgundy red yarn to match um which i think is Jim shock not actually sure um but yes I love it so then absolutely nothing of interest this morning just the news and work at my desk and it's lunchtime now so I'm gonna have another balanced meal and this which you can't really see what is her but this is the one that I'm gonna have and it actually my favorite one they I get trying up and some you two of these wheat because I love it so much and it is it's a pasta one and I love pasta and it's a think it's learnt a lot an aubergine Raghu it's kind of like a vegan Bolognese sort of vibe but it's just really comforting and it's so gray look it's so gray outside and just like not a very nice day it's gonna have this and then might have a little snack as well because I have a few of these brownies these as well they actually I shall show you all of them because they have these energy balls available and if I've got wine in the background of this I'm sure healthy video and these little energy balls which are really nice and then the other thing is these what are these little bites and they kind of like crispy chocolate things I don't actually know what they're called but all of them are wrong and like wall snacks so I think these are sweet potato and they've got dates in and things like that and a bit of coconut and they're just really really good so I'll probably take these out to my desk as well and just snack on those [Applause] so didn't show you that but I did microwave this for two minutes and just before I'm gonna eat it because I wait prefer it hot you can eat all over the balanced meals cold though so obviously I'm not gonna microwave the brownies and but usually I tend to eat them out just because I don't know I probably won't in the summer but at the moment it's all it's cold outside and you want something really comforting I'm worn so yeah so I just need to run out to the shop which is just on the road scatter the key cut because me and Flo I've already lost one of ours for the house we're just an out see like that but just thought I'd show you the outfit that I've per table the cause is one of my new ones from very and I actually love it it's quite like an extra outfit feel a bit like a Power Ranger when I worry about obviously you love it especially the sweatshirt I've worn this loads so this is the sweatshirt the Puma outfit and it's got these little kind of cord things so you can sort of make it a bit more cropped which is cute and then the leggings which are so comfy so my mirror really needs a clean butt here and a very nice length as well h-have a matching little gym sort of crop top thing and which is quite good you know for those gym days where you're not really in the mood to wear a sports bra but don't necessarily want to wear like a baggy vast our base apart I won for that I'll actually share it to you quickly so it's like this basically and it's got these like it's got these like yellow straps at the top and it's just lovely I'm sure you will see me wearing it in one of my videos site ranger plays because I've been filming and actor we're all fuel which will probably be my next video that goes up after this one and but yeah sorry I feel like I've not done that much today to be able to show you but I'm now going to go downstairs and grab a bit more food I know I've got this Thai curry balanced meal which is really really delicious it's like a coconutty one which is again one of my favourite ones I'm gonna have most of that may just have half anyway we all going out for dinner so this isn't meant to be my dinner it's sort of as snacks I'm actually really hungry today I always find that if I've been working at home and we're you more hungry than ever I'm out on the go I don't know why but see I going out of Thai food tonight so I've also do a bit of an impromptu get ready with me and I always watch these on always a minute war of like the girls doing their makeup really nicely and the thought I try and kind of show you how I get ready I'd be honestly the most uninteresting thing ever but we'll give it to go anyway but yeah before I do that I'm just gonna go and get some food drinks or punish my energy and then get on with the rest of it right so this is the start of my get ready with me and bear with me because it's first time done anything like this and I wasn't sure about like the camera setup because my camera doesn't have one of those like flippy outy things and it's quite like a big camera so I've like popped my cosmic hates coming up behind so I'm hoping it doesn't look too weird when I do this so I am really not a bigger makeup at all I would say I probably wear a bit a bit like half the week and I've never be someone that wears a lot of makeup but I am quite intellect my skin casts so I'm going to show you what I do for that and I actually just show you all my makeup steps so first thing I'm gonna put on is how do you do like oh I'm its Neutrogena and it's a seer hydraboost capsule in serum and I'll tell you why I use this it's mainly because and I find I'm sure other people must find this as well the if I put moisturizer on before I put makeup on it literally turns into like a mush and I honestly see so many people pick moisturizer on before makeup and I are she like don't know how it works for you and but as you'll see I don't wear foundation so I'm not sure whether if you have foundation it like there's some kind of thing that happens that stops it being mushy but when I put bronzer on if I've got proper moisturizer on I don't know what happens so I found this product like a year ago and it's actually a godsend I can't explain to you it dries really quickly on the face but it's very moisturizing and I've got seriously seriously dry skin so yeah this helps me a lot so I put like one pump on and it goes like if I can show you but it goes like this and it's got like a bit of shine to it but you can't tell when it's on your face so for a skin it's really rad just because I've got really warm in the shower so I will just leave that to dry for a minute and it literally just takes a minutes dry and then I'll show you wipe at our next so now that is on and dried this is the product that you use next and it is from the boys shop it is called skin Reviva instant smoother and it's from their vitamin C range and you'll probably realize in this video that I literally love the body shop I couldn't recommend them enough I just think I love the whole ethos and everything like that and I have a ton of products from that collection so this is one that I use I'm gonna work yay so this is what I use and the lady in the shop easy I went in because one of my friends really into makeup issues that you should get primer and and oh it smells like orange as well and I went into the body shop and this is what they told me to try it doesn't actually say primer on that says instant smoother and I've probably used it for six months now and I've converted my mum and my sister to it they love it as well it lit she just feels like so soft I can't explain I feel like I'm literally making my face more red as we go along that so the next product that I'm going to use is this product and it's by by Terry and it's the brightening CC serum sell you cellular rose and now my friend Meghan Brad told me that I should get this and how say when I bought it like she told me she was basically like it lasts for a long time it's really really expensive and it is really really expensive I think it's like fifty pounds for this little thing but and I actually love it it's really nice and it's perfect for me because except for I don't wear foundation at all I don't know what it is about the foundation I've always had a bit of a thing about it it just looks really silly on my face and and I can't work out whether it's because I've never worn a lot of makeup and it it just looks like not what I'm used to but honestly just looks really silly and I've tried a ton and this is so this is what it looks like watch me and and it's basically like a really bronzy tint that you can just put on under bronzer or with heavy it's got no coverage at all and and it's like shimmery basically as she's Megan's really glowy so I thought this would be perfect so I just kind of apply it with my fingers I'm sure this is like me wrong this seems to me again it's it's really well on top of the other products so I'm a fan so I know if you can see that but it's kind of like a glowy a glowy tint sort of thing and it just sits really well on the skin and I'm not one for like really expensive products but I do think it's very worth the money and it looks like of Hardy's Annie but I've actually used it quite a few times and yeah I'll tend to only use that like on a night owl or going out for me a little something basically an occasion like tonight the organ I think this is probably like the weirdest thing ever but I have this concealer from mac feel like I've really got the knack of this and and it is the studio finish concealer and basically I've got this – and I like dab it over the really red parts of my face and because I always think like you know if you're dancing on a night out or whatever and you got quite hot I don't like the fact I'd get red there because I obviously don't use any foundation so I just like got a little bit on this thing which is from sport effects Beauty blood and just like dab it on over the top to give me like a tiny bit of coverage there do you know I forgot to do I usually use this body shop eye cream I'm not gonna put on now because I've already got my list I fine but I just dab that lightly around my eyes and it just I don't know if brightening and I really like it and it's the vitamin E eye cream and it's the 24 hour so feel like it's nice and hydrating and as I said before I've got really dry skin so it's perfect for me so the next thing that I do is take my bronzer which is body shop again the logos come off is this one and wait I should probably show you what open is this one it's actually nearly finished and I have it in the color 6 I would say my skin tones like I don't know I'm not I definitely don't have fat or pale skin but I equally don't have really dark skin I do in the summer and it's a more like a Mediterranean kind of skin tone and so I actually have this in the darker shade that they do just but I think it's actually because the the tone of it suits my skin color quite well I don't have yucky yellowish skin tone and this is quite a warm tone this one so and yeah use that one and then I have this brush which is Ecotools and it's really soft and and I just actually just put this all over my face and just to make sure that my skin matches my skin on my face matches my body unto my eyes and and the products that I use here are usually a mascara so I have this benefit mascara it's right actually this is actually a tinted primer and I'll tell you what I have this it's because I naturally have really long eyelashes which is I know it's a good really good thing but it means that the mascara literally makes them look like spiders legs like really really clogged up and I don't like that look I like them to look as natural as possible so this is actually brown and and you'll see it puts like hardly anything on the brush just so it's like a really really thin layer basically and I don't know if I showed you that or not okay my hands probably really orange from that tint as well and yeah put that on my lashes and then on my eyes I've started if I can find my brush so started just taking I have this body shop I think it's like a highlight palette thing and I just started taking that color that one and that one it kind of depends on how I'm feeling I'm just putting about on top of my eye mascara I just like to let loose I pray out my lashes and then I just do a bit on the botton and just because I always have them okay so then eyebrows I have this eyebrow gel which is that's from NYX thing is I thought was NYX but I think I've heard a few people call it next and it's just an untainted like a clear gel and and it's more because I have I don't know I guess my eyebrows are like a little bit bushy naturally and they just go iconic they like I can just rub my eye and then they suddenly change shape like they'll just be like this and I'll just be walking around the cloud by that basically so the pad should probably just really ruin that for myself so I just use that to kind of like brush them into place and so while they would not release it I don't know how I'm doing this right or not this is just what I do I feel like they're always a bit uneven but I'm just I could be here all day trying to even them up and they're just quite like my hairs I feel like just point in all different directions so it's quite hard for me to actually attain them anyway so then the last thing that I'm going to do is to take that highlighting palette and just I just kind of mix them all together and then just pop it on my face so quite like being glowy these days it's used to be quite a maths person but now I'm good lowly person and then just on my nose okay so that is makeup done and and then I'm not sure yet whether I am gonna straighten and try and wave my hat or not and but I just feel like at the moment I thought I shouldn't to do my hair basically I have always had really really long hat and I got it cut probably a month ago now yeah probably a month ago now and I know it's not about dramatic but it was really really long and now it doesn't yes because there's not as much weight to it it doesn't just quite fall as well so feel like I have to do something to it for it to look good I don't know anyway and then I've got obviously a ton of baby how which I've probably complain about every video as well so I need to like figure our way of taming that so I will decide what I'm gonna do and then I'll try to film that for you so I back and I've decided I'm actually just gonna put some of this which is like an ante first thing in it and if I want to give a bit of straighten later I will but I don't think I'm going to so this just I just feel like pains it a bit it's like a hair cream yes and then I'm gonna put my earrings in love these at a moment they were just an ASIS by I don't actually think a real self but because I don't wear them all the time obviously only really when I'm going out it really doesn't matter use you're not a fan of whatever you call it like fake silver all matalas and silver plates it just because it goes rusty so quickly so I feel like you just got no wear out of it really and I'm just gonna put all my rings on okay so that is me Dan now I'm just gonna decide what to wear and I will show you that before I go out yeah I hope you enjoyed that a little bit I know I'm I'm actually I know that I'm really bad at doing makeup I'm trying to go there better but I've got like my things I stick to and and I'm not very good experimenting with other things so yeah but I hope you found that a bit however anyway I do genuinely think upon it as I use a really good so especially the body shop and the by Terry thing and that was like such a good investment I think and spatially oh really glowy and healthy so definitely give that a go I'll probably link all that all of them down below just so you can check them out if you would like to


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