good morning everyone morning from not my house but from this boy's house edgy why you're in the bed Ritchie why in the bed so I'm saying my sister's house because we're having lots of work done on our house the floors being done which means we can't sleep there because the whole upstairs is like empty so I thought I would feel like an alternative get healthy with me I've seen these floating around YouTube it tends to focus on food and exercise and stuff which is obviously important but I wanted to focus more and kind of like getting my together rather than like oh I've got to eat healthy and I've got to go to the gym so recently my life's been very busy and working on things behind the scenes that I have been taking up a lot of my time whilst also having my house done and also just working really hard in general so I let a lot of my healthy habits slip so I let going to the gym slip I let you know using my phone all the time slip and just sort of like not having a schedule or routine the mornings not going outside enough just I mean I don't want to focus on food and it explodes but it does really affect me when I thought two people are just sitting evenings I'm just stuck all evening even though I'm not hungry and just generally not take care of myself I feel like when you get into your work taking care of yourself ends up being like the last thing that you focus on at least that's what happens to me and I had a few moments like last month or month before where I was like this is not okay anymore cause it's affecting my mental health and how I feel too much so I need to start putting back the hell habits that made me feel good before that I just somehow forgotten along the way so I wanted to sort of take you along what I'm doing right now well then my life is a bit crazy a bit chaotic so house being done not living in my own home and being very busy with work and stuff and everyday seems to be very different if any of you are feeling the same way because it's during these times when you're busy and you're stressed that you need it the most so the first thing is that I have been really trying not to use my phone in the evenings in the mornings this morning when I woke up I haven't like scrolled through social media or anything like that and I try and have like a period of time before I check my phone because otherwise I get really overwhelmed by work because obviously social medias my job now I'm gonna go to the gym and that's another thing that I've been doing a lot more recently because Fitness just it just keeps me sane it really does and it keeps me happy and when I don't do it I feel like a different person it really helps my anxiety and how I feel every day so Jim it is today I had a rough day yesterday this guy definitely helps to feel make me feel good in the morning I've been very much enjoying waking up to his little face [Applause] bagel mmm love these Gables isn't : jus I know I know I picked the bottom one not good enough mm-hmm so a routine it's clearing up a little because usually we have a smoothie in the car which probably if you had to look in the health book you would say don't do that oh no I feel like you like you should sit down and have your breakfast which is true but because because life is life so now you don't have time to these things and in an ideal world yes I would take the time the morning to sit and have my breakfast but I would rather sleep at this point and a bagel was kind of all we had this morning I had my proper breakfast when I get home but I liked something my stomach before the gym yesterday I only had an apple well the day before you class and it was just not enough I was so hungry in the gym earth grouchy and I couldn't do what I normally do properly so half a bagel a bit more satisfying yeah we usually share a lovely protein smoothie before the gym which is great but we don't have a blender at my sister's house so that's what we're doing today but yeah in an ideal world you sit down and have your breakfast first about my routines off and I'm doing my best do I can and I want to show you a realistic representation of what you can do if you're struggling and you're trying to kind of get into a routine and feel better but yeah I think are we gonna do what we gonna do said I'm gonna do like they are we gonna do some kind of ok circuit what you want to do I was thinking black day like longer one yeah tomorrow would be the quicker one yeah whatever Bobby yeah okay rockin my really bright girlfriend collective leggings I was gonna wear my and I got a new pair of vivo barefoot trainers that was sent to me they're amazing I haven't stopped wearing them to the gym because it feels like you're barefoot and it's so good for exercise but I don't know where they are I think I left at my house so it's the vegetarians which actually it'll work for a leg day because they're flat but yeah the bath vivo bad ones are so good they release a new like plant-based chew just so cool and I'm getting rained on so I'll see you in there Oh [Applause] they make me feel like I'm gonna bomb how to feel how to feel great workout done that was good I enjoyed that you're wondering I'm following it followings Anna Van Dyke's workout guide we downloaded it when week seven now are we right we've been doing it for probably more like nine weeks but like sometimes like yeah sometimes it's not because if we were new to getting back into the gym we would kind of one week would spread across maybe one and a half weeks but we're pretty regular with it now going like four times a week which is really good and they just master this way it makes me feel so much better it just gets me started for the day if I'm ever feeling stressed it kind of gets rid of that feeling but we're gonna go home now today I have a busy day of doing a shoot with my friend Ali who is also working with me she does my light photography and design and lots of stuff for instagramming things and so I've got to go home have a fairly fast breakfast shall I get ready and stuff and all of that and then once that's done I will yeah I'll see you at home I just got the shower I always listen to music in the shower and I think that's a part of being healthy I think it really keeps me happy it lifts my spirits every single day I listen to music pretty much all day long listen till work I listen to it the shower I listen to it while I cook and it's therapy for me to listen to music and sing along and maybe you're not the same but I was brought up on listening to music and dancing to music and singing to music and I have deodorant all over my hands and have to somehow why did I do this after I had put my top on this deodorant has been a lifesaver hollander bar I just did a campaign with them on Instagram and they sent me this product as a part of their like clean and conscious beauty range this is not sponsored but I just wanted to share it because I love this product it's the native unearthed coconut and vanilla natural deodorant bomb now I really struggle with finding deodorants that work for me and this actually works and it's in a jar so I had one before that was called salt of the earth which I do also love you can get that a whole new right – but it was in plastic and it didn't last as long because it was in a plastic spray bottle so I was finding myself having to replace it all the time and that kind of annoyed me when I know that there are deodorants out there that you don't need to use a plastic bottle full plastic container for so I'm very happy when I tried this and it worked because I've tried so many and they've not worked and it's really annoying and I'm just going to do my makeup now reef laughs that was the bareMinerals complexion rescue love the bare minerals stuff oh so like natural-looking and then also their other product they said news to me as well again as a part of a campaign I'm doing for them but I genuinely genuinely love their stuff because it's so lightweight vegan cruelty free everything so already I just spritz my hair with water that's how I do things when I haven't washed my hair I just spritz it and muted scrunch I've got my Lucy and yak dungarees on this top which I went all the time it's secondhand and I am ready to go so I totally forgot to vlog but I just whipped up some lunch I had some leftover carrot top pesto in the freezer that I'm gonna make a recipe for soon so stay tuned and then I put some of the nish almond cheese and some spinach and then just some pasta so that's lunch and I think we're done shooting now so I'm eat this and then I'll get back to you later so Ali has left Alex has arrived and we are waiting for the guys to come back hitting the floor balls to have a chat with them before they leave but I wanted to talk to you a little bit about something I've been enjoying recently what I'm gonna do now because I have some time to kill I've been using audible a lot and they have sponsored today's video because I was finding myself really not prioritizing reading and finding it difficult to fit in but using audible has allowed me to fit that in in times when I'm not doing anything like so if I'm like in the shower if I'm cooking or if I'm on the way to work or if I'm having a break at work or having lunch I've managed to fit reading in by using audible and I love reading it's it's one my favorite things and I really missed reading recently because I've just been so busy and it's not even being busy because everyone's busy it's just like prop what your priorities are and I was putting that at the bottom of my priorities list and I borrowed a book for my sister recently called sapience and I was really really enjoying reading it and I was behind that every day I was kind of falling asleep as I was reading it so I started to use audible as well so I could read it and sort of listen to it and I'm finding that I'm getting through it so much faster because I can sit in listen at times of the day maybe when I don't have time to sit and read because I'm eating my food or something so I really love that for that reason and it gives me time to switch off so like right now I haven't I haven't got my laptop or anything so it's a good time rather just scrolling on my phone I can sit and listen to my book and it's gonna open my eyes and give me some sort of inspiration because I do have another project I'm working on I've mentioned a few times and I get so sucked into it sometimes I find it really really really helpful if you're studying for example it's really useful to listen to something totally removed from whatever it is you're studying for or whatever project you're working on that's like taking up all of your energy sapiens I love it cuz it's so fascinating it's all about human beings Homo sapiens of course and how we have developed throughout the years the Agricultural Revolution and just how human beings work and how destructive we can be it's fascinating honestly highly recommend that book anyone everyone and anyone and everyone should read that book because it's just really sheds a new perspective on like human beings and how we work and how we work as people how it really not are different to how we used to be a long time ago honestly I highly recommend so if you want to check out audible go to slash Madeline Olivia or text Madeline and Livia to five hundred five hundred to get one free audio book two free audible originals and a 30-day free trial I will leave a link for you in the description and back home and I'm about to do some work and I'm going to be editing this vlog as well as doing a little bit of something else I can't tell you about how boring how YouTube how stupid how annoying but this evening I think we're going to get a Pete so we've ordered we're gonna order from a local place that goes around on in a van and there are different locations on different days it's got amazing vegan pizza and that's another point on this get healthy with me get healthy with me and eating healthy and all this diet culture nonsense doesn't mean you can't have pizza and doesn't mean you can't have your chocolate digestives which I fully intend on having this evening and have your little mousse chocolate pop for pudding which I fully intend on having this evening getting healthy with me really it involves a healthy relationship with foods that I didn't used to have I used to look at other people's why in a daze and other people's get healthy with me videos and just think oh my gosh they have it all sorted out they are eating so healthy they're having a kale salad they're having banana smoothie and they're having you know really healthy dinner and I suck because I really want digestive biscuits and pizza you don't suck and it's very normal and balance is important understanding what's good for you is important you know eating your vegetables really important but so is understanding balance and not restricting yourself I've come a long way from how I used to think and I've let go of that now and I'm so happy to be in a place where I go to the gym and I love it and I don't do it because I want to lose weight I do it because I love it and it makes me feel good and I want to keep my body healthy and take care of it and I have pizza for the same reason because I love my body I want to take care of it and it makes me happy happy pizza have you talked with digestives and still count that as a healthy happy day because it does count don't ever think that you have to just strictly eat a certain way every single day in order to fit into this kind of healthy realm balance is where it's at intuitively and work towards that I know it's hard but yeah at least I'm here representing that and I've done it I've come a long way and you can too so have your pizza I'm gonna work now and I'm not sure how much more old log because I think I've chatted a lot today but I will be having some pizza later and then I'll probably get back to you when I go to bed but I'm not going to be using my phone after dinner and I'm gonna be searching off and getting a nice early night because love Island started now it's a show in the UK that I love reality TV show not even a guilty pleasure I'm not even guilty about it I love it so much that finishes at 10 and then it's kind of nice and say my sister's house we will just kind of go to bed and it's like a nice little routine so I'll go to bed nice and early so I feel fresh for tomorrow wait which one's ours yeah so just take my makeup off I'm just no good up in bed I have face cream stole my face and I'm going to read my book or listen to my book put my little ear pods in and fall asleep and that's my end of the day I'm not gonna scroll my phone I know my phones my room I'm breaking the rules slightly but I'm gonna put my phone down on the floor and just listen and then probably in like I'll probably fall asleep and then wake up listening to it and then I'm switch off but I do I do find that quite relaxing sometimes and I will assume a next video let me know if you enjoyed this and I'll do another chilled out vlog like this at some point I haven't really done many vlogs like this on my channel as of late so let me know if you want me to bring this back they do it like a productive video the other day but let me know if you want me to continue kind of the day and the life logs of staying on track with being healthy mind body and so rather than just showing you healthy food and my work out like I did show you my work out on my food but I hope the message was different it wasn't about you know being perfect it was about taking care of yourself self-love self-care give this video thumbs up and I'll see you next time good night you


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