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good morning everybody and welcome back to the channel I hope you're all keeping really well today's video is going to be a little what I get to do a video what I eat in a day video you guys know I love doing these and I love sharing what I'm eating sharing my favorite food my favorite meals so I'm gonna be taking you along with me today and showing you what I'm eating now I always like to say this at the start of my what I eat in a day videos that these are in no way of telling you that this is how you're supposed to eat I am NOT a nutritionist so that is not up to me to tell you what you should be eating these are just the foods that I love to eat and I know any of you that have been watching my channel know that I have lost a bit of weight recently so you all kind of want to know what I'm eating in order to do that or in order to just stay a healthy unhappy and maintain the way it lost or whatever I'm not saying that this is gonna work for everybody this is again just genuinely what I like to eat dear today and I really think it's all about enjoying your food and trying out new things and I think watching what I eat in a day videos are a really good way to get some inspiration of for new recipes new dishes you can try out and things like that so it is currently around 11 o'clock now so I've actually already had my breakfast I just have to kind of like do it quickly and do my makeup so I have filmed it for you so for my breakfast this morning I started off with a big old glass of water I've been trying to drink so much more water in the morning one because it's just beneficial for your skin your metabolism absolutely everything so I've been trying to drink more water so I've been starting off my do with a big old glass of water and obviously a cup of tea because my dear does not start until I have some tea in me so I always do my regular Lyons breakfast tea in the morning and I brew that up and add a little bit of milk to it and that is my morning tea and I kind of sip on that while I am making my breakfast so I would make my breakfast and do that when I'm watching a youtube video as well so for my breakfast this morning I've actually been changing up my normal breakfast if you've watched any of my body in the days or any of my videos in the last couple of months that I have been practically eating one of to breakfast every morning either scrambled eggs and smoked salmon or porridge so the majority of the time I generally opt for the scrambled eggs and smoked salmon that's just usually what I'm craving for what I've been doing recently just to switch things up a bit and kind of get a little bit more veggies into my breakfast in the morning time is to add some vegetables into my scrambles well either do like a scramble or I'll do an omelet if I'm feeling like I have the patience to make you know I'm gonna just American omelet but for the most part of ends up just being an egg scramble so I like to do two full eggs and one egg white scrambled up with some pink Himalayan salt and I've been adding about four or five cherry tomatoes I absolutely love the taste of cherry tomatoes I just think they are so yummy and it tastes amazing with scrambled eggs and then to bulk everything up a little bit more I added some spinach so what I do first is I chop all of the cherry tomatoes up nice and small dice them up I stick them in the frying pan with some butter I always use Kerrygold Irish butter tastes amazing and then I add the spinach in so I let the spinach kind of well to where sort here in the butter along with the tomatoes and once that's kind of all cooked down I whisk off my eggs and i season them with a little bit of pink Himalayan salt as I said and I add those in on top of the tomatoes and the spinach and I scramble them all together the combination of the three it tastes amazing I think the tomatoes gived eggs an amazing flavor and the spinach is a really good way to bulk up your scrambled eggs because I feel like when you add the two extra ingredients into your scrambled eggs it makes your breakfast so much more filling so I've been really enjoying that recently and then on the side I always have a little bit of smoked salmon smoked salmon is one of my favorite things to eat in the morning as I said I have it most mornings for breakfast and I absolutely love it and for the most part I always have Marks and Spencers oak smoked salmon I really really love it so I have a couple slices of that along with my scrambled eggs and that is my super yummy and filling breakfast so that usually keeps me going right up until afternoon what in between I always will find time to have another cup of tea that's really cute little cafe across industry here and lunch so this is a little spinach and ricotta history it's kind of I would imagine it's kind of like a sausage roll but like in spinach and ricotta form and then you get like two salads on the site so I went for this butter bean salad I think there's like a red pepper pesto or something in it as well and then our roasted garlic broccoli and then obviously when I anyway lot easier to make healthier choices back boh-chan if I'm just like a knife like in a restaurant or whatever which might have me through it like on a front board I just try to go for the hang on the bank but also about trying to anyone ever eat whatever I want what I mean when this is like your happy hello everybody is a little bit later on now and I am back home clearly we're back in my kitchen again I have just made myself another little cup of tea so we're on tea number four today which actually isn't a lot of tea for what I usually drink I've just been running around like crazy today today is like a very normal dear for me getting all the bits done doing some work all that kind of thing lunch was so tasty earlier on as I said when we were sitting in the middle loop and cafe called industry it's a place that I've been wanting to try for so so long I've been driving past it like so many times saying oh my god that place is adorable we must go in and try it out so it's really really nice if you were in Dublin it's on Drury Street and it's called Industry & Co I try and leave a link for it down in the description box for you but it is so nice it kind of has an interior section and then it has its little cafe and it's very kind of vegetarian friendly there aren't a huge amount of meat options it's kind of a real like salad bar based kind of thing and then you can choose like salmon to go on as an extra or falafel or chicken things like that and they also had like a meatball thing too so there's a little bit of everything there for people but as I said earlier on for those of you that have been asking recently how I kind of eat healthy when I'm out and things like that I do just try to eat as healthy as I can at home I love healthy food anyway so it's not that hard and I love filling up my body full of good nutritious foods I always just feel so much better and what that's not to say that I don't treat myself like I took home one of their little chocolate brownies because they looked really really good and I'm going to say that for myself for tomorrow because I don't really feel like anything chocolatey right now but they looked amazing so I took one home with me but if I was somewhere else and I wanted to like you know I don't have a bowl of result or something like that I would have it it just depends what mood I'm in to be honest but I I'm back home now and I'm gonna get a start on dinner I've just taken out a few bits and pieces to start with so this is what we've got here so just taking a load of veggies out of my fridge so we got some tender stem broccoli some mushrooms Kerik this is cauliflower rice this is something that I've been getting into a little bit more recently because I just wanted to try there to see what it was like to be totally honest with you and I wanted to have the option to have an alternative to rice because sometimes I just feel a little bit bloated and full if I eat a load of rice so I wanted to see what cauliflower rice would be like and last night I actually made myself fried rice like you would get out of Chinese for like a takeout or whatever and it was really really tasty because I have made this at home before like a regular fried rice but I just wanted to say what it would be like with cauliflower rice so that's what we're gonna do today so all that you need are your veggies that you want to put into your fried rice I'm just gonna do a vegetable fried rice tonight or a fried cauliflower rice I'm not gonna bother with any fish or chicken or anything like that because I just don't feel like I need it right now you just need your veggies your rice whatever you're using for your rice one egg you're also gonna need your garlic and we're also let me see where is it my little cupboard full of spices we're also gonna need some soy sauce some sesame oil and some fish sauce as well so super super simple all we're gonna do is basically throw it all into a frying pan cook up all your veggies and then crack your egg into it like whisk your egg up in a little dish like you would with your scrambled eggs or whatever and pour it into the middle of your plan mix it all together good to go so let's get started on dinner all right that is dinner all done it smells amazing you guys like this legitimately smells like I have gone to a Chinese takeout I've got myself some fried rice it smells so good honestly having all of those different types of seasonings whether it's the fish sauce and the soy sauce things like that or even just like having KN pepper and paprika and cumin and all those kind of things in your cooker just one else and having all those kind of seasonings in your cupboard helps so much when it comes to cooking and flavoring things it honestly makes cooking ten times more exciting because whether you make things that you legitimate ly feel like you could go out and get in a restaurant you are very impressed with yourself so I believe all of the ingredients that I use down in the description box if you want to make it yourself this is what I mean by I love these kind of what I eat in a day of videos because I really get inspiration for different meals that I can make at home so if you want to try something a little bit different yourself if you've never made it hopefully this gives you a little bit of info so I'm gonna go take my fork and eat this on much little using video and runs only I know this is the most robbed a mixture ever but I'm going to drink my tea too clean plate club or clean bowl club should I say so I am all done with dinner and now I'm just gonna finish off my tea and that is gonna be me for the day I am super full in a nice way and not in the oh my god I'm so bloated I'm so full aware that was really really tasty I also actually meant to say that obviously you could throw in any other forms of protein on top of that like if you want to do chicken or you want to do steak or you want to do prawns or any other form of fish salmon different things like that you could throw in whatever you want on that that is the glory of fried rice you can put in whatever you want but it was super super tasty and I love that I can have different types of cuisines throughout the day as well it's nice to have a little bit of variation so I really hope you all enjoyed today's little what I eat in a day slash cook with me video I really enjoy making them phrase so I really hope you enjoy watching them as I mentioned earlier on this was a super typical realistic day for me there are a lot of times that I have to like eat out for a meal in the day I love eating out and trying out new restaurants anywhere so it's a big part of my life that is generally what I do when I eat out and you want to see some more videos like this little water eating ideas or recipe style videos to give you some inspiration for cooking at home please let me know down in the comments because I will definitely make some for you as I try out new recipes don't forget to give this video a thumbs up if you did enjoy it and if there's any other types of videos that you'd like to see for me leave them down in the comments too because I would love your input and don't forget to subscribe if you want to see some more and of you I am Lucci like for the rest of the night now I'm probably gonna go and put my PJs on get into my robe drink my tea and get cozy for the night so I will see you all again in my next video funny


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