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hey there guys I'm Morgan Radford and it's time to get healthy did you know that people in the Middle Ages actually used to eat moose nose and spoiled milk because they thought it was good for them well lucky for you and for me we know a lot more about nutrition now you probably hear that word nutrition often and it just means eating a diet that's healthy for you if this comes to mind when you hear that don't even go there because it's not that bad in fact lots of healthy foods also taste pretty good but do you know which foods make up a good diet I'm dr. ken Yamaguchi I am the Sam and Marilyn Fox distinguished professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine and I am the executive vice president and chief medical officer for Centene corporation a healthy diet is a diet that gives you the necessary calories to do all your activities not more calories than you need and has a good representation of the five major food groups five major food groups do you know what they are fruits and vegetables proteins fats and grains so you know what fruits and veggies are eat more vegetables than any other food group as for grains you can find whole grains and many cereals and breads now can you name some healthy proteins if you thought of eggs fish you're on the right track but there are also a lot more like other meats nuts and milk all things your school cafeteria probably offers I'm dr. Gloria Wilder I am president and CEO of core health and wellness centers and I'm also vice president of innovation and preventive health first Centene Corporation and everybody calls me dr. G most of the stuff you eat should either come from your school if you're eating the school lunch program or the school breakfast program or it should come from your parents okay you actually do need some fat just make sure it's healthy fat from foods like avocado cheese and those eggs again yogurt and even dark chocolate but be careful with that one a healthy diet also means not eating too much of what's unhealthy which means trying to avoid things that are very high calorie and have a lot of simple sugars and a lot of salt that means limit the amount of that dark chocolate the sugar you sprinkle on foods and even those sugary drinks like fruit juice or soda and fast food that should really just be a rare treat if you eat it at all just remember that you don't want to become a chicken nugget and french fry kid if all you eat is chicken nuggets and french fries you're gonna grow up looking like a chicken nugget in a French fry that's right good nutrition not only makes you feel better it makes you look better your skin and your hair it'll glow from all those vitamins but make their way into your system when you eat something you first break it down in your mouth with your teeth and you kind of break it down into smaller and smaller pieces so when it goes into your stomach its bathe in acid which gets rid of any bacteria that would be bad and then it goes into your intestines and at that point there's a lot of things called enzymes that are released that help break down all this food into the small building blocks those building blocks are the vitamins and the nutrients you need to stay alive your blood takes them and delivers them to the areas of your body where they're needed it's actually a pretty involved process every single time you take a bite so what can happen to your body if you have poor nutrition let's talk about junk you put yourself at risk of getting diabetes right or being overweight and not being able to do the stuff you really want to do you may feel like you lose energy really quickly so here are just a few things to remember if you start eating a healthy diet now you're setting up a good habit that you can follow throughout your life who wouldn't rather have more energy feel better about themselves be in a better mood and look better mix it up you don't have to eat the same old fruits and veggies every single day you can be adventurous and try some of the other vegetables your school cafeteria offers and also don't overeat when you're eating a meal or a snack when you get about halfway through ask yourself whether you need to eat second half making these small changes to your diet will help you live a longer healthier life


  1. Proper food helped me to win with anxieties! <3

    I talk about it here:

  2. When ever a food "expert" out weights me by 50lbs I'm not taking their advice. Dr. G is FAT, and that doesn't happen on it's own or from eating healthy!

  3. Whatever they tell us in this story is fake, don't listen to ANY of it…they just want us to die young…

  4. LOL If eating Healthy was good for you why do all these skinny Healthy people get Cancer more often

  5. eggs, fish, red meat, and milk are not healthy proteins. It’s funny how these people never talk about the heart disease related to these products. Studies show diary in moderation at a young age increases on chance of developing cancer. Heart disease and so called healthy fat from cheese clogs the arteries.

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