Get BEACH BODY in *1* Workout For Summer

how long has it been since we've been here in video form I think it's been 10 videos 10 videos we haven't been back in this gym okay well there's some new additions I got this combo leg curl knee extension machine okay I've never seen anything like it so it was a really good deal as well and got pit shark right you know how good this thing is for upper body work to most the time you just see people doing squat work on it this is like a universe of can you show me one handle dude it feels so good okay it feels really good this is really cool to look at this Wow hey wait let's top that it's not bad yeah it's not the goal today's workout though right no we're doing chest I want to start with flies we usually start with pressing but I figure we try flies today to start with okay I mean change the sequence so yeah yes you want to start from up there sure you sure Tony sure I don't butterfly over here I'm not good with holes maybe a Shia LeBeouf could help us you got to try the other hole wait we haven't been here for a while have you been in my gym the whole time I was just over there in the over there behind there you got to do top to bottom just do a whole ladder just a fly ladder it's only got a puncher this just do a set every hole on the way down oh wait we single one the drop set drops a literal drop set this would be top upper chest top middle upper chest middle upper chest and upper upper up operation it's like a stadium seating right you have to do 20 set high drop say oh they could come here drops which we do five holes we drop so I could do ten holes a drop say okay yeah I won't either first okay for tens okay the rod doesn't go into that hole please come in here bring a female presence to the video because there's a lot I can't there's a lot of weird talk here all you guys gonna go you were here last time I was we're still together since last time have you been here the whole time with him that'd be fun if you work together if you guys think he taught you g how to use a belt on a deadlift it's the best deadlift teacher I've ever had and he figured out how to do the fingers with the eggs no yeah yeah Michelle didn't cheat you didn't cheat on the egg we ate shit on the hooker up the egg yeah nine ten ball stepping in on yeah on your hole oh okay you don't have to do the full one big ass drop set oh god no you would that would be just one person sitting here for like ten minutes go down okay that makes that happen teamwork are you gonna failure please no ten ten ten yeah but I didn't listen to strange whole go well you better thank Jack for this guy's otherwise this video would just be one hour flies your chest is so from something you walked into this workout with a sore chest I don't know where did Dukey give me my flask this valley this is the thing I'm sore from my chest cuz I haven't drank in a while you get me there yeah what is your choice what is your poison that's not the video decide I will talk about 20 minutes from now they'll know what I'm drinking you know I'll be wasted right or jacked up make it make it make a silly face Jack have you done a photo shoot recently not recently but you've done one yeah for Beachbody yeah for Beachbody we're doing everything except the ABS only I voted for ABS we couldn't do it despite GG right I personally like doing these where when you pull back you get a bit of a stretch of course but then when you pull forward you kind of like slink your head back that little they kind of like that little motion right there I feel like it helps isolate the chest yeah Oh home gym hey Tom I it's a little quiet in here you wanna put a little music on a little right there yeah yeah yeah we can repost this 24-hour with your face on it with our version right u imagine yourself with a YouTube video that's eight hours long of just that face can touch left to go right yeah how's your arm what I'm good I are muscled the warehouse employees yesterday destroying one of our employees has got a really good arm wrestling Brian your luck is good yeah yeah yeah have you tried obviously you know I really haven't it's good don't do it wait Chuck do you actually do bodybuilding chest workouts or mainly Ben it's the only kind of do you that chest workout they do yeah I mean I don't really care that much about my bench competitively speaking it's not really been a focus of mine we cast excuse but I focus on dead lifting so yeah for for aesthetics purposes my upper body workouts with chest or mostly around mashed potaters trying to try to make it look good yeah yeah yeah um did you uh did you get a shirt with me on it easier isn't I thought it was your second cousin actually the Brooklyn based production company asked me you wanted to host your own bounty on her show wait what yeah that's about a thunder last if you had your bounty under license in North Carolina pass that info along to me know why because you don't have a bounty on our license hey Jack I've never seen you without your glasses I'm a completely different person I'm sorry shirt off already Jenny sweaty man I'm gonna wait a little while or spring in the plane I'm not playing my trump card yet yeah there's a curve right we're taking a shirt off sweat Punk right right right yeah so we're on this curve here and jack is right about here he's up on the sweat and you took it off juji he's over here he's thinking about his pump more than the sweaty yeah yeah see and I'm I'm down here you know what that graph up again go ahead mrs. or much longer when you're wearing a dope shirt like this they're also much shorter when I have a negative eighth index in that previous video might have thought her energy or yelling names the jackets for show but I met someone who trains with them in the same gym and she does it non-stop I've heard yeah and yeah it's true yeah I wake up in the morning going down oh okay step 4 okay right we have five more there six more oh this stagger since the only way to do it I have so much weight on that I have to fall forward like this yeah it doesn't work on the side no no no no one really talks about Footwear during chest day do they cuz you're like a you think there's like an optimal pair of shoes to wear when you're doing cable flyes on a while ah believe these these Grammys and notorious lift slippers your junk out sir these are cable black slippers purpose-built look at the shoes in here I have finished running shoes on judy has Air Jordans from Antwon via other bands you've got these notorious lift deadlifts slippers desert all very different we just need a pair of dress shoes and we're raring to have the dresses I have one pair oh sweet you have a peck injuries you tore your peck right here I heard it what is it this one yeah okay right what you're poking okay does this make you feel better you think it's a good for you it's not bad really halfway man Time Warp be right we got skip some of these to take in an hour Jack we've been doing this for 26 minutes you're at what wrong is that six up the and six yeah we got that long ago you got Chuck you talking up to the Flies oh yeah why did you put it on before you know what because I just wasn't I wasn't ready mentally to go in and now I'm ready so chalk the hands chalk your brain the chalk is around the bar it didn't do it start a niche fitness class in New York City there see I'm adding another curve to it yeah which which is the titty dance curve sometimes you just gotta let the taters dance you know you cable flyes on the belt spot ever tried it I'll think of a way rear vascularity did there's gonna be 60 I would say 60 dudes that comment on your vascularity during this one Michele today I'm the decision it was go to a I do cable for your not originally from California are you not originally okay where are you from originally Georgia there's a water war California's trying to destroy other states to take their freshwater to join reasonable the East are you enjoying California the east is everyone else I think California's eventually gonna run out of water and completely burn down he's trying to burn out you just get out you just leave it then I just peace out same anyway what a second to last hole if we did the full stack not doing the of the even full stack development yeah it would be like longer than a game of golf right yeah the clock is it here yeah you reached for the snooze alarm but instead he just grabbed the bottle ammonia you didn't know I did that you got it from me some new faces like this every workout this is it Jack we just did a full chest workout with one exercise yes sir and we've been doing this for 40 minutes so far yeah a minute luckily the Lapp thing is gonna be a lot quicker are they be a shoulder exercise portion in this video it's gonna be a little quicker than 40 minutes all right I ran through the graph to the ground to the ground is it this way if they're watching yeah yep all right blast it out though dude I don't know it doesn't matter which way I could slap um you just leave stuck pump okay this is where you are sweat pump and you're about like I was going up but then pump pump pump on my chair about over to her chest pre-comp yeah and you're actually not sweating as much as usually dude so what curb I think is a little skewed but the last step would you actually remember men doing this in someone's training I don't think it's that bad of an idea okay I wouldn't do it in the beginning of a full chest workout twice a year you and Walker cut I'm cutting I just don't look good ah I said what are your plants that what are you doing my plans I mean the plans don't mean shit do that I guess not pants don't mean dick dude so he comes to cutting a bulky I'm planning I'm cutting yes no you don't ever cut if you say you're planning on cutting right dude I cycled 5,000 miles and that's the only time I've had abs and I eat like 1500 calories a day okay I have takes me up load to lean out my Crohn's gets dumped by a local are kept low calories how do you feel about people giving you unsolicited advice like oh you should just take probiotics for kimchi the class this is Pilates Jack tell us shoulders they are dumb pose we are doing one rep Beach go go go go go go single elimination so it goes to G to Michelle and then back to G G that's correct until we go to family that's correct oh yeah and you holding the whole time our group is gonna go before our solar something alright we go Michelle okay we're resequencing yeah okay should I go then you go juicy goat we're gonna get this exact than me yep oh yeah as soon as I do mine okay good are your audio cute yeah yeah instant 10 that's wild dude the rainbow first exercise took 45 1 yeah that's honestly a fun thing to do with your front yeah I have a good son I'm gonna do another thing together explain to me what is the team tricep we're at forego for reps yeah we're gonna pick a arbitrary number of reps like 100 or 300 or something and we're just gonna keep rotating until we reach our of or both its arms fall off what did you just say alarms mostly 5,000 before that maybe please uh-oh I got the right track for that at that point you've already gone through several cycles of having a pumpkin having a pub second wind pump no problem then the lactic acid is coming from other people's bodies at that point we just theorized for about four minutes of how to accomplish this about although we're using what are we using we're using the fatter grip to different weight settings per stations 500 total reps for total lifters alternating and we're counting each of our own rats you count your own reps and going into each set the last person will called out the cumulative total between the four of us so if I get 25 on my first and I say 25 all right Yugi starts counting he's getting 26 27 how you start then Marcel then Judy I need some of whatever the hell is in your flats now I just put the Las Vegas I work in the dispensary there over the weekend man you doing how many percent as many as you can Michelle himself 360 Michelle yeah okay Judy's on 61 count your reps count on 89 all right now you're not good getting your head now just pulling out random numbers he's dead yeah fuck us all up for about 111 D yeah 79 yeah 50 plan Anderson 7950 416 dozen 30 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts 69 what wait what are you on 101 okay nicely done done no much now is doing it for me 104 109 Jack don't don't mess up the count brother I'm the most likely to do it Jackson bad Jack's back with me he's got a freaking have a kiss back there dude sliding beads mr. body fats what's in this jack soo-ji you know what happened to uh you just skipped in line I did you did Michelle what's supposed to go next I still thinking are you because we did the chest yeah I'm so getting there I switched it up oh no I did not yeah you got do yourself all right I did we're at 170 170 out of 500 yeah it's that's two sets how many you're probably there do seven sets yeah go find out yeah your triceps are so thick and juicy it can't be contained anymore it's getting heavy for me I think I might have to – seven – oh seven eight nine oh you know Eric thought I heard footsteps X T so husband carrying us during this exercise hi John writes you a tea yeah you're good at this I'm not doing as many reps as you guys so oh yeah are you not know if I'm doing one more weight well weight to the count in this dog let me just drop it I can't I try my triceps never really looked that good no I I mean look at Jack's but my triceps are strong in this exact oh yeah there's a fat you forgot John you're doing lower reps than everyone else saying you almost threw in the rhythm of the X 3 15 15 good number how do you rate this exercise huh Harvey four-foot sounds dude if you're doing if you're playing that ballgame nine right now this is are a lot these are harsh push downs I've done today wait days I do them every 380 your elbows are hurting you say what I think you need to do some more bodybuilding really yeah all righty Jack I know that Jack has some fantastic prohormone you filled that chocolate what is that it's so good yeah it's really good it smells minty menthol it's been thrown your way huh it's not frickin chocolate no I got to get us the 400 here wait Jack you know what Neapolitan ice cream is yeah I be a vanilla strawberry and chocolate right okay okay you don't know mint between chocolate and mint but at least he knows Neapolitan Suzy is that uh is that the sherbert flavored or did you see this if we did this with dead lifts oh my oh yeah next time we're gonna do a Last Man Standing deadlift sounds like a flip this waiting to happen fucking bring it sounds great yeah you got that Jay radio that brought Eva yeah yeah what rep you wanna come on okay ey jacks triceps dude I'm gonna say another word you guys are gonna get the 500 I'm gonna do another set 20 minutes into this video you have not revealed what is your plan six when do you get the countdown on try stuff core stones right three two ah this is your gym happy birthday to us 400 years old wait we did five minutes you're so good right now yeah this is perfect oh great good shots guys good shots they've imposed me for last 15 minutes so we've got to end the video I guess not yeah [Applause] you


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