Get Back Your Healthy Life | Shathayu Ayurveda Yoga Retreat

two seconds to switch off the alarm ten minutes to shower two minutes to dress up 20 seconds to get into the car 18 minutes to reach the office 19 seconds in the elevator to reach my office on the 15th floor every single second is precious honey haven't you heard of the saying time and tide waits for none in my life I have very little time for everything and yet I have so much to achieve in this life and you know the prize I won for racing against time and it all narrows down to one single cause stress and irregular diet and lifestyle I wanted to go back retreat and bring back that good life should I you promise to give me back those golden days of my life it's a name that's nearly 100 years old rich in traditional value a name that has worked really hard to earn the fame I packed my bags to get back my life through a 10-day retreat that I have been longing for years now my friends did quiz me with why should I you do you have the same question too now look at this great location look at the scenic landscape here look at this amazing lotus flower look at the calm and quiet atmosphere isn't it all perfect it's this perfection I have come to enjoy here at Cheeta you perfection of the body mind and spirit perfection that actually matters the first step to getting back that perfection is yoga it's not an exercise regimen to make you fit yoga cannot be learned by internal search Yoga is not about wriggling like worm so what is Yoga Yoga in Sanskrit means to unite it unites the body mind spirit and the universe it functions at the level of our consciousness it's a 5,000 year old tradition the yoga taught here at SHOT IO makes you unite with yourself and with the universe this exclusive hall designed for yoga can accommodate 50 people at a time yoga works with the energy in the body I realized how energy was locked within my body it has been preventing me from living life with a peace of mind I'm beginning to realize the amazing potential of yoga and what it means to still the mind through breath control of pranayama it unites you with your true self the sedentary lifestyle the tremendous pressures society imposes on us the food we eat and liquids we drink more often than not turn a healthy body into a chemical factory that's why chateroo believes in rejuvenating the body through Iraida detoxification has it famously known includes therapies like panchakarma panchakarma in sanskrit means five treatments it is a time-tested and proven treatment that cleanses the body of toxic materials left by illnesses and poor diet she's now undergoing a treatment that will ensure ultimate mind-body healing experience this will strengthen her immune system improve digestive strength restore balance and overall well-being this is customized only for her we don't have a standard treatment for everyone who comes to us Iowa the does not believe in one medicine or one treatment that fits everyone only specially trained therapists must administer these procedures in a definite sequence for a specified period of time it is scientific as well as an art the expert mentions about the herbs oils the massage that goes into the treatment and explains how it is both scientific as well as an art I feel completely relaxed it was an amazing experience what really amazes me is this kind of treatment addresses the root cause of the problem I will come for this treatment not just again again and again guess what shitali retreat is definitely the place for yoga and ru Veda but I discovered something else too it's a great place to bring out the creative person of you it's a great place to go on trekking mountain biking nature walk and enjoy being one with greenery and pristine beauty the room I am staying in is cozy clean and adds to the beauty of this wonderful location that oversees the lake I am constantly exposed to loud and head-banging music that leaves you stressed out here it should tie you I am about to experience the healing power of music [Laughter] naturopathy is another discovery of my life at Utah you you will be treated and rejuvenated without using any medicine at all a retreat at Chateau yo is equally memorable for the sumptuous sattvic diet served here food here is closely monitored personally by the chef as per the physicians advice which made me understand about the art of having a healthy diet sattvic o sattva in sanskrit is an Indian philosophical concept that means pure true ethical energetic clean strong wise and vital sattvic diet therefore includes foods that offer all these and believes in eating in moderation no binging no gobbling the time I spent here is going to remain with me forever and I am going to find the time out to come back and experience this more my relationship with shitai oh is going to grow like this plant I am planting today it will be taken care of by able hands aunt mother nature grow and bear much fruit I get up even before my alarm clock wakes up I begin the day with a calm mind I go through the day with a sense of quietude through yoga through meditation through treatment through food through nature should tie you a treat center get back your healthy life

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