Georgia woman says controversial drug led to series of health problems

a Georgia woman blames a controversial drug for ruining her life and the lives of thousands of others her lawsuit claims several pharmaceutical companies did not warn about the awful side effects channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland's has details of lab tests the companies are trying to keep a secret Jim yeah that's right the drug is called lupron it was originally approved for prostate cancer but for the past 20 years women have taken it to relieve pelvic pain a Georgia woman's case is being watched closely by patients who now consider themselves Lupron victims how do you feel right now my body is on fire my joints have arthritis everywhere Carrie Paulson is not yet 60 but she looks closer to 80 in another life she was a neonatal emergency nurse and an avid equestrian for our interview she needed a recliner there have been multiple surgeries mysterious rashes and constant pain has this been going on for 14 years since I got Lupron in 2004 we did not know this was coming Paulson had endometriosis painful lesions of urine like tissue that feed on estrogen Lupron is a monthly injection that drastically lowers estrogen Paulson had only two shots this truck needs to have a blackbox warning on it because I know what it did to me at the time the Lupron label cautioned about a loss of bone density but for a period of up to six months this bone loss should not be clinically significant the current label drops that claim her immune system began to attack her own bones dr. Allen Levin is an immunologist with 50 years experience including consulting with the FDA Levin has the second career he's Terry Paulson's lawyer how many women are out there suffering the answer is I don't know because I'm only dealing with Terry but you know in the thousands for sure there are nearly 24,000 reports of adverse reactions filed with the FDA more than half are deemed serious cases the back pain the game became very very severe it got very very depressing having to be in a wheelchair in the fifth grade there's another thousand reports on file from people like 22-year old Brooklyn Harvin she'd been an active and athletic kid but she began her period too early lupron is also approved to halt early puberty Harvin was 10 I feel that Lupron or any of the similar types of medications should never be used in someone under the age of 21 gynecologist cancer nervo specializes in endometriosis surgery he's prescribed Lupron only once in his career after seeing too many women suffering a myriad of side effects does the FDA not know of these other side effects well I'm not sure exactly what the FDA knows in a statement lupron maker app-v told us that they give the FDA new safety information on an ongoing basis to ensure that our label contains accurate and up-to-date information Abbi refused to talk about terry paulsen there's not a dime that can pay for what I have lost Abbi declined to go on camera lupron lawyers convinced a federal judge to seal the results from several clinical trials but not until an expert witness disclosed evidence that even after a year off the drug sixty-two percent of women in the study did not regain their normal estrogen levels


  1. Let food be thy medicine! Juice juice and juice raw! First then maybe you can eat better!

  2. Statins, cholesterol meds drove me nuts too, seriously…
    moody, mean, forgetful, felt 90 yrs old, anxiety, unfocused, weak, they are definitely mind altering drugs!

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