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With every sunset and sunrise Mother Earth teaches us something Reminder about the impermanence of life the rise and fall of our journeys in this existence a Reminder that sometimes it’s ok to let things go because each morning. We are given a gift of a fresh start Today’s practice is something that’s perfect for a morning or an evening flow Easy gentle and peaceful way to become one with your body and mind All right friends we’re gonna begin today in a seated position at the back of your mat with your feet and knees together Let’s take a moment taking a deep breath in reaching both arms up to the sky And then exhale bring your hands to heart Just staying here for a moment paying attention to your breath Big breath Reaching up to the sky, and then exhale diving yourself forward into your child’s pose I’m just taking a moment here reaching those fingers towards the top of the mat and allowing your hips to sink towards the heels Breathing deeply here And then slowly rounding over into your cat-cow inhale arching the back and then exhale rounding the spine chin towards the chest inhale arch look up Exhale round and release a wonderful way to warm up the spine here again inhale look up exhale Round One more time inhale looking up towards the sky and exhale round and release Come back to neutral spine And then from here bring both hands to the top of the mat keeping your hips over your knees Allowing your chest to drop all the way down into that puppy pose You can keep your gaze up or rest your forehead on the mat Feeling a nice gentle stretch through the upper body Opening up the shoulders the upper back Breathing deeply here with each exhalation allowing your body to go a little bit deeper Closer with that chest to the ground Good now slowly for me around yourself up you’re gonna take one arm extend it all the way out and then thread it through the body allowing that shoulder to drop to the floor and Then reach with the opposite arm forward This is called your thread the needle posture and what we’re doing here is just now going a little bit deeper into that shoulder So similar to a puppy pose except one arm is threaded through the body Breathing deeply here and trying to keep that shoulder Grounded and then once that shoulders on the floor you want to try and square off both shoulders, so you’re trying to keep yourself straight awesome, let’s release other arm extend it up now thread it through make sure the palm of your hand is pointed up towards the sky Allow that shoulder to drop and then reach with the opposite fingers forward So now we’re feeling that stretch through the shoulder for the upper arm Breathing deeply here trying your best to keep both of your shoulders square a Wonderful stretch for your upper body or your arms And now slowly Let’s release and then returning into that puppy pose one more time the second time around see if you can go a little bit deeper Meaning let that chest go down a little bit further closer to the mat if your forehead was on the mat See if you can look up bringing your gaze towards those fingers Awesome and Then walking your way back to your tabletop Tucking your back toes under inhale And then exhale slowly from here start to bring yourself up into that downward facing dog Good, just take a moment here. Let go of any tension within your body within your legs walk out your downward dog Feel free to add any movement into your body here your shoulders your head your legs your hips whatever feels good Just do that And then once you feel like you got a little bit of the kinks out stay in that downward facing dog spread the fingers wide Let the sternum fall towards the mat Slowly from here now releasing into that plank position and then taking your chaturanga dandasana inhale upward-facing dog And then exhale push it back into your downward facing dog Deep breath in Now exhale, you’re gonna. Take one arm and reach for the opposite leg so if you’re starting with your left hand you’re gonna reach for the right leg and Grab either the outside of your knee or your ankle once you got that area of your legs start to look towards that armpit towards that shoulder So opposite hand reaches the opposite leg Same thing you’re just gonna switch, so now the left towards the right or the right towards the left whichever side you started with Breathing deeply here looking up towards the sky Allowing those heels to sink low towards the mat Come back to your Center downward-facing dog And then exhale come into that plank position chaturanga dandasana inhale upward facing dog and Exhale take it back into your downward facing dog Inhale let’s look to the top of the mat. Bend your knees step, or hop to the very front of your mat inhale halfway Lengthen and then exhale allow yourself to come into your forward fold Grabbing your opposite elbows and then starting to rock side to side just letting go of any tension Here in your hamstrings in your body in your neck even Just allowing yourself to be super loose let’s nod that head up and down now just letting go of any pressure in the neck and Then side to side looking to each shoulder Now letting go of your opposite elbows Inhale come up. Halfway, and then exhale this times even go a little bit deeper into your standing forward fold always remember to fold from the hips and Then once you ready slowly roll yourself up to standing Inhale reaching the arms up to the sky exhale Dive and yourself back down to that forward fold Inhale halfway lengthen exhale, you’re gonna step your left leg to the very back of your mat You’re gonna drop that bottom knee and then reach both arms up towards the sky into your low lunge Making sure that the front knees directly on top of your ankle Interlacing the fingers index fingers pointing up to the sky Holding this position breathing deeply feeling that nice stretch through the psoas muscle Now from here, let’s interlace all fingers bend your elbows and just bring the hands behind your head Opening through the upper body opening that chest elbows pointed to the opposite sides and then slowly extend your arms reach the arms forward and Then push your way back towards that knee flexing the front foot taking our half split posture Making sure that both of your hips are square so pulling the right hip back pushing the left hip forward Breathing deeply here with each exhale allowing your chest to release over top of that thigh With each exhalation allowing yourself to go a little bit deeper Feeling that nice gentle release through the hamstring Let’s slowly come back to Center now Reaching both arms up to the sky into your low lunge You know tuck your back toes and then start to reach up lifting the back knee off the mat Hold this position and Bri Releasing the hands and then stepping back into your plank chaturanga dandasana inhale upward facing dog and Exhale take it back into your downward facing dog Inhale you’re gonna look towards the top of the mat bend your knees step, or hop forward inhale halfway exhale take your forward fold Slowly start to roll yourself up to standing once you come up inhale reach up to the sky exhale dive yourself back down Inhale halfway lengthen exhale stepping the other leg your right leg all the way back Dropping that bottom knee to the mat, and then lifting yourself up into your low lunge Taking a moment here allowing the hips to sink forward at the same time keeping the front knee on top of the ankle Let’s interlace the fingers index fingers pointing up to the sky breathing deeply here Feeling that lengthening sensation through the spine through the so as your hip flexor a Wonderful stretch if you’ve been sitting for a long time Let’s bend the elbows bring both hands behind your head and open up the body a little bit more Really thinking about lifting that heart up to the sky Extending both elbows reaching forward like you’re grabbing something and then pushing your way back towards that back knee Flexing the front foot squaring off the hips pull the left hip back push the right up forward and just stay here and breathe Forehead is reaching for the knee as your chest releases over the thigh With each exhalation allow yourself to go a little bit deeper And slowly coming back Low lunge reaching both arms up tuck your back toes under lift your back knee off the mat inhale high lunge exhale Bring the hands back step yourself into your plank chaturanga dandasana inhale upward facing dog exhale Take it back into your downward facing dog Inhale look at the top of the mat bend your knees step, or hop forward and Then releasing into your forward fold And a mini But now slowly we’re gonna come over to our mats Bring the soles of your feet together your hands are gonna come front you’re gonna grab your toes Lengthening through the spine and then exhale taking our butterfly posture so going deep into the hips Trying to keep the back straight allowing the knees to fall away from you With each exhale simply let yourself surrender and go deeper Being patient with your body and truly focusing on the breath Let’s slowly come out now bringing both arms forward and Hollowing the belly rounding the spine bringing your body all the way down into our soup, Tabata konasana All we’re focusing on is keeping the soles of your feet together knees gently opening to the side The palms of your hands are pointed up to the sky Just taking a moment here to breathe and relax while at the same time feeling a gentle opening in the hips Inhale and Exhale let it go Just following your breath and now Then slowly reaching both arms over your head Knees coming together and then give yourself a big hug both knees into the chest Deep breath in Reaching the arm over your head and then rolling yourself to your fetal position and then coming into your seated position on your mat Feet crossed in front of your knees are open Inhale reaching both arms up to the sky And then exhale bring the hands to heart Inhale again reaching up to the sky nice and tall And then exhale hands to heart and bowing down to your heart thinking yourself or your wonderful practice thank you guys so much for joining us today for this beautiful gentle flow I Wish you love and light namaste Oh


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