GE to spin off health-care business, exit Baker Hughes investment


  1. the house that Jack built

  2. Worked 40 years at R&D it. Became obvious to a blind man that Welche’s global policies and getting rid of key people by any method left the company with foreign new hires as management who n
    Knew nothing technically or managerially. The company hacked and sold is people and assets and became a Sears store mentality. Immelt was no Welch and was lost for years by poor advice from idiots. I have 152 US patents from GE which was the most wonderful place to work on earth before Welch. I personally met with him many time with many awards, places, and blessings. Welch changed the rules and destroyed a national treasure and it will be a garage sale soon as it struggled to stay alive with idiots at the helm. This was obvious to most of the Senior staff but we were silenced by the pre-green card management which were hired to be engineers and were put in places with no training other than a couple of company courses. This is a text book case of how not to pay attention to idiots running the company. I watched this as a senior staff for 40 years. I pray President trump will beat our of the American companies the stupid moronic giving your company to non- Americans with no talent training or ethics. Robert Wojnarowski a loyal GE staff member who fought to the end to stop this insanity happening before my eyes . A. W. To get said: anyone who seeks to be in charge is atomically disqualified. This should be engraved on grave site of GE when it is sold like RCA and many more,

  3. Chart put a plan and stick with, these talking heads dont understand what they are talking about, they are no experts. They make a mistake when they spin off the medical, isnt that the technology that makes the new airport machines. They need to stop listing to wall street, get Uncle Sam to open a new line of credit and push throught their plans. They have really gotten shaken and divested themselves of some really good assets, if the foolishness continue, that company might be distroyed.

  4. hehe

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  6. Aww… did you get out of the osama obama socialized healthcare ??? Good! Your co. has become a political osama obama rag!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. GE should get back to the business of making solid “Made In America” products and scrub itself from anything Obama and his corrupt Left.

  8. I sold GE right at the downturn. So happy.

  9. Didn't GE make a part that was in the Fukushima plant that was faulty? I think I'll pass on their Healthcare. What a flipping joke.

  10. Immelt just took apart all the valuable profit generating assets and purchase crazy sector specialized assets at the peak of the business cycle that now generated losses for the company!

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