Gathbandhan – 17th October 2019 – गठ बंधन – Full Episode

you are here at this time? Do you need anything? No, I was just… Well…
– What silly question am I asking! These days you don’t come to
show affection or ask for help. You only come to either
question me or blame me. Raghu, it’s not my fault. Your actions are to
be blamed for it. What are you hiding?
– See. I told you, you’d question
me as soon as you’d enter. Raghu, don’t avoid the question. Tell me, what are you hiding? It’s nothing. It’s something important.
– Raghu. You know that you
can’t lie to me. I can read your face. Tell me, what are you hiding? Sargi’s plate? ‘Raghu, all the items of
‘Sargi’ are present in this.’ ‘Only bangles are missing.’ ‘Well, Dhanak, I…’
– ‘Have you forgotten?’ ‘You have forgotten
again, haven’t you?’ ‘You forget something every time.’ ‘Firstly, it’s a Marathi area.’ ‘Only a couple of women observe
Karwa Chauth’s fast here.’ ‘And Mai also refused to
arrange the plate of ‘Sargi’.’ ‘We have to arrange everything.’ ‘How will this work out if
you forget things?’ – ‘Listen.’ ‘Calm down!’ ‘First, listen to me.’ ‘So what happened…’
– ‘What happened?’ ‘When you get angry… …you look very beautiful.’ ‘Let it be.’ ‘It means, you remember it.’ ‘Really!’ ‘When you can stay hungry all day
and observe Karwa Chauth’s fast… …for me then can’t I
arrange this plate for you?’ ‘Let alone today… …I will arrange the ‘Sargi’s’
plate as long as I am alive.’ I have brought every single thing
for you with a lot of affection. I will keep it outside
on the dining table. Wear it. ‘Sweetheart, hurry up.’ ‘Time for the ‘Sargi’ is passing.’ Mai, let me sleep. Mai, why did you wake me up
so early in the morning? – Hush! The sun hasn’t risen
yet and you woke me up. Why, Mai?
– You fool! Do you know what day is today? Karwa Chauth! What do we have to
do with Karwa Chauth? My husband died many years ago. And you rascal
husband escaped…. …overseas five years
ago, leaving you behind. Forget about him. Why are you talking
about Karwa Chauth then? Mai? Have you found someone new? Hey! Have you gone crazy? Or are you still drunk? No, I am sober now.
– Fool! I didn’t wake up for myself.
– Then? I woke up because of Dhanak. I want to see if Dhanak
observes the fast today or not. Look over there. Oh dear! Mai, it’s a plate of ‘Sargi’. I seems, Raghu has arranged that. What should I do about this boy? He was in jail for five years. But he hasn’t forgotten his
love and responsibilities. He has arranged all that. What if Dhanak doesn’t
observe the fast? She will. Dhanak will observe the fast. Are you confident about that? Mai, you see… …Dhanak’s anger has its place… …and her love also has its place.
– No. Dhanak will not observe the fast. She is full of arrogance. She doesn’t leave any
chance to humiliate Raghu. Dhanak will not
observe the fast. She will observe it.
– Let’s bet. Yes, let’s bet. Are you sure?
– Yes. Very soon we will find out… …if Dhanak observes
the fast or not. Here she comes. Hide!
– She came. Mai. Hush! Dhanak, what are you doing? Why are you observing a fast,
that too for a man like him? You are in this house
only for Raunak. You’re here for his sake. You are fulfilling
your responsibility. Don’t forget that you are
forced to live in this house. How can you observe
fast for him? Akshay. Dad has always told me this. When your mind is struggling
to arrive at a decision… …then you must listen
to your inner conscience. I’m just doing that. I don’t know if this
is right or wrong. But I must do this as
it is necessary for me. I don’t know why?
But I am scared. I’m worried about a threat. I have my differences
with Raghu. But no matter what… …I would never
think bad about him. Hey!
– Mai, I have won the bet. As if. Dhanak is either crazy… …or she is extra smart. She never spares an
opportunity to embarrass me. She can’t see me winning. Drat! Who taught you to whistle? Mom, I had just acted. It was somebody else
who had whistled. High five! ‘No matter what I
tell to the world.’ ‘No matter how I behave.’ ‘You know very well about me.’ ‘I still love Raghu… …the way I used to.’ ‘His actions may be wrong… …but still…’ ‘Oh, Goddess!
I’ve been restless… …since I saw that
dream last night.’ ‘I feel like… …Raghu’s life is in danger.’ ‘Please avoid it.’ ‘Goddess, please save Raghu.’ ‘I’m ready to do
anything for him.’ ‘I’m ready to fast everyday.’ ‘Please keep Raghu
safe from any harm.’ ‘Oh, Goddess!
What did I just see now?’ ‘What kind of a signal is it?’ ‘Such a dangerous vision
on this auspicious day.’ ‘It’s hard for me
to even imagine it.’ ‘Raghu? I must find Raghu.’ ‘Where is he?
He was here before I left.’ Grow, be happy… …and live long. ‘Mai loves Raghu so much.’ ‘She wishes him
for his long life.’ ‘She will protect Raghu… …and she will keep him safe.’ ‘But what about
the vision I saw?’ ‘Nothing.’ ‘It must be my misconception.’ ‘How can a mother
do that to her son?’ ‘That too Mai?’ Sakhu! Hey, Sakhu! Come.
– What is it, Mai? Did you bring what I asked? Yes, Mai.
Everything is up to date. Let me see it. Hold it.
– Okay. Oh! Whoa, mom! You look amazing! Where are you heading
to by the way? It’s all about being rich. I have joined a group
of high society women. They are all very devious. But should I tell you a fact? I’m the most
devious of them all. I have planned to do
a kitty party today. Okay, listen. I’m leaving now. Take care of the house.
– Okay Mai. Should I make a move?
– Go ahead. Do I look good?
– You look great! Absolutely! Superb! Look what have I
prepared for you. Whoa!
Mai is enjoying over there… …and Sakhu is enjoying over
here. Great! – That’s right. I know that you
like ‘Puranpoli’. That’s why I have prepared it.
Have it. Yes. But I will have it later.
I not hungry right now. Why are you acting stubborn now? I took so much efforts
in making this. At least have a bite. Why just a single bite? Sakhu will take one bite. Raghu will have the rest of
it, okay? Raghu, if you eat it. If you eat it I
will feel content. Eat it! I will rush to the kitchen
or the rice will get burnt. Fine. Please go fast. ‘Raghu has not
observed fast for me!’ ‘This is ‘Palak Paneer’.’ ‘There is ‘Dal Khichdi’ too.’ ‘Have it fast.’ ‘Feed me too.’ ‘You are saying as
if you are fasting.’ ‘Who said I am not?’ ‘Are you fasting?’ ‘If a wife can stay
hungry for her husband… …then why can’t a
husband do the same?’ Dhanak, you… Why are you crying? Raghu. What has he done? Sometimes the good in people… …brings tears in your eyes. What do you mean? Raghu is fasting for me. He still loves me the same… …like he used to. Years have passed. Time has changed. I and Raghu have also changed. But our love… …is still the same
as it used to be. Raghu keeps making mistakes. I don’t feel like forgiving him. Yet… …he is the only one I love.


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