Gaspari Proven Whey Protein HYDROLYZED and ISOLATE | NCR Food Supplements | In Hindi

assalamu alaikum friends and hi everyone how are you hope we are doing well and hope and enjoying your life I'm against a gear from New Delhi or ox abidos tonka eng Burma fills the socket curtain ARCIC a youtube channel pay Diskin am hey and see our food supplements so friends as my fear hazard home of circus omni in a product Cassatt eh a genuine price Cassatt surprise kelly up with just widget carnahan www dot and see our food supplements dot in Jogja pay up Kesari product detail detail wise picture wise and text detail or her a product ahem the price be public website we mentioned Kiowa Heather a visit ecology or sorry product kr8 to jihad a ecclesia so it once per medical option Americas agar aapko hamsa product purchase can I have two aqua advance payment karna hoga Korea octopus almost three days can the Mohan jag or which we problem hot air dome a happy Hejira up case of a lumbar bobbed an equally okay friends so as a product a hammer a bathroom gas play nutrition kahi which a special protein helps of Colima Laker camel or casts a special Hickey APA protein hydrolyzed behave or isolate behave normally have me hydrolyzed Alexey purchase kana Jota Jota hair or isolate alexapril604 do nope a combination milta hai ki ache to normal proteins ever Jota head isolate or isolates above modular hydrolyzed to do no Joe hey properties combination hey is Joey protein gender so may have co-product the cotton so France Marie Sammy Hagar's pre nutrition proven way objection a proven way he or yet a hydrolyzed whey isolate him so hydrolyzed whey isolate so yeah comenta hey up whiskey under so you have a 25 gram protein melted butter serving calendar and zero Graham milta hey lactose okay and next melt I have five point five gram milta ABC a per serving gender and 2.7 Graham elta l-leucine okay so the X I think it not a check combination VI hi company name so yeah dietary supplement her and Joe excavate hero 4 lbs a kilogram key basket into a pasta he ate 1.8 1 kg 1.8 1 kg I need two kilos a thoracic um major product optimal level ahead okay so age of slavery melting up a chocolate cream flavor has Kerr chocolate ice cream flavor head scale our dough or beef flavor hammer it was available here Just My Luck of vanilla means yoga or plus vanilla have a rest already awkward minimal I'm okay friends so ski supplements fact ski bath current oh yeah halfway up or one scoop me cut your side hey Scott 32 Graham car its group size here and 32 Grammy 25 gram protein mulatto hair or butcher 7 gram so it's my other up could you a b c or l-leucine over a media time okay so serving per containers you have 56 serving up Camille naval I knew Anna Francie April up or do magnetic protein key requirement coral Cano Allah okay so a coach detail hair calories you have 120 and total fat zero point zero point 5 gram hair or he puts detail heavy time in a bit I mean see obviously online me read out perfect they have okay so it's say or Agra milta has suggested to huge he can say is cause a huge can hang a Happy Meal toy friends aapko yeh barcode just a skin care cap checkered sector hang a product hammer past bilko genuine absurd Kalia available here so you have Imelda hack which is key detail properties so way proven way why probe in a way Joe Hamlin so kij Hiskey the faster okay no look upset faster hair digestion observation or 100% pure hydrolyzed isolate a year okay so you're the exact link it 'no choice got transparent joe have box but i have banana company jessica up chica second key skip under key quality cassie here so Francisca are gay audio milta hai a happy website okay so top immediate 'his can import tag so muscles house importer he escaped or important your claim cut the hey miss product whoa claim curtain here 8400 99 rupees in 8500 around jeb important claim cut the hell licking friend see a projection wipers both a reasonable price man are subtly available hey so water memedia hey is a lot number and expiry date lot number and expiry date of minimal i saw friends agar aapko a quad he high-quality proteins a use canned Nikoli so gasp rica a proven bay is the best option for you okay so thank you for watching okay friends so mu j op o IJ product the hinata I got up one super sis can I hate all contact can I contact details video K description box media why happening okay so thank you for watching this video middle T happening next video met optically a exercise cage a safe or seven product use can I fake supplement Sebastian ahead asteroid Sebastian ahead the natural 3 Cassell body bumpy hair was our time like the hair is lay up natural the decays your high board you could build kg okay so military next video me that electric care bye-bye


  1. NCR FOOD is very GOOD supplement stor sagir bhai ek dum simple tarike se samjate hai aur baat hamare palle bhi pad jati hai aur store wale na Jane kanha se kanha baat ko ghumate rahte hai good job sagir bhai I like it and NCR FOOD pe Aap bindast trust kar sakte ho

  2. I have purchased proven whay protein from sagir bhai. He help me to find out good quality protein 👍👍 thanks sagir bhai

  3. sir bsn sentha 6 protien ka review karo plz…

  4. Price


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