Garden Salad With Apples & Walnuts | Healthy Eating Series

my lettuce is already cut up and I am going to make a nice salad for my lunch well it'll be more than just my lunch puffle will eat this – those are going in there nice cucumber carrots these are wonderful pepper just chop it throw that in there I'm gonna keep my mushroom set aside because he'll have a fit if I put it in there but then again you can just pick it out and so I'm putting them in there I got a couple scallions then I got a couple of radishes I'm just gonna slice them just like so I'm gonna do a piece of Apple my Apple was washed too I washed all my vegetables and there we go now I'm gonna put a little bit of cheese in here okay now I got a little bit of walnuts that's for my protein now you could put a little bit of meat in your chicken grilled chicken if you want but this is all I did now my hands are clean I'm just gonna toss this around this is gonna be a wonderful salad now you can take I'm gonna use I did find some low calorie low fat whatever you call ranch dressing that's my favorite I'm gonna use that on my salad John likes the Italian but you can also make a wonderful you know vinegar and oil or even spritz a little bit of lemon on here if you choose hey friends there you have it a very nice salad I've got a little ranch dressing on it a little pepper on it you can do so much with this it's wonderful you can add more vegetables to it you can add meat to it you can add a little more cheese nuts fruit whatever you want it's a wonderful lunch and it's packed with protein there you have it friends thanks for watching


  1. Mmmm delicious!

  2. Looks yummy. I have to change health foods for my HBP. I have to watch low sodium.

  3. I love these kinda salads…its so expensive now to buy premaid salads…its aweful….i love adding dried cranberries to salads..oh they really take the cake..thx for sharing..your salad is yummy

  4. That is great!! Love all the colors in there. So bright and appetizing.

  5. Love all the colors in this. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day! Catherine

  6. Omgoodness, that looks wonderful! Yesterday, I craved a salad all day but was out of lettuce and it was storming and I didn't want to get out. Oh me after seeing this, guess who's going to the store today???? lol

  7. i like you healthy eating series. keep up the good work

  8. What a delicious looking salad! Love the addition of apple and nuts! 💜

  9. Yummy going to make this salad after church.

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