Garcinia Cambogia & CLA Dietary Supplements

hey there what's up YouTube I'm coming to you because there are three things that I want to be able to do a review on whether it's in a week two weeks three weeks it'll probably be about a month month and a half I'm gonna do the review for it but I am going on vacation a game in August and Hornet Tortola not healthy which is a British Virgin Island and I first of all I'm excited to go me and my friends we went last year and the trip man Jews a carnival so much fun but I know a lot of people have been putting up these posts about the garcinia cambogia extract I got it from GNC this is 60 tablets it's a dietary supplement and what I read what it's supposed to do it is supposed to basically kind of like eat away like the fat the fat cells and prevent those fat cells from basically essentially tournaments of cellulite it's kind of basically turned into fact when the sugars go into your body it supposed to in turn I believe turn it into to energy and you are to take it out read exactly what it says it says take one tablet after exercise or 30 to 45 minutes before the heaviest meal of the day or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner me I actually take it after working out I tried I just I don't try I do at least one mile a day and and I weight-lift and I left I'm timing you probably won't be able to see it I'm not interested in really doing videos to kind of mark my progress with that but that is for me to kind of keep my metabolism going and try to help me get lean my areas that I wanted to kind of work on more like my belly my belly fat the area I need to lose some of it as well as get on a lot of my friends they say they don't see it but I see it and that's right a lot of people are we a little bit more we're hard on ourselves but I decided to try the garcinia cambogia extract there are 60 tablets in it for the dietary supplement but a friend and I we decided to go half and half and because we're both going on this trip and the trip is August 4th and it's like the end of June you look down I don't even know today's date you do something 20 something and so I'm gonna use this for 30 days one a day and see how that goes now what I will say was this it has been research has definitely shown you can get online you can look at the research research has shown that folks who don't exercise when taking this actually lose weight still but people who work out you'll see two three times more the benefit so because I work out and you know on a daily basis I'm like hey you know this this this might be good now I will say that I'm using 1500 milligrams it strength triple strength which means the recommended is between 1,500 and 3,000 as just what I've read to research that is a recommended I'm just getting kind of dark in here because I don't have any backlight I actually don't have any lights on in here and it looks it's getting married but also what I'm going to be kind of going over is the it's totally nice by gian see it's the CLA it's a dietary supplement it is clinically proven to improve body composition it feels fat metabolism and enhances lean muscle tone okay that's what that is I'm and I'm also going to be reviewing that as well and last but not least I just have my regular multivitamins I'm used to GN sees women ultra mega active it has advanced performance energy and metabolism blend it has cushioning blend featuring MSM collagen and it's time release is 28 capsules in one but unfortunately I have to take two a day and that's the same thing with these this is actually a trial period so it was only for like six days because it's twelve softgel caplets and it was it's two a day so actually today or tomorrow I'm gonna have to go to GNC and purchase them though because using something for you know six seven days it doesn't you're not going to be able to see the results so basically I will say I feel like I have seen results in my tummy area with in the last six days and I've only I've been taking all three the garcinia the Ksenia and CLA dietary supplement now this is just a multivitamin so that's neither here nor there I just want to show you that because it is a dietary supplement and it's something that I'm using with this it's supposed to kind of curve get appetite a little bit whether my appetite is curves I really don't know but it's supposed to like speed up your metabolism I don't necessarily need to speed up my metabolism because I'm I'm a I'm a rather small girl in frame I'm approximately 125 128 pounds but it is supposed to get you lean I do not know how it will benefit me but I do feel like it has benefited me already in the tummy area so I would like to say that even in this video because then at the end I'll be able to compare you know what I'm saying now today so as of today when this video is being posted I do see somewhat of a difference and the reason why I might like D you know it's only been a week go read up on this go read up and the reason why I say that it's because when you when you read and you read through the research it actually says that you can see will be able to see results really quickly and I would like to throw in there that it was on dr. Oz and it was something that he recommends and I like things that are supported by research and I also like the fact that both of these things when I went to GNC the young woman that was helping me with it she actually takes it but she really recommended the CLA and what really made me want to jump and get it and say you know what I'm gonna get that it's because she said that she doesn't work out when she's home she's you know most of times she's sitting and when she's at work she's you know just walking around the store helping customers so I was like okay well for someone that doesn't work out and she lost 4 pounds in 6 to 8 days she lost 4 pounds and for someone that does not work out that's really good so imagine if you're someone who works out and you well I think that the outcome would definitely be in my favor so that's it and I'll come back to you about this stuff in about a month right before my big trip all right that's it


  1. Tbh people at Gnc always lying saying they take something. I promise you

  2. so… what were your results?  is there a follow up video?  

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