Galaxy Fit: How to start a workout session quickly


  1. What will be the cost

  2. Gonna get one

  3. F.

  4. We need to add Arabic to Bixby please

  5. When is it released to the Uk

  6. When is it launching

  7. Kurwy jebane cofać tą aktualizację mam samsung j6 i po aktualizacji interfejs wygląda jak gówno

  8. Price…..?

  9. I want the SAMSUNG GALAXY A2 CORE in latin america 😀

  10. pleas launch lolipop 5.1 update for Samsung galaxy grand 2 sm-g7102

  11. Vocês irão lançar o j8+?

  12. Can't wait. Release date in Greece??

  13. I wouldn't mind a smartphone just to have a thicker bezel and the rest bezel less just to house the camera and then have nothing eating into the screen. Samsung could then have 3d face ID unlock and unscreen fingerprint scanner.

  14. Pls make 9.0 system version on S7edge plssssssss

  15. Hey @Samung Is there really gonna be a Samsung galaxy zero

  16. It looks like a Galaxy S8 shrunk and put into a watch strap

  17. can this control spotify?

  18. Samsung will have unlimited ideas and products in 2019
    Some people will say I PHONE is better

  19. When it will available in India

  20. Is this released? If so where can I get it, I didn't see it on their website and the ones on Amazon don't look like this

  21. Post lisa cf please

  22. Что это за часы

  23. When its launching

  24. I used a digital watch before, but this form is hard to use

  25. samsung what happens here
    – no one is able to root phone only one russian but have deleted to lot "something" and some things does not working
    but at last can be recovers everything fabric compared with sony
    (you can not found a not a stock room not a program for upload to phone)
    – only it is fabric and there is lot about to say
    4 phones two not usable
    – while one only for youtube
    that is not progress

  26. Give a software update to the gear fit 2 pro owners yo!

  27. Can anyone tell me about it's price ?

  28. Samsung já está na hora de vocês começarem a usar gás ozônio em suas geladeira, para conservar alimentos e evitar maus odores. Pois ó ozônio possui caracteristicas bactericidas.

  29. When it's available in market & How much

  30. the big question is…..
    How much?

  31. what i like about samsung is that they always choose a fantastic music in their videos.

  32. Such a great fitness band I am dying to buy this because it will be budget friendly also

  33. Where is the Water Lock Mode?

  34. wow!!!

  35. usa ?

  36. When is the release date?

  37. Who Is Here When This Video In 240P
    Im that early :∆

  38. Samsung is at the top

  39. What engineering field should I take in order to design best smartphones like yours

  40. Nice pearwatch!

  41. I want it.

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