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on this week's episode of live large one of the most effective back whiners out there the classic lat pulldown so Vince you have helped over 20,000 people gain muscle what are they doing differently what's Vinny's formula to success and one of the key principles of bodybuilding is progressive overload doing more than your previous workout right you do the same thing you're gonna get the same thing this is my good friend Ryan Watson he is a former NFL lineman NPC level bodybuilder trainer fitness model this guy does it all Ryan you know what's the common denominator in your life and all these successful people's lives in livin large from a weak and squatty skinny Vinnie the 210 pounds of solid muscle Vince del Monte is now living large in and out of the gym and so can you all right let's look at one of the top back whiners and those are lat pull-downs highly recommend you use this exercise to prepare you for wide grip pull-ups I don't think you should be messing around with wide grip pull-ups unless you can master almost your own bodyweight with a lat pulldown with perfect form now what does perfect form look like we're gonna first begin with the medium grip we're gonna lock yourself into a power stance we're gonna arch your back and push your chest up and look up I'm also gonna keep my elbows too flared out if my turn my elbows in I'm gonna recruit my biceps we don't want to use our biceps we're also gonna drop your shoulders a bit and we're gonna set ourselves up the pull-up light underneath your chin you don't have to go lower than your chin and you're gonna hold it for one at the bottom if you can't hold it for one at the bottom you're probably not using your lats one final tip if you're having a hard time feeling your last is to tap them before the step begins put your fingers there and just contract your lat that'll help switch them on before you do that movement to get more out of it welcome to ask Vince so Vince you have helps over 20,000 people gain muscle what are they doing differently what's Vinny's formulas to success don't even worry about the reps and the sets you know all those details are unique and different in the program but I think the big thing is their mindset and they've mastered my formula for success and one it is to take massive action they invest in the program and they follow it they don't analyze it they don't question it they don't look for reasons why it might not work they take action and they take immediate action they don't procrastinate and start next week number two is they analyze the results so at the end of the week they jump on the scale if they haven't changed they figure out why they're tracking their progress using a diary which actually can map so they can look back and see if they made a wrong turn they readjust their approach until they get the results that they're looking for so it's a continual ongoing cycle of taking action analyzing and readjusting your your approach how you get what you want and it's as simple as that you know you know you know training is a is a art it's not just a science it's not you know if one formula fits all so if you're not involved in the training process if you don't have courage an intuition to make your own training decisions use me as your coaching your starting point to make your decisions from but then you know you go into the real world and make small tweaks and adjustments based on your body type based on your situation your environment and then just keep applying that process until you get to your final outcome and that's pretty much how all successful people have been successful they take action they analyse the results readjust their approach until they get the results they're looking for and that's how I get success in all areas of my life not just in the gym thanks for tuning in and watching another episode today I want to share with you a technique called pyrimidine now before you say I've heard of that while that's old-school I want to emphasize the importance of the basic principles that build muscle this was one of the techniques that I use when I was 22 years of age and I use this technique to help me go from 149 to 190 so this has a lot of validity to it I really take a simplified approach to building muscle if you're trying to make things complicated again it's just it's gonna get frustrating guys if you're not pyramiding your sets then you're really missing the boat I really like setting myself up for an all-out set the all-out set has been around since the 60s and 70s bodybuilders rely on this all-out set but they don't jump right into it they build up to it and I like always finishing my workout five or so pounds heavier than the previous workout that's called honest progress and one of the key principles of bodybuilding is progressive overload doing more than your previous workout right you do the same thing you're gonna get the same thing so here's how this would look in a typical workout we're gonna do four sets per body part one exercise per body part so that we're gonna do full body workouts let's say we're doing chest press we're gonna start off with thirty pounds and we're gonna knock out twelve reps after twelve reps are gonna rack the weight we're gonna rest 60 seconds and then we're gonna go up five pounds we're going to start with thirty five this is also gonna get your certain central nervous system warmed up and we're preparing for the all-out set that's coming in a bit from now we're gonna do 10 reps so we're gonna allow ourselves to drop two reps and because it's heavier you probably actually need to drop two reps we're gonna rack them rest 30 seconds you know where we're going right we're gonna go to 40 pounds we're gonna rack out 40 pounds for eight reps so we've done 12 reps with 30 10 reps with 35 then we've done eight reps with 40 and now we're gearing up for the all-out set this is the reason we came to the gym today for this all-out set this is the money set I like to call this the ripp set this is we're gonna rip the muscle tissue and it's gonna be forced to rebuild on our final set we're gonna shoot four six reps of 45 pounds this is the weight you've never ever done before this is incredible you're gonna have a big breakthrough after this your muscles gonna be forced to grow or creating mechanical stress worse a recruiting more muscle fiber through the central nervous system and we're releasing more anabolic hormones through this all-out set so we're gonna do six reps of 45 pounds you can finish your workout knowing you did five pounds more than you did the previous weight now it's time to move on to the next body part that's how simple I keep it guys seriously I've gone from 149 all the way up to 226 pounds keeping it that simple people are making it any more complicated than that I don't know why they're doing that I don't know I'm serious it's ridiculous now here's where it gets exciting next week when we come back to the gym where do you think we're gonna start in terms of weight we're not starting with 30 pounds again hell no excuse my language we're moving to 35 pounds so set 1 week 2 will be 35 set 2 will be 40 set 3 would be 45 and I didn't set up this video properly but if I did we would have a pair of 50 pound dumbbells right here so we finished our second week 5 pounds heavier than week 1 we're now ahead guess where we're gonna start up in week 3 we are gonna start with 45 pound dumbbells we're gonna go 45 50 55 60 in three weeks we've gone from 35 pounds to 60 pounds just making those small increments again I keep things so simple that I can continue to make results so that's how I that is one technique that has never failed me pyrimidine and once you get up to you're probably asking well Vince I'm not doing pure mating forever you know there's a my strengths gonna get tapped of course it will let's worry about that when you get there so a lot of people have you have done no business worrying about that let's get you up to hundreds for some of the bigger lips and then we'll worry about some more advanced techniques and we can talk about those in future episodes if you're just getting started with bodybuilding you've got less than one year experience and you're still working on the lower end of the dumbbell rack you got to go back to the basics start using the technique pyramiding four sets start five pounds heavier every workout finish five pounds heavier than your last workout you might need a spotter on that fourth set to get those six reps but you're guaranteed to progress from week to week to week it's a no fail system that's the tip I've got for you today and again if you want to make it more complicated than that be my guest but I've kept it simple like that and those strategies work for me and I'm confident that they'll work for you give it a shot let me know what you think hey what's up guys we're living large this week in Tampa Florida powerhouse downtown gym and this is my good friend Ryan Watson he is a former NFL lineman NPC level bodybuilder trainer fitness model this guy does it all and you can see on the wall you know we're surrounded by a lot of people living large and Ryan's we live in large in his own life and I thought he could kind of just um share us you know some of the common denominators that he's see me because all these people you see on this wall here to train out of powerhouse gym and you know this guy knows a lot of them personally has worked with some of them and Ryan you know what's the common denominator in your life and in all these successful people's lives and living large basically I found a very large common denominator between those athletes and many other ones is uh they've been able to a chance to identify their gifts been given their talents which is their their their a discipline and their Drive and they've been able to do it through enhancing through physique you know and to compete at high levels and through doing that they've been able to inspire and inspirate and motivate a lot of people and actually get a chance to not only serve themselves and actually get a chance to give back so to me that that's it really that's really living large it's not living large for yourself and when obtained but you know working to a high level and being able to give that you know and so at the end of the day it's been able to what you've been able to return back to life what life's giving me what you've any bill to return back so that's what the biggest blessings I've been able to you know you through initially my physique and then trying to you know better myself in my career I've been able to touch a lot of people's lives in the gym and outside of the gym as well and so that's easy to comment amber with a common denominator I've found with many of the champions that are in here and people that we've met is just they you know give them back you know absolutely say you know this is a true story you know ever since I met Ryan he always goes out of his way to introduce me to his clients and he's just so proud of their success and I know their success is his success he gets more excited about their results than his own results if any you got to meet so and so's Yoshi you know just competed in her first show and did you know qualify for this and are you got to meet so and so she's doing a photoshoot for this and it was just really really invested in other people's lives and you know I think when you discover that you have an opportunity not just to serve yourself with your talents you're able to inspire other people you're really operating at a higher level you're going to attract better quality people into your life you're really going to get a lot of fulfillment a lot of reward out of that so uh you know you know look at your office look at your physique is an opportunity to witness and inspire your friends your family members your colleagues and realize that they're watching you they are watching you and by setting the bar high in your own life you're able to maybe get someone else to come along and to take the next step with their physical journey and you know that's what this is all about not just you know it's great that we got you know pretty decent physiques in that and you know there's a lot of benefits that come along the fact but there's even more benefits that come along with helping and serving other people I think when you get to that level you're really really gonna experience life the way it's meant to be so thanks for sharing Ryan and I don't know if you want to release the name yet but I'll tell you this Ryan I've teamed up and we put together a brand new solution for guys who want to get ready for the stage guys who want to beat down their body and pack on muscle and that will be released very soon so stay tuned we just had a pleasure filming that together really really high-end muscle building training and stuff that I'm using for my next contest April 16 so yeah it's been real deal raw footage in your face I'm even even kicked out a lot of Janelle and a lot of knowledge you guys and so basically you guys don't have to be experts in the field to inspire and motivate the people around you just take a lot of the basic knowledge that you've accumulated through our teachings to you guys and apply that to the people around you you know and start with the basics you know very simple stuff is still the most effective and just take it and run with it guys and we're here if you need our help so all right man yes sir it's out next time I look let's see you soon guys don't live in large on next week's episode of live large I've had to work for every little ounce of muscle on my calves what I can tell you is I know how to make them burnt like crazy so skinny guys Savior what is your overall approach to muscle you're heard the statement less is often more have you ever wondered what that meant well I want to elaborate on that today this we can live large we're going to talk about why hating and judging others is the most self-destructive habit in the world and how it only self sabotages your own life experience live large with Vince no Monty next Monday at 7 p.m. Eastern only on YouTube click subscribe so you don't miss a single episode don't forget to show some love and click the like and share button


  1. when you become high level athlete you are listening yours body yours body will tell you what exercises you need reps sets and intense and more this is it but gym is only 30% I would say for success main thing is what you put in yours mouth and how much you can eat proper food per day Eat big get Big this is it just don't put rubbish in yours mouth.

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  14. Try doing some unilateral (one arm) work. Really focus on getting that left lat as short and contracted as possible during your workouts. -Team Delmonte

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  31. You'll put on 5lbs in the first week usually if you're a beginner, but then your gains taper down the longer you train. Typically most people gain around 3-4lbs a month.

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  38. Top bodybuilding tip to gain muscle mass: eat more calls then you need (with enough protein to match your weight) and lift weights consistently. Sleep 9 hours or more.

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  43. Prep your meals at one time the night before. You will find it does not take too much time. Cost? Maybe around $100 a week on quality groceries.

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