so, this is our first time we met after he come back from Indonesia today we want to eat Nepal food typical Nepal food in Shin-Okubo why talking like that? anyway, i think we will make culinary video in every week once every week but it depends on the editor Tomo said he just learn Indonesian language is that a new book? or? yes, this is a new book why did you buy a new book? because there’s a cd inside. so i can listen it in the train really?! yea yea yea okay, show me what you got that’s it? and, um, also what’s the “hajimemashite”? *nice to meet you* “hello, my name is Tomo. nice to meet you” okay, let’s make a promise that every week you should say Indonesian words okay it’s like, new phrase? new phrase? okay okay, let’s eat so guys, right now, we’re in Shin-Okubo as you can see, this is the Korean town actually, it’s not only Korean Town, but it’s a gaijin (foreigner) town yea, it’s gaijin. i mean, there’s a lot of foreign foods Mainly Korean yea mainly Korean. but there’s a lot of them like kebab, or curry so, let’s eat okay guys, so this restaurant here’s the restaurant here, the name is Aangan if you wanna try, just looking at maps, okay? it just like shophouse which floor is that, eh? oh here it is.. 4th floor. so we’ll going to 4th floor press it Closed?? okay guys, so it’s open at 11 and now is 10:50 so we have to wait ten minutes where we should wait? you still remembered, bro! It’s in my playlist so you always listened it? every morning, or when i’m on a train, i’ll listen to it How do you think of this song it’s awesome Okay, I will teach you another Indonesia song later *commercial break* okay, let’s continue the video okay guys so we just entered the restaurant this is what Nepal restaurant look a like that’s a Nepali writing can you read that, bro? I think it’s if you translate it into English, it’s welcome ooh, it’s very good. what is this? Okay, I think this one is good You ready to campus? so guys, this is the menu we can find a lot of Nepali dish and i think we will order the set 1 this one, with the set and then, we’ll order the other it’s the bell thank you why i said “thank you”? arigatou gozaimasu *ordering the another food* so we should choose, is that chicken curry or vegetable curry and we choose the chicken one we want to order Paratha too okay guys let’s play this what do you call this game in Japan? it’s yubitsuma when i say “isse no se” so you should say “issenose number” issenose one issenose two isseenose one issenose two issenose two issenose one okay guys, the foods is arrive okay guys, so this is the rice and then this is the vegetables what is this? is this a sauce? I think it’s spicy sauce okay, let’s try later and then this is the curry, chicken curry and then this is the mame (bean curry) okay let’s try from.. the sauce, first what kind of this sauce? so it’s like, orange sauce what is this? the taste is just like… It’s like….. at first, it’s sour yea, it’s sour but then, when it comes to your throat, it become very spicy it just like sambal, but so sour sour just like…. it’s really weird okay let’s try the rice It’s good with the rice for the rice, i think it’s not Japanese rice. it’s Nepali rice it’s different like, the rice is longer and more dry yeah, it’s dry and long the rice is just like lemper do you know lemper? lemper, do you know? the taste is really look alike lemper so if you put the chicken together with this, the taste will be like lemper okay let’s try the curry it’s like this the taste is a little bit different from India’s curry and also different from Indonesia’s curry it’s more liquid it’s more thin, meanwhile India’s curry is thick how’s the taste? it’s good i think Nepal is just like Indonesia they put many spices on it let’s try the bean one the bean is the yellow curry one the taste is so different. it’s just like bubur kacang ijo (green bean porridge) they said, when eat, they usually combine the dish so i think we have to mix this and i think we can refill the sauce oh, really? yes i think we can request a refill sauce at this place, you can refill the chicken curry and bean curry only the sauce will out the charge we can refill the rice too it’s very delicious guys this food style is really suitable for Indonesian people because the taste is really Indonesian taste look alike like, they put Indonesian spices on it and the chicken is just like, i think is cooked well, so the chicken is so tender it’s so delicious suitable for Indonesian people see this, guys. the curry is on refill okay guys, we will try the sauce is proved to be red sauce yes, is just same with the orange one this is paratha, and it looks like this it’s like a pancake yes. it just like a pancake with potato inside so good let’s try this first with the curry? it’s good so they brought with a plate, and give to us like this uh, this is too much bro, it’s too much, bro i’m on diet bro! look at this guys i thought you were on diet yes i’m on diet. but the staff is just… okay guys, this is the last one i’m failed on my diet how’s this? overall? i haven’t finish it, but it’s really good like, with that price (500 Yen, around 65000 IDR) and we can refill anything without get an additional charges is so good Yo guys so we have finished eating and it’s 12:00 now we will go back to campus and we will study but he has no class, it’s only me i only have one class in this first week and i’m done! So this all for today see you next week guys, bye bye We will make another video like eating video again with Tomo and Jerome Tom and Jerry for you who had watched


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