FX: Fitness, Simplified

FX is the surest answer to the question: “what bike should I get?” Whether you ride casually, or you’re a motivated fitness rider, FX and FX Sport offer the best combination of road bike speed and city bike versatility. Because the FX rider will use their bike for so many different purposes, we split the line into 2 sub-categories: FX is perfect for exercise, running errands, and mellow Sunday loops. FX Sport is the lighter and faster option for logging more miles, getting out on a charity ride, or speedy fitness training. If putting the kids in a trailer and spinning down to the ice cream shop is your style – there’s an FX for you. If you’re out pushing for a personal best on your favorite route – there’s an FX Sport for you. Every model brings lots of versatility to ride as you like; things like mounts that will allow you to add a cargo rack for picking up the groceries or fenders to keep you clean while riding. Most models are also Bluetooth enabled – allowing you to track your fitness goals by sending training data straight to your smartphone using the DuoTrap S ride sensor. As you move up the FX line, each bike becomes increasingly lighter, faster, and better suited for longer rides. FX 1 and 2 start with a light and responsive Alpha Silver Aluminum frame. FX 3 sheds weight and smooths out the ride with an Alpha Gold Aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork. FX 3 is also equipped with Bontrager’s IsoZone handlebar and ergo-grip system. This incorporates an elastomer into the handlebar to absorb vibrations from the road or path. That elastomer is housed under a wing-shaped grip that spreads out the rider’s palm. The end result less pressure on the hands, and a much more comfortable ride. FX Sport 5 and 6 get even lighter weight and smoother by virtue of their 400 Series OCLV carbon frame; equipped with an IsoSpeed decoupler. IsoSpeed allows the seat tube to flex, creating a much smoother ride that you can feel instantly. With FX and FX Sport, you can make the most of your workout, your commute, and your Sunday spin.


  1. Beautiful!!!

  2. I've got (FX 2) 3 days ago , it's a wonderful combination between sport and entertainment , each of at high level ….

  3. Is this a women's bike?

  4. Could the Trek FX serve as a touring bike if I were to pull a bike trailer to carry all of the gear? I would not be using panniers or any other on-bike accessories. The bike trailer connects to the seat post. I would wear my Osprey Raptor hydration pack for easy access to water and snack food. Thanks!

  5. I am considering buy a fx3. This video has helped me make a decision.

  6. Where was this filmed?

  7. Can the FX2 ride on gravel roads? Like I paved canal roads? In Phoenix, AZ?

  8. 上周刚买了fx s4 舒适 完美 非常适合我的日常骑行需求

  9. Picked up an FX 3 in Viper Red over the weekend.. Awesome bike!

  10. FX2 with the disc brakes are great mate.

  11. Very functional bike .., but ugly AF

  12. Do you know if the fork on FX3 would take 700×38 tires?

  13. Fx 4s is the one that i can afford cant go any higher than that. Love it

  14. I got used FX 7.1, 3000 km of total abuse, not a single issue, not a penny spent on repairs or maintenance. As long as surface is flat and days are hot and dry, FX can take anything, accelerate and brake like $5000 road bike can. It will pay for itself with fuel savings, and it's car-like for up to 5 km commute (15 minutes). At rain or gravel or in winter times, it'll get you home but nothing more. Stabile and precise up to 45 kmh.

  15. Are they basically the same as the Domane AL and ALR Series?

  16. This is a sexist video. Bike is not exclusive to women. Hate when companies are biased and misandrist.

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