Future of Active Nutrition Market in Dietary Supplements 2019

what mainly excites me whether it's in the dietary market or any other market is how the consumer is evolving marketing has completely changed let's say over the past three to five to maybe seven years it's moving away from specialty stores offline retail etc more to online web shop etc so for example we had a pure online strategy simply just ecommerce just you can only buy the products in our store and we were driving all the traffic all the conversion everything just through social media what excites me about the market is how broad it is and how many product offerings there are actually but but the consumer doesn't truly know what's beneficial to them or not and if we can look at being able to bridge that gap and make make individuals more informed about what products are there and what suits them in particular then I think that's where that's that's the part I think that we can play and the bit that I believe is is incredibly exciting education is a great opportunity because whilst there is a small group of well-educated traditional consumers the the very broad masses are not at all educated and I think various companies and industry bodies need to come together to create the broader understanding of the health benefits of the various different products to be able to take advantage of that much wider audience so it's a big challenge but it's an enormous opportunity for the market as well

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