I got the first really good challenge from max RSD max a good homie of mine sent me this little video so that's what we have to do right now bro I thought the falling listen your big guy you fucking huge you're the Swiss Android and you're lifting the heaviest weight so here's what I want you to do I want you to go into the gym okay and I want you to walk up to all these people and announce that you need more space now because you're gonna do the super exercise this hardcore exercise I want you to walk into the gym I'd be like guys guys all right I need I need a little bit of space here okay please just go away everybody okay just please just please stay calm and then you walk straight to the tiniest two-pound dumbbell and you're gonna take it and you're gonna act like it's the heaviest weight you've ever done you're gonna act like it's your world record record attempt there you go back ideal you even have like an assistant there that like helps you put the weight back to help to rewrap the weight and then you say like okay thanks guys I'm done good workout and then you leave I want to see you doing that I think that would be hilarious let me know if you can do that GG [Applause] [Applause] gosh guys I need a I need this face here a little bit I don't want this face here I need a little bit of space here right now okay very hard very challenging give me just one second please bro you're ready to spot me are you spotting me bro let's do this one more you got it awesome idea and you guys we need more ideas we need more ideas for challenges you just saw man I'm ready for everything so bring it up for the next vlog mmm that's what I mean bro always pushing yourself constant progress that way too funny yeah if you guys have a better idea or more ideas pick up your phone right now 10-15 seconds send me a DM or a snapchat snap and just let me know what the next challenge is going to be crazy ideas clues yeah crazy ideas all the crazy DS are proof pretty three big legs are here this is a big human yeah keep in mind always time and let the demons out I can't lie my mind is lost in time can't you help me find it all I'm just being honest his legs are always shredded so sick always oh hi guys I'm I'm old hole doing 26 34 34 so he'll have that muscular maturity for sure at that age when I was like 27 28 I still my legs are much softer and then as time went and I got a little older that harder the harder muscly at the urn in the gym you know that time there you gotta put in the words it identity comes in so his legs are gonna look freaking like like four more years it's gonna be ridiculous good sound in here huh holy very slow post like they feels yeah I thought only Lecter it's also overload week as you guys know I trained very science-based as the reason my motto is built by science also promote that lifestyle and my community in the German community especially I was lucky enough to start my training journey eight years ago in a physiotherapy so I got to the science approach already from the beginning I was never the victim of those meathead approaches that's the reason why I just want to give that back to the community so if you guys interested in more fitness content of an yeah right now well like the last workout so tomorrow thanks God it's a deal oh so it's like a deal Oh week we're gonna hike a little bit we're gonna recover and then hopefully gonna come back stronger than ever before right but to do that now we have to eat a lot of food so let's go I was a good ride it was so funny like at some point but like a big traffic and police sauce without the helmet and I said like stop stop I just wrote like as I wouldn't see him and then Justin also dated and he just smashed just enough shoulder I would never smash this guy I would we're here at pehla pehla ton a telethon this is by far the best big place man yeah I think they should be here I've told them like an hour ago are you with a great morning in the world yeah the gym yeah yeah I feel like it's actually brutal like she really like good cereal beat you know kurosu years were like yeah though fifteen-year-old girls here they can kill you she will have $2.00 I was with the mother and they really like massages for like 90 minutes I'm not sort of massage right now yeah okay that's really did she was so sore this morning also because of the workout I guess quick like the question I always get is what what do vegans eat the safe shit everybody else you just subtract the animal slaughtering the cruelty and you got it and it's actually pretty easy like almost I think almost three years now had a very soft transition one-year transition that means like I took the flexitarian lifestyle stopped eating red meat stop eating eggs stopped with dairy and then at the end stop with fish was the last thing I gave up was fish also the hardest one because I really liked sushi and since then I never looked back it's very easy like the gains are still there even they still improve and I don't know what was one was the easiest for you to give up or the harness sometimes alright like yeah that's true you can't there's still not that perfect cheese replacement like meets no problem sweets no problem but like the cheese can be hard but what's the easiest for you to give up eggs for you it's hard huh but you don't need any dairy no no red meat no dairy I think red meat was really easier to stop eating I still do fish and eggs but red meat was very simple milk was very simple yeah I think I'll keep going that direction though it seems to be getting more and more that way I'm eating less and less protein in general yeah that's why they don't it's all about like people always ask how can I turn vegan it's so hard I can't do it yeah you sure you shouldn't do it from one day to another you should transition slowly start to shout out one or two things and then just go with the flow look how it works you overdo it you're gonna fail like you've set yourself up for fail and we don't want to do that we really want to like make it happen in every aspect of life social life also that the athletic life just go slow and also like inform yourself about the plant food diet like we have a lot of good fruits here a lot of grains have a lot of protein and people don't know like rice as protein pastas protein oatmeal has protein has a lot of AAAS as well every nuts seeds they all have protein so don't care too much about like how much protein does it have just like go for one shake a day drink the smoothy eat a lot of fruits a lot of vegetables a lot of grains and you're good to go and without further ado I would say [Applause] back home back home time flew by today sometimes you just don't you don't need an adventure to search you know just go all day with the go by with the day set for a little pool man with a pool jump just jump in all right if you finally made it so the group just got bigger and it's always the same as soon as the group gets bigger everything gets slower like everybody has to change you up dressed up you know I have to get my bandana on he just affected it just affected me so now I'm officially poly ready still waiting for my Provo we're closed for three weeks they're still in Jakarta and yeah now we're gonna see what the beach has to offer think it's the first time for you ahead and hitting the beach or what this morning I went this morning like 6 a.m. yeah we need a good coffee yeah it's gonna coffee yeah go from there no booze for us just coffee the Towey party leggo so what's happening over here halfway through we didn't made it to the beach and now we're just gonna chill here they all get drunk and the only one here at this table not drinking it's two for one it's two for one there's thousand reasons to drink but I choose the one not to drink to wake up tomorrow good feeling good healthy yeah you know I'm just I just that's why I was always proud of being so so strong with like there's a lot of people they actually they pray they get the pressure you know and then they just do it but I was never like I was always like on my own fucking game and that's why I love it and I am gonna get a good smoothie now with oli you just had one zip but look I I also get junk but I also I'm also healthy fun yeah you compensate in this movie yeah it's actually cool no it's I mean like I said like I don't even talk talk I'll call bad everybody has his little things he enjoys you know we all have them I'm not gonna lie right in the comment section I mean right now here is its for sure nothing guys because that like we really I looked it up you can get you can't get in jail 10 years to just for fish for smoking weed but I heard there's actually all their plant medicines and they're actually pretty legal here yeah so I don't know they're only legal tomorrow they're only the hunter yeah so that's it but tomorrow we're gonna go to an adventure I heard there is a volcano in Bali erupting and I heard we have to check it out bro heard it first yeah or maybe they're never gonna hear about us again yeah we'll see I mean you gotta be there as long as the cameras gonna not melt down from the lava that's it guys but let's end this thing here any last words any last are you already drunk guys let's get wasted it's good wasted okay that's the that's the last word all today let's get wasted and see you soon Cheers water me sure I can


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