Funny Gym Fails Compilation 2019 – What Could Go Wrong – Funny Fitness Fails 2019


  1. Nowt funny about any of this . Its called clueless

  2. This makes me think that these are lizard people trying to imitate what people do.

  3. Some people are totally weird, others hilarious and some are very inventive in thinking up new ways to abuse the machines…LOL😂😂😂🤤🤤🤤😲😲😲

  4. Asians should stick to Math.

  5. it is so funny to see how this freaks of gym get injured by their ignorance

  6. I live in China. You should see the dumb shit they constantly do here. No matter how bad the gym idiots were back home, these guys win.

  7. 0:54 not a good idea

  8. It is amazing what the human body will endure.

  9. 1:36 he got folded lmao

  10. 🤣beginners at the gym before YouTube… now I’m honestly not afraid to go to the gym anymore since this makes me feel like an expert…

  11. 0:54 she practicing running for dat dick

  12. That dude at 804 is practicing for suicide it’s when you dishonor your family an must commit harakiri to bring honor back to the family sooo… we may need to check up on that guy.

  13. What are some of these people trying to do?

  14. They should not be allowed in a gym.

  15. I tell you, some folks have some odd ideas in their minds.

  16. LOL, I legit almost spat out my protein shake @ 6:57

  17. Most of these people don't know what the machines are for, they have no idea how to use them.

  18. 0:48 is practicing 'o h oh i am late to the`s last call

  19. Dumb Americans

  20. 07:33 now this is my kind of exercise, just wait there while I twat you over the head with some planks. 🏋

  21. This is painful to watch.

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