Funny clip mocking the dietary supplements industry

they make almost a quarter of all the dietary supplements in America and supplements are a twenty-four billion dollar industry so you do the math making supplements used to be like making prescription drugs you had to prove your product was safe and effective before you could sell it well the supplement Cowboys in Utah thought that was a real hassle so they asked their favorite senator to change the rules around and now you don't have to prove your product is safe at all and the FDA has to prove that it's not safe if they want to take it off the market what is this red goop this is the Canadian version of red line we had to take out some of the ingredients that are legal in Canada thanks to this deregulation the supplement industry exploding and all sorts of new and interesting people got in on the action Jekyll and Hyde supplements you know formulated to waken your other side take this and also you become the Freak the monster everybody wants to become a monster you know if Valentino for me to supplement I bet anyone can I need two guys we're making dietary supplements uh-huh and I need a hand with one thing to be really easy all I need you guys do is take the way firstly by a bunch of really popular ingredients but the trick is I'm just gonna use a tiny amount with each one before it's what we like to call the supplement is pixie dusting see I can hide my secret formula behind the term proprietary blend and not reveal that it's pretty much just a hill full of rice flour this is a good way to make a lot of money don't season the supplements here with all those expensive ingredients on the label I can make this bottle for about a buck 40 and sell it for $60 thanks Owen we're in the supplement business now okay the scary part is that everything I just did is by the book well except for the illegal immigrant day laborers but hey nobody's regulating them either now I

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