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my wardrobe today because I want to talk about a topic that's very close to my heart do people consider what they wear when they train now this goes beyond the superficial I think when most people think about their what they're gonna wear we're thinking fashion we're thinking aesthetics what looks the best on me how do I get that girl we're not thinking practicality and I've been training as a man for over 15 years and think that the apparel I have is a good enough recommendation to give to you guys I'll show you what I would recommend you own as essential training apparel and it will prepare you for any kind of physical movement you do what I have today is three tops and essentially two different types of bottoms to recommend let's start what do we have first this is a honorable mention a singlet you don't need a singlet but I think it's good to have one so you can sometimes look in the mirror and feel good about yourself how you're filling out the singlet it's good to be encouraged by progress but we're not looking at seamless today but start with tops and the first one I'm recommending is an old cotton shirt Gucci so you can see that it's fitted in that it doesn't hang loose it's not baggy it's why do I recommend it just an old cotton shirt then that's me all about cotton shirt that fits like this is great for weightlifting why it's great for weightlifting is cotton is just a nice type of material to have a barbell rest on your back an old cotton shirt can get dirty from the barbell the barbell feels good on your back when you sweat into it sure the cotton absorbs the sweat but it feels good when you're working in a it's the type of feel that you want if you've got a baggy shirt of blows in the wind or the air-conditioning depending where you are if you've got a fresh shirt it's gonna get pretty quickly when you're lifting a bunch of weight across different gyms where people bleed on the bar where the bars have rust it's just not a good choice the next type of top I think you should own this Under Armour top again fitted everything fits there's nothing baggy and there's nothing so tight that you can see then it just doesn't make sense why it's so done in small Jimmy this under armour top is for aerobic activity you just know that's who they're marketing it to but it actually is great for any kind of running cycling what else is aerobic well actually don't even have to be a robe if I would probably wear this to rock climbing you could wear this if you have to wear a shirt to yoga it's breathable it's lightweight and it doesn't if you sweat in it unlike the cotton where it will start to feel a bit heavier you don't feel that with this it just feels nice light and breathable which is so appropriate when you just need a t-shirt for an activity black the ones I've mentioned our last top and these are the most important to me if I had to recommend only one top it's going to be a long sleeve compression top now this is a skins brand I love the skins brand again this is just my recommendation I'm not being paid to say that and this will take longer to get on one it helps to optimize performance there is just something about having that added compression on your muscles that helps to assist with getting warmed up and with cooling down the next thing is they offer protection and I don't mean you won't end up with a child named Timothy at 32 I started mixed martial arts training I've done some wrestling I've done some jiu-jitsu key and no key and I had the unfortunate story to tell that I got ringworm which is basically a fungus that you can pick up from other people who aren't so clean or gyms that aren't so clean it can happen at any gym or any contact sport okay it doesn't mean if you get it oh I'm never going back to this place it just you need to tell the people where you got it I'm going off on a tangent about ringworm through doing the mixed martial arts training you learn that in a contact sport you need to protect your skin know funguses and other stuff from other people or other gyms can get at you when you have this bottoms there's only two types of bottoms the compression bottoms out of personal preference I like the shorter ones I just don't need it to cover my calves for any reason these are skins once again I just like that brand I've bought cheap compression before and it's all crap the elasticity just leaves after a few washes and a few wears these are good four years should also mention that those skins bottoms and the skins taut they can double the swimwear so you can wear those skins bottoms if you go into the beach or in the pool free swimming training works awesome for that too it can seem not appropriate to wear those skins bottoms in every type of environment so let's consider shorts these are cheap black short shorts that have pockets and they cost about $10 Australian dollars we have to everyone has to convert to the from the Australian currency but they're just cheat you probably get them in Walmart in America is a light breathable very cheap no perc shorts so that's what I'd recommend but why do I have others too show you these would be the ones I'd recommend cost them way more lightweight the material seems you know half the thickness of those even though those are breathable they're just basic sports shorts these are specific sports shorts they've got a 4-way stretch there they're just they've got that elastic in them that's breathable stretchy but their one qualms I have with them is they have zippers on the ass because I think they're designed for runners to put the key in the back when they run if there were shorts they have shorts like this that just have no zipper on the back they're the ones I recommend they build fair bit more expensive but I think they're so worth it but when there's a zipper on the back and you wanted to wear them to jiu-jitsu or to wrestling and you end up on your back and there's a zipper digging into your tailbone it's just not worth it let's build some outfits the first one I would wear to weightlifting would be that cotton shirt with the compression bottoms outfit number two if it's for outdoorsy wear it's not fighting long sleeve from snakes and critters is the Under Armour lightweight pop with the shorts perfect for running rock climbing and the third outfit is the long sleeve compression top with the short which would probably be appropriate for most things I would even go further and say the compression top and the compression shorts but if you can't do that don't Eve everywhere you go the shorts instead you can go the compressions with the shorts over it but if we're just narrowing it down to two items the compression top and the shorts should prepare you for pretty much any situation and will probably cost around $100 maybe 120 depending on what type of compression top you get and majority of that amount is just coming from there compression top and got a level with you sometimes it's better a lot of the time it's better to invest money into something that you might initially be like I would never spend that much on something but it pays off there's compression clothing the items I have buy skins I've had for years and you can't say that for the other stuff I skimped with my money on that's gone been gone a long time so it's worth investing a little bit into your training apparel I hope that this video should have been a light on what to get if you are just wearing loose clothing that you don't mind sweating in like board shorts and a baggy top to the gym I hope it's just this isn't to judge that this is just to say that there's more appropriate things to wear to optimize your training so I hope that gave you guys some ideas like the video if you got something out of it and subscribe if you haven't already don't usually do I haven't done this maybe I'll do more in the future I haven't done this kind of video in the past usually you will see free workouts exercises for beginners any suggestions put down in the comments below if you have any questions specifically about this video put it down in the comment section below thanks so much for watching and I will see you for the next one [Applause]


  1. How to buy compression top; do you get one size larger?

  2. For PE at my school you donโ€™t have to wear a shirt if your male so basically all the boys including me just wear sport shorts and shoes, socks, underwear. It gets all the girls lmao

  3. > "THESE are the shorts I would recommend"
    > two minutes later
    > "THESE are the shorts I would recommend"

  4. Great video man! Edited well too!

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  6. In ancient Greece people worked out naked in gymnasiums

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  8. Great video man!! Iโ€™m going for the skins!

  9. Any brand medical scrubs & Dickies zip-up coveralls (short sleeve) for the win! They never wear out.

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  11. I just pick the ones i look best in it haha

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