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right Let’s let’s look at how answer is really in the Middle master your unique superpowers impact in the world while to answer it. Yeah. Cuz you’re rebels out here Nobody in the attention to it. Faster Walking Second intuition, I’m paying these tips are also going to so you don’t have to sit and of meditation anyway to make yeah. That’s to be receptive because you just relax and play perception that support your you simply hold I should not used it with students and exercise before it’s it’s Super do. We don’t really realize we much everyday stuff that you’re do you remember that one scene we bridge that bringing bridges copy Growth, we are having a clue mission. And since 2008, we’ve Business from basic two Life right and that’s you Yeah we’re gonna give you some just and start looking under the doesn’t everybody like to See you in the video in the next video joining us and we will see you revolution Thank you guys for being a part of your own us but most importantly for choosing to spend not only with and the fact that you guys are valuable and precious resource Life and we know that time is to know when we do information So you’re the first and click the Bell to turn that tips. Be sure to subscribe do so for more mind hacking pro because that is what we love to grow. We help you crack it too out there and we help you nobody’s giving you the answer things you can’t crack and those mysterious secret hidden us know new videos because you guys let because you give us ideas or We would love to hear from you us know in the comments below if you have any questions let like and if you like this Video hit with the hashtag I love the G skate link in the description quickly I love you so much. I the end you get the prize you so because you stayed at your special something that is your something you those tools to step into something and we want to give We believe you guys are during hey, let’s get healthy talking to ourselves and then you guys want here, we just be are not pass. Thanks for amazing. We were be nothing. If you guys are amazing. You guys it says I agree you’re the best tried I’m getting goosebumps and So that’s how we roll and so we we work as a whole instrument. all ??? and like the They’re like it’s Super Ridgid hyper rational. we got the around 20 – five times and then to stand on your head and spin secret knowledge and you have inaccessible like mystical and got people that keep it Super what I’m saying because we’ve going down the Middle. You know and we are being itself for. We are the revolution mission that is what we’re here gonna be actually back is our Wow we love that that’s Wow Yes. Wow from you guys are the first to give me actual info to hear I’m loving it and so I’d love guys are helping me open up and say this enough right now you and D says O M G guys I Cannot getting in fairly soon and I know that she’s gonna be awesome hashtag I’m ready hashtag rebel the revolution Mindsets hashtag I’m part of David You know yeah. So drink that you have unless it’s a piano version of you’re gonna connect with me and I’ll answer any questions directly hit me but We will hit me directly We will Facebook ads comment with hashtag tell me more or send us a message on building your skills and you still have questions, of the info is down below. If trusting your superpowers All gonna get you on your way to description to be taken to the development course and that’s the first lesson of our psychic details and in seconds start checkout card. Put in your Click the link in the the revolution What do you need to do to get into the academy become part of academy So what to do to get into the our you can see we’re all unique in and the special way that only so that you can heal the world know I’m talking about and and talk smack about you. You your head you can finally conquer your Super villain that lives in to this years you made frame so reach out academy is our inner circle. We never had your metaphysical cherry Yeah. So then add virgin to all of this and I’ve even if you’re a complete you Yeah, they do this is going for training need more potty Very dusting everything they cooked all over everywhere. in check They can’t be all Remember we have to keep them out all the unicorn poop and just need real information you’re allergic to fairy dust for yourself too. So this is gonna work for you even if you need to have that lightness making light work for everybody like work, right cuz if we’re wanna make life work of it and other in our relationship. We enjoy our life and enjoy each honestly we wanna have fun and the world is like workers but have fun. We do wanna change the day we wanna Feel good and having fun cuz at the end of importantly living your best life and most to create greater lasting superpowers techniques and psychological mind, hacks emotional healing with the best collection of the magic of mysticism science of self growth meets gonna be me is where the be a right fit for you So it’s sound good to you then it might this is what it is any of those where the revolution begins and Slam it’s at Santa at Academy here’s where the rubber with a hashtag rebel heart So you Are you ready for self growth that is natural and fun doesn’t scare the ??? out of second mediumship training that judgement Are you ready for a intuitive development without Are you ready for and healers are all crazy telling you that light workers so are you tired of people Yeah. That is my eyebrow everyday. are Satan intuitive arts people telling you that the Complicated are you tired of advice that is way are you tired of mediumship let’s get this right for you get that rebel heart rolling So and passionate purpose completely so that they can live their confidence and personal power step into their clarity, thousands of our students to today that how we’re three skills like the ones you learn tax and emotional proving shortcuts signature my into all of those unique weapon and plugged directly so it’s time to get our secret do more for the world you can live a richer Life and connecting your soul so that healing your heart and could start hacking your mind never gaining traction or you outdated programs to another could you could keep bouncing around like a pinball from one blindly part of the empire. So when we were you know didn’t know it near Save our hashtag Rebels word. Yeah, we always have been just and revolutionized this field subscription membership that academy to bridge that gap created our signature can ask and that’s why We having today again cuz it’s we we had yesterday and we’re Sushi supporter and Saki which self growth and developing your superpowers to go together like sense. So we have learned that anyway, I hope that makes So I do but sometimes I’m a Gemini and I’m off to the next thing. your back too back but actually she’s got I can’t get distracted so she’s just rocking David is like really Super hot. so now really for real David love it He does that Are you an emotional like I the entire world life is to revolutionize because that’s our mission in helping them to help them out I’m definitely on that and the tools that we have can can benefit from some of that needs a response or they who’s got a legit question that especially if I see somebody I see a comment coming Okay message come in, I’m on it ignoring somebody so if I see a We don’t like to be the person okay as human beings. We don’t like to be ignored and I we don’t like to be ignored paying attention to messages I’m I’m glad he brought up the absolutely and Stephanie the and comments because some love thank you Stephanie Yes Give So best resource for development. receiving. You will have the there’s value in what you’re ignored message or comment is always given attention and they were of like-minded people each experience I found the support your Electricity, knowledge and videos and was impressed by watched one of your Youtube the Google machine she said. I experience with us recently on Stephanie sharing her publicly who shared your love with us love back to one of you we like to give a little bit of whenever San has cuz every day so we didn’t wanna shout out shared G your bonus and drop a hashtag I link in the description and get Share this video and click the I’m part of the revolution your help first century but we do need with real tools for the 20 professionals that we teach is to support the healing arts for everyday well our mission Tell us about this feel except revolution the codes and relate revolutionize cuz that’s so we’re on a mission to crack David give me a hashtag extra like like David much extra ex pass they can do. So I try to do too of ally on line, you know what ferries but when they get out let So causing chaos and reeking habit and unicorns running amuck fighting back against fairies it’s a revolution We are No cuz we wanted something Bush? It’s a mess free today we cleared some mysteries or bringing all over myself. Have but then again you will be able mind blown right now like exercises to do have these chips? He’s and they’re really empire No people are you excited that you are their infiltrating rebels Our people are people are have any empire cruise on here told David. We’re not gonna David empire. That’s pricing talk, I’m seeing a whole bunch of that you could say that in attention and develop site legit racing on a few kinda grew up has really real thing called psychic they live in the hood, it’s trust their intuition quickly and confidently, especially if our students do learn how to So can’t help it seconds flat. It just happens dignify the ghetto and like 10 capability of going from like and which is why we have the us both alive on many occasions Areas and I know this one kept walk a lot we both grew up to practice. If you have to neighborhood, this is great one live in a dangerous like hanging out right if you way If you’re an accountant situational awareness by the give you better hood sense and another good bonus practice So unfold and it’s good. That’s use our intuition what’s coming up next Okay. So how’s the story gonna speculate or guess anything is we kind of every time that we watch every time that we watch a show that we do talk about monitor bonus tip Okay in fact, there’s another just unfolding in front of you driving or walking and it’s training screens when you’re monitor or like one of those like you were in front of a TV come into your awareness just don’t guess just allowed to around that turn Don’t make it. feel what you will encounter So you’re gonna see or sense or be calm in that space between intuition and action to you this works for like helping is to kind of your is good for that spine tuning little bit further. So driving have the freedom of sensing a crazy stuff so with walking you It’s not gonna make you go out of body and do your mind. It will protect you. because there is a part inside attention you can still do it safely had also you’re driving and you don’t wanna crash or lose it’s you’re supposed to be in the moment. It just slightly driving one you don’t want to too much further. You gonna anticipate so I’m feeling ahead Jesus Christ anticipate more than just turn and you can go with this one the driving you don’t wanna you will encounter around that gonna sense or feel ahead what So you’re gonna see a you’re walking So here’s what you do bus, stop or walking walking hiking walking walking to the shopping anywhere or maybe same type of thing when you’re some point You can also do the the grocery store it some point go to any kind of a store at or at least most of us go to So working bit different views number the driving exercise. Little this one is a slower version of doing really mundane things and meditate You can do it while we like to say he’s still something that was dead as Joseph Campbell likes to say your whole life and meditation everyday life which is the goal enough guys so but you do all the time in your have time to meditate you know Someone tried to practice don’t people don’t have time to prep and walking So we hear that walking and walking and walking three which side you would be on so tip number let us know in the comments words that doesn’t work now So is trying to make a word or two which Are you like half and half hashtag Rebel or hashtag empire which are the Rebel empire So let us know in the comments You know that’s my cancer shot rules that in parts of my life. I been I because you don’t know I holding on to the old rules fighting for freedom Are you are you part of the empire you you’re on Are you a rebel or So we want to know which side okay. My full nerd today guys. This is he’s my he’s my holy on. So start working anybody anybody never said Anybody seen star wars to get yours in heads audience. You guys can we like So now it’s time to pull the hearts if this is making fast. talk with them so you have to like button and you miss some Share with anybody I haven’t needs their mind hat skeptics share it with with someone who sense if this blow your mind you guys getting this is making so how are we doing so far Are AM Pacific come on tomorrow’s video eight exercises let us know when you video. If you get any of these know tomorrow in tomorrow’s then everybody can share let us put in the comments because private messages lemon. If you story that we get sometimes it because there’s always a great feedback Yes on what happens this this week and I want I want you guys to start doing number two exercise number two. So that Is that one? That’s tip is part of the academy right cycle development course which month to get you started for opening your intuition in our exercises. These are just easy eyes so we do have even more at I’d like to see everybody’s are the best that’s awesome. I like to look blowing and hashtag you guys hey. all your videos are mind the skirt of everything so says gonna look I’m gonna look up is the devil’s Advocate. I’m this is Gemini both Yeah. You know I like devils the Gemini And you so make more money If all else fails you probably ahead of you as a card shark. you might have a new career so it’s actually works for the second explanation. So the same thing is not scientific explanation that right there. So even if it just gonna like blow a hole in they’re all your senses. So I’m have lots of lots of senses and but you are changing your mind to be so receptive mind myth of you just train your you know Folks a big fat in the spidey senses Okay, so those levels of subliminal to pay more attention to all pathways continue to rewires neural has rewired and rewires and has to a very subtle level which that big word out there have still fine to your sense row. Prio section. Let’s throw of touch and your sense of your are Sensing more suddenly you probably is true because you if that is true which actually look at it from both sides even about that cuz I always like to so here’s what I have to say you know which one is which variations of the envelopes. So maybe different to each pencil pencil or sensing on a very subtle level. Things like bumps, their unique because some part of you is you’re just guessing the color that I don’t know after awhile, trying so skeptics so these types of exercises might say Improves the more you stop how your accurate accuracy in. It’s gonna get faster and so you’re gonna be surprised at it come to you It’s gonna pop Yeah play pretend imagine let guess play pretend imagine your dog has just play it. Don’t treat it like a test technique is to be playful with technique or part of the right? The most important allow it don’t force it. Don’t guess is the important part is to In your body in some way, this to pop into your mind Be sense don’t yes but allow the color What a result on whatever right like I’m bored you guys look I because we have the tendency to am the grates and bubbly hold each one. Don’t guess so with your eyes closed simply know you making it props right now keeps my mind give him cross inside it with your eyes closed Different colors so with your envelope and plain White envelopes different envelopes sealed in a plain White colored construction paper maybe different strips of of colored pencils, crayons of any type you can do instead with a group of colored objects gonna this exercise can be done variations of this So this different up in a nice bow a nice bow. You can do all kinds of Okay so that’s kind of wrap it colored stripes in an envelope simple So the tip itself is Also works very well and we’ve amazing how effective it is so workshops for years It’s have tip number two bit more preparation if you those. This one takes a little Let us know that you’re getting some hearts So give us some likes Give us Yeah. So keep it simple right House mind blown and it works easy and fun thought of this easy driving making sense if you’ve never me some hearts if this is watching and we’ll tell you how so hit the like button and give for staying to the end Keep and you get one for sharing one Everybody loves something better when it’s earned to earn it because got two degrees Yeah You have month and but this month we’ve stuff, we change them out every comments. If you want some free us a hashtag free stuff in the stuff? This is the time you put right? So so who wants free ever killed a neighbor’s dog Yeah, it’s I never killed a dog See David broadcast killing the neighbor’s dog has and Bryan’s bummer No Lightsaber tell me more joining us Debbie. Good morning Tranquility Mindsets hashtag York like New York California and then Vanessa Thanks for she said Oceanside Long Island Oceanside Long Island like New Island Yeah, that’s California to just kinda make it natural So Susan says Oceanside, Long become natural and this is one way that works if I knew it’s time meditate exercises like I stood up. I development in a tutorial on my think of like second thought of is kinda easy We It’s so easy to integrate some stuff that you might not have we don’t even deeper back really second develop Of course goes started when you’re ready or tip of the iceberg to get you academy but these are just the use a light saber and Senate we’re gonna teach you how to we’re not gonna promise that more playing with it more So trusting it more practicing coming to the surface and for that intuition to start just enough logical mind out of the way primal instinct of getting that get back to sensing with your and you practice it. We wanna your intuition is that first primal instinct what is coming because remember begin to see sense and know bus so and it works really fast to in the passenger seat on the everyday and it also If you’re to do you have time to do it and it’s as simple as you think goal anyway really wanna do. That’s the end our life, which is what we as apart integrating them into things should be practicing these such a simple and easy thing to that part of your mindset. It’s exercising seconds but being fully present building the anticipation and in the moment say so it’s that you’re seeing the next few that should be announced so what you’re doing is you’re I had only a few seconds Street not mind to the next curve The next Imagine seeing ahead in your what you do as you’re driving in the day, right So here’s that much money on gas anyway kids want about that every day. Believe me I thought where we live in Las Vegas to the California Beach from and that’s enough time to drive hours on the average every day Body and school and ballet and doctor’s appointments four car for a kid you not between It seems like and I was in the drove which was a lot of years. quite a bit before my kids exercise is one that I use already doing So the first hacks that work into the like to give you some life impression of course and we busy and time is valuable Yup set. So we know that you’re right that I did for years driving towards better intuition is actually something driving towards your intuition Tip number one Here we go Here we go Here we go here we go guys Here we go It’s time for the good stuff so to some way. Yeah. Okay now imagination run wild and invited back to all the parties child again and let that Are you ready to play like a your intuition wanna have fun while building we’re gonna show you so do you internship exercises today so anyways so some fun and safe hard way Yeah I learned that one the pinata neighbor’s dog instead of the accidentally slicing up the and possibly I don’t know ruining your kids social life practice without lights here or easier exercises that you can so we’re gonna give you some That’s not the way to go Okay the neighborhood so that’s shined and have to move out of gonna get social life and you probably you’ve ruined three -year-old don’t get invited back and also is he is a child so I bet you that I said, I always wanted to do done like magic skills trying to show those three year olds how it’s break the pinata with your only adult in line trying to right? Are you gonna be that it’s a Super useless skill just I mean it’s friends? Third birthday party. basketball in real life like at your daughter’s Mexican like when are you gonna his it’s not that easy. I really Okay for taking that away on really hard to do right. Hold blind fold it all that’s really floating call of his life saver he was like trying to get the know to hit that floating balls. You sink Skywalker to uses into do some secret he was trying to teach Luke Okay Cheers guys. I have Olympic Skywalker action figure for really trying to teach Luke Skywalker. I forgot my list by Walker Doll I was on a Millennium Falcon and then the scene from Star Wars were over the place purchases Michael Jackson all from Star Wars Star Wars man So let’s get into it their kids. That’s our little spiel Facebook at Zen Rose Garden hashtag, tell me more or send us a message on if you need this in your life, if you’re interested give us a getting lost in the clouds and professional lives without that personal To catapult really want real world skills entrepreneurs and mental physical resource source for spiritual to sign up for our best end, we’re gonna show you how David back too. So we bridge that’s right. So we’re bringing that gap and if you stay to the so we’re bringing sexy back school. They integrated the two back in the day in the old ceiling that lacks immigration skills and both groups have a opening up their intuitive what to do when people start and others talk of self growth techniques without a foundation to stabilize it taught all the cool intuitive but we did notice that some Coffee big Coffee colors copy cotton my work. I tried to be the next thing. Everybody else was doing seems to be doing the same being taught by a lot of teachers in our niche that was a huge gap in what was intuitive arts was that there professionals and healing and the world training of our students from all over So what we noticed from a lot them Don’t want you to get lost ripple models out there. Love Sea of purple mandalas live instead of being lost in the own genius that you can stand out in your influence into the world so catapult your personal healing you need to confidently we’re gonna give you everything but seriously stick with us and well welcome if you’ve just found us I know there’s no matter success in the healing arts personal and professional the secret weapon for your congratulations you just found found us successful and if you just to be in clear, confident And insecure overwhelmed, confused and students go from feeling helped thousands of clients and skills to the world. That’s our bring their unique healing metaphysical entrepreneurs and we help spiritual and meets the magic of mysticism where the science of Self broke I’m Heather and I’m David know us yet so for those of you that do not for you Bondages but only if it fits and healing arts we’ve created to take your life blowing secret weapon that stick around us for the mind real reason that you should going to be entertaining the day right and while that’s was easy stuff you can do every sizes how easy and simple. It fun and easy intuition It will with three strengthening your intuition get started with and plus for going to help you prize stay with us for the whole video and you get a prize so share the video you get a here joining us. Good to have you What is up Susan, thanks for cultural sometimes so we can travel without being Americans. because I like to give a and his cultural expansion. Yes help David with his geography watching from. So you can’t So let us know where you’re seizing out of his gears right? You can tell by the leprechaun Irish I not do it, it’s pretty much all the House I think if you did already doing it Ireland is in and all as always you guys are hashtag replay replay and if you’re watching the us a hashtag tribe if you’re watching live, give fancy That’s you hashtags and had know you’re here with the our in send an academy Let us So for all our Tvs and had to in it past tag Zen head for life. Yes here. Brian is like Alright. Good to see you all Nancy says hey said love. Yes Stewart. Good to go from Ireland Yeah. Ryan what’s up? Tranquility mind Yeah. So day How’s the superhero and that’s what we’re going to all Super heroes works. You got deep down. We’re hood to see how it really with our intuition which is what most people do stop beating yourself Yourself to get some answers you have to important because last few videos and that is we’ve been talking about the Google machine and that’s what intuition every month on the searching for information on 5000 450000 people are about 40 – five not 40 – today but everybody’s looking for get that That fit intuition that how do I exercise it? How do I how do I trust my intuition and Want to know intuition half their minds access their of their mind and spirit and guidance and use their how to plug into the other side more people are searching or wanna get woke right here and spiritual awakening cuz we all we are entering an age of stuff, I wanna lay some mania questions on replay Yes and before we get into the good live, we will answer any don’t get to your questions drop them in the comments If we relax Into this topic questions or comments as we go and as always if you have any see us with a hashtag good to go Yes know that you can hear us and you will be good to go Let us subscribing click that Bell and if you are new, I consider doughnut unless you’re keto So It can be if you know these It’s not body exercise so you Super simple tricks hashtag can go ahead and eat that Explorer Alerts Boiler alert intuition exercises fun exercise can exercise really be Coming up in this video Fun yourself


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