Fun Fitness: Chair Yoga

Thank you for joining us today! My name is Patti and I will be guiding you through your chair yoga practice. I am joined today by Lynn and Minerva. So let’s start by coming to a comfortable, seated position And begin to bring awareness to your breath Notice your inhale. And notice your exhale. Begin to turn that inhale a little inward. Imagine it like a flashlight. Each inhale shining that light through your body
and noticing what is going on right now. On your exhale, begin to
lengthen your exhale, as you begin… …to maybe release some tension
somewhere in the body. Each inhale taking in everything that you need. And each exhale trying to let go of something. You’re welcome to close your eyes
as you begin to scan the body… …and notice what’s going on. Each time you notice something… …allow yourself to notice it in a non-judgmental fashion. Each time you notice tension,
see if you can release some of the tension. Once you finish scanning the body,
begin to scan that space we call “the line”. Notice what’s going on today in your mind,
and allow yourself… …to let it go, as you come into your yoga space. Noticing each item on your to-do list,
and allowing yourself this time to… …put them over maybe on the shelf for a few moments, as you come into your yoga space. And then on your next inhale,
begin to set up what we call a “seated mountain”. So we’re going to take a look down at our feet,
and get our feet firmly on the floor Take a look at your ankles and your knees;
make sure they are in line. And then begin rocking a little, right and left,
and forward and backward on your chair… …finding those bumps, finding that place where you feel
like you’re floating in your chair. And then finding stillness here, begin to reach the crown of the head toward the ceiling, from your chin to neutral. Allow your shoulders maybe to externally rotate and come down. Allow your hands to just dangle. On your next exhale, drop your
right ear towards your right shoulder… …beginning to lengthen the left side of the body,
on an inhale, come back to center Exhale, drop left ear to the left shoulder. Inhale, come back to center. From here, begin to drop the chin towards your chest Bringing your gaze down toward the floor.
Only coming to that place where… …you feel your back start to open up. On an inhale, bring the chin back up through neutral, maybe taking the gaze up the wall. Being careful not to dump into the back of the neck. On an inhale, come back to center. Your next inhale, reach the arms up and overhead. Maybe taking the gaze up toward the ceiling,
if that feels comfortable for you. And then from here, beginning to reach
up with the right, reach up with the left… Continuing to alternate from side to side, lengthening the side body as you press your
“sitz bones” into the chair. Continuing to reach up… And then finding stillness here, we’re gonna bring the palms together… …and allow hands to float down through heart center. Taking a moment here, coming back to
your breath. Checking in, making sure you’re
still connected to that breath. From here, we’re going
to take our gaze over our right shoulder. Bring it back to center, take the gaze over
the left shoulder. Come back to center.
From here, making sure our core is engaged… …and we’re still lifting
the crown of the head toward the ceiling. That’s that feeling of pulling your belly button
back toward your spine. On your next inhale, lengthen the spine. And when you exhale, begin to start to turn the body toward the right. Bringing that elbow back, keeping the chin
right over the center of your body Take an inhale and an exhale here as we begin
to do twist in our thoracic spine. And on your next exhale, bring the body back to center. Take an inhale, and an exhale here in center. From here, we’re going to move to the left side.
So on your next exhale… …begin to shift over towards the left side,
keeping that gaze still over the center of the body, feeling the twist in your thoracic spine. When you’re ready, come back to center… …inhaling, lift the arms up and overhead.
maybe taking the gays up towards the ceiling. And then separating the hands. Go ahead and bring them down the side. Connecting to the breath, coming back to your “seated mountain”. And an exhale here. On your next inhale, we’ll reach the arms up and overhead, turning the palms toward the front of the room. We’ll bring the hands down to the quads. Tucking the chin, rounding the back,
we’ll come into our cat pose. On an inhale, let the chin come away from the chest. Imagine the belly button coming out towards the front,
hugging the elbows in, coming into our cow pose. And then at your pace, with your breath,
you’re welcome to close your eyes And just begin to connect into your
cat and cow flow. You’re welcome to hold one posture, maybe a breath cycle or two more, depending upon what your body needs today. Coming back in and out at your face. Taking one more round,
making sure you get it evenly in a cat and a cow. And then when you’re ready, coming back to that “seated mountain”. Checking in, making sure the shoulders are over the house. From here, we’re gonna lift the arms up and overhead. Taking the palms towards the front of the room… …we’re going to bring them down
to our quads one more time. Hugging the elbows in, we’re going to hinge
from your hip creases forward, about 45 degrees. And just stopping here for a second, checking in, making
sure this feels alright in your body, engaging the core. If you’d like to take it a step further,
go ahead and slide the hands down the legs… Maybe coming down to the ankles or the floor, resting
the chest on your quads. Keeping that chin… …away from your chest, lengthening the spine, reaching the crown of the head towards the front of the room Take another inhale here, and another exhale here.
Feeling the release in your back… …and then from here, allow your hands first to come up to your quads, hug your elbows in… …and then engaging the core, we’ll all meet back in our “seated mountain”. So we’re going to add on from here.
So if you have a block available… you’re gonna take your block
and bring it between your feet if you don’t have a block available, you can alwaus use a couple of books together; works well at home. Coming back to our “seated mountain”, we’re gonna lift the arms up and overhead, bringing the hands forward. Allowing ourselves to come forward into that 45 degrees. If this feels okay, we’re going to let the hands come down the leg… …still keeping that beautiful length in the spine. From here, we’re going to take the right hand
and place it on the block. You can stay here if you’d like, or if you’d like to add on, you can take your left hand and bring it to either your hip… …or your lower back or sacrum. And then turning towards the left side to whatever degree feels comfortable in your body today. Take an inhale, and an exhale. Inhale, and on your
next exhale, bring yourself down for toward the front. Switching the hands out you’re going to bring
the left hand to the center… the right hand’s gonna come to either
the hip or the sacrum. Turning toward the right
to whatever degree feels comfortable on this side. Honoring the difference between right and your left side; you don’t need to match here. One more breath cycle… …and then on an exhale come on forward again.
releasing both hands down toward the center. On your next inhale,
bring the hands back up to the quads Hug those elbows in, engage the core,
when you’re ready, come on back up. We’re going to take the hands and reach them up
and overhead one more time… …bringing the palms together through to heart center. I’m just taking a moment here, checking back in… …connecting back to our breath, remembering the only thing we’re obligated to do in our yoga class is breathe. We’re making sure we are
where we need to be for our bodies today. Inhale… …and exhale. Allowing the hands to come to the side, we’re just going to remove our block for a second here. Bringing it to the side. And then coming out onto our heels — and you may need to scoot out on your chair a little bit here — We’re gonna begin to just wiggle our toes a little bit.
Just noticing what’s going on in our toes today. And then from there, find stillness in your toes. And then imagine your toes separating as wide as you can, like my fingers on my hands. Separate those toes. And then from here,
bring the toes back in together and hug the toes in. Releasing the toes, we’re gonna lift the right foot off the floor Always know that you can hold onto your chair here.
And you’re gonna roll the right ankle to the right… and then you’re gonna roll it to the left.
And then you’re gonna point and flex. And once you finish that, just go through one more time
to see what your ankle and foot need here… …and let the toes wiggle freely .
No tension in the toes. And then when you’re ready, bringing the heel back to the floor, go ahead and bring the foot to the floor. Moving on to the other side,
go ahead and lift that left foot up. Roll it around get all those crinkles out. Notice what this one needs, pointing and flexing,
leaving the toes nice and loose. And then coming back down to the floor,
when you’re ready. So we have a little challenge here now. You’re welcome to join us or you’re welcome to… just hang and watch us here. So if you’d like to join in,
we’re going to start by lifting one foot off the floor. Get flexion in that foot You’re welcome to hold onto the chair. Begin engaging the core as you lift the other leg up off the floor. From here, if you’d like to add on, you can bring your arms up and overhead. Allow your palms to face the front. So here we are in our “floating downward dog”.
Keep that core engaged… …and we’ll hold for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Keep that core engaged as we bring the hands
through to heart center. And then releasing the hands down along the side. You’re welcome to hold on to to the chair… …as you bring the legs down to the floor.
Bring the feet down to the floor and let’s rock the feet… …side to side. Allow the knees to rock
side to side as we loosen those hips up. You’re welcome to take the hands and place them on the knees. And then from here, we’re going to make sure we come back to our “seated mountain”. Again, making sure that… …all of our joints are in line. So ankles under knees, knees in line with hips, hips in line with shoulders. We’re going to lift our arms up and overhead. We’re going to bring the arms across the body.
Left arm under right and hug in at our shoulders. From here we’re going to lift the elbows up and then hug the elbows into our chest. Giving ourselves a nice little hug here. If you’d like to take this a little deeper, you’re welcome to tuck your chin and take it a little bit deeper. As you tuck your chin, you may notice you can wrap your arms a little bit tighter. Go there if you’d like. On an inhale, we’re going to lift the chin back up and we’re going to open
the arms up. Allow the arms to come out and you’re welcome to wiggle your wrists out here. Rolling the wrist from side to side. Finding stillness, we’re going to bring the arms
across again. This time, right over left. And hug in again. Same thing here if you want to take it a little bit deeper… …you are welcome to tuck the chin… …and then you can bring the arms in a little bit closer. Take several breaths here. And then on an inhale, lift the gaze, lift the chin back up. Come on out… And one more time, just roll the wrists out, move the fingers and then let the hands come down to center. Let’s release the back one more time, lifting the arms up. Bring the palms forward. Allow yourself to come to that 45 degrees first,
making sure this feels good in your body still And then from here, lowering down the hands.
If you’d like to, come a little bit deeper. We’re going to take a couple breaths here… …as we lengthen the spine keeping the chin away from the chest. And then I’m going to give you an opportunity here.
If you would like, you are welcome here to tuck the chin. And begin to round the back a little bit,
sending the breath into the back of the body. And notice how this feels in your body. If this feels okay, you’re welcome to stay here for a couple breath cycles. And of course if it does not, just bring the chin back away from the chest. One more breath cycle here. And then when you’re ready, bring the chin away from the chest first, lengthen the spine… …on an inhale, bring the hands back up to the quads, hug the elbows in, engage the core… …come on back up to your “seated mountain”. So we’re just about ready to head into our savasana here. So I’d like to welcome you ladies and you at home to just allow yourself to sit back in your chair. Using the back of the chair to support your back, allow your feet to come out. Allow your arms to come long. Allow yourselves to connect back to that breath.
You’re welcome to close your eyes as you reconnect in. Beginning to notice the difference in your body… …notice the changes maybe that you feel
from when we began class. We’ll take just a few moments in silence
as we settle into our “shavasana”… …the most difficult pose in our yoga practice,
because we do nothing in “shavasana”. The only thing that we are required to do
is to just breathe. So begin to notice your breath again. As you notice your breath, bring awareness to
both the inhale and the exhale as you notice the As you notice the inhale and the exhale, begin to notice the movement your body is calling to make. Maybe a gentle wiggle, it may be a rock from side to side. Maybe rolling the wrists and ankles. It may be a gentle nod of the head. Allow yourself to gently come back into the space. Taking your time. When you’re ready, on your next inhale that’s all we reach our arms up and overhead, getting one final stretch in. You’re welcome to take the gaze up
toward your fingers or the ceiling. And then when you’re ready, bringing your palms through to heart center. I thank you all for joining me today for yoga practice. May you all be happy, may you be safe,
may you be peaceful, healthy, and always at ease. From my heart to all or yours,
namaste, yogis.

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  1. FINALLY!!!
    This video is perfect for what I am looking for! Beginner chair yoga, nice and slow, for a group of people who are everyday people AND it looks and sounds very professional! Perfect length of time! Perfect descriptions of poses! Thank you, thank you! I would pay $ for more videos like this!
    You are going to get A LOT more views!!!

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