Fun Beginners Dance Workout For Weight Loss – At Home Cardio Exercise Dance Routine

new videos every day psyche truth life wisdom hi I'm Donnie and I'm here is Cindy today and we're going to do a little follow-up follow along dance routine with you guys so go ahead and save it this video on YouTube and follow along seems weak alright we're going to start with just some hips side to side so loosen up and just have fun with it side to side to where those and now go ahead and put your arms up and we're gonna go back and forth like this with our hips moving the same way as we did before and now up to speed he'll side to side to make a little bit more fun and Oh back into the regular hips now back with the arms up leave your arms out we can go Bridge side to side side side side side side side side side keep it up and now grave isolations back and forth so forward and back forward and back and a fast and now we're going to do the same thing only we're going to go in a box so forward inside and back inside forward inside and back inside and faster and turn this into a body roll and just go all the way around with your ribs and just really loosen up and get down into that plie now we're going to do the other way front to the left back to the right so front inside in a square inside front side back side front side back side and that's tempo around around and get down into that plie and really put your feet into the ground you are those now facing the partner we're going to do some shoulder rolls and go to the front and out of this go how to be right so I'm gonna break this down for you guys really quick so Potter be right it's going to be a back side front so here we go back side front then again let's go the other way back side front the other way one more time back side front and back side front so starting from the shoulder roll just go ahead and go roll roll roll roll into the front roll roll roll roll and then you're going to pot a foo ray so let's do it's the left now and roll your left shoulder backwards and forward we're going to pas de Bouree right after this so get ready five six pas de Bouree and forward get ready for pas de Bouree back now we're going to go back to the hips from the very beginning side side side side loosen up and now's the arms into the ribs front and back in front and back and body roll other side and the shoulders one two three four to the front three four and pas de Bouree back get ready to go forward and how to booray and now we're going to go into a little grapevine so start going to the right first to go front back side together and then jump and then side back front together then to the right again front back side together last but front back side together a little bit faster front back side together front back side together and jump and jump feel free to do whatever you want with your arms loosen up front back sides together front back side together and now we're going to twist it up a little bit and do a Shinae into the jump so you go same motion only ten eight and jump and run a step jump so shiny step jump turn a step jump and faster Sun is done just two more and stop and now we're going to go from the grapevine into the shehnai jump and go so back front back side together front back time together two more and into the shutting now we're going to go back from the very top we're going to put everything together but starting with a hit and right and with the arms and side to side and bridge six seven eight forward and back and forward and back and forward and back no box last one until we go faster and around round and reverse and shoulder rolls stick going and roll forward and Potter boot right right now go forward do ray alright let's do it one more time and then we will be done all right for the top five six seven eight with the arms and go side to side ribs isolations now forward and back and forward and back and forward and back and forward and back box front side front back side and up to tempo now otherwise get ready for your shoulder rolls and forward quite a bit right and go forward pas de Bouree turn a two more all right good job guys thanks for watching our video I hope you guys enjoyed it be sure to like us on YouTube and go ahead and follow along


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  2. Worst workout video ever! And now my armpits burn from all that shoulder circling.

    The poor girl looked so uncomfortable, and the girl in the purple looked embarrassed to do the workout.

  3. This is the first time I've ever wanted to exercise. You guys are great.

  4. This is just a Denise Austin workout remade.

  5. this kinda messed with my ribs it hurts

  6. Love your assistant!

  7. look it took a bit for me to deal with the fact that I was following what is essentially a jazzercise tutorial but once i did holy fung moly that was a fun time.

  8. I had soooo much fun doing this! I loved looking at the form of the yellow shirted girl, and the purple shirted girl kept me motivated knowing I don’t need to look exactly like the fitness instructor to exercise! Thanks for the motivation. Definitely subscribing! 😊😊😊

  9. Girl in purple is a MOOD

  10. How many days should we do this to loose weight

  11. Its call shape – RIght side

  12. Thanku soo … sOo much mam I am your new subscriber. ..

  13. why am i doing this at night?

  14. The girl in purple is me plus music and alcohol with the curtains closed 😂

  15. Thanks for the workout ladies, you got my heart rate going this morning in NC!!! 🥰🙏

  16. Will this help flatten out your stomach?

  17. Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss Can Be Fun

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  18. What a simple yet, as I know, highly effective workout video. Not only is it a fantastic video, but it also has clear, concise and also I think, helpful narration by you.

    I have some Zumba videos and thought of switching it up a little by researching some cardio workouts, and I would end up on your excellent video.

    So thank you, I appreciate your work.


  19. So robotic 🙃

  20. Thank you. It was silly and fun. : )

  21. Hi my name is Loretta Peter. I saw your video. It's amazing. I was doing the dance. It made me feel good.

  22. So this is what I have to do to beat the dance competition?

  23. Your cueing could use work, but kinda fun regardless..

  24. looks like some fun in exersizing. I'mgoing to try this and I do think I can do it . I'm 59, an just went though triple by pass sugery back in March 13, 2018. I've lost 29pds so fare and its starting to get hard to lose more, but having fun will help. Thank you for putting this out here for me to see and to get some more hope for losing more pds. 🙂

  25. Hiii! Beautiful vedio for beginners. Step by step. Ye sabhi ke liye hain jinko dance nhi aata. It's very useful for us. Thanks.

  26. Thanks girls….first video, I could manage to follow!! <3

  27. This video is very helpful specially to those beginners ( like me😊) who want to exercise to become physically fit,coz there actions is just simple but useful.😊
    Thank you😘

  28. Now this is what i was looking for..lazy me..thanks guys..

  29. I feel like she's going to whip out her spirit fingers with those shoulder rolls 😭😂😂

  30. This made me realize the truth: i can't dance. Hahaha but this was so much fun! Thank you

  31. This is almost identical to a Tiffany Rothe workout

  32. Nice superr

  33. i really liked this video, I felt like I was there with them in a dance studio doing a fun easy dance class

  34. Was wondering where the woman in purple was that people are going on about but then remembered that I'd got my anti blue light glasses on.

  35. Hi Donni. Your exercise super. This is very useful to me. Your voice very nice. I like you so much Donnie.

  36. Thank you love this video

  37. Haai anuj india form bihar

  38. Working out to music

  39. Thank you so much! I love to dance & used to be good at it. An injury caused me to stop moving for 2 years. This workout helped me get moving again! Thank you both!

  40. Thank you.

  41. need better music but great workout

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