Fun at the Gym with Bratayley! (WK 5)

(children laughing) – Cannonball! – Haley! Haley let me show you what's really fun! – What are you trying? – Whee! – [Voiceover] Whoa! – That was pretty cool. – [Voiceover] Haley let's go play. – Wait, daddy don't break it. – Whoa she said I'm going to break it. That's rude. – [Voiceover] Do her little twisty thing. – No. I'm going to do this not die thing. – Pull me up daddy, pull me up. Pull me up. – Can you jump all the way? – Yeah. – Go ahead. – She just goes into it. – It's fun. – I'll break someone. – No you won't, but you
would also go down there. Daddy just go. – Here we go. (children screaming) – Ow! – [Voiceover] He's gone. (shrieking) – Watch out! (laughter) – [Voiceover] I told you
they're hard to get out of! – Every man for themselves. (child screaming) – Take your jeans off. – [Voiceover] Guys I can't get out! – [Voiceover] Lori can't get out. – Okay. – [Voiceover] Oh, oh. (children giggling) (children yelling) – Wait let me. He's sweating out. – [Voiceover] Yeah. – [Voiceover] Well I think for us like we go so deep in those things. – [Voiceover] (laughter) Yeah. – Exactly just like that. – [Voiceover] Yeah. Yeah just stay on top. (child shrieking) – [Voiceover] Nice! – Hey try to jump and do like
this pose in the air sideways. (laughter) – [Voiceover] Okay what
are you going to do? – That's amazing. – Such a fun way to teach
them how to do fly aways. Yeah. – Teach her how to stay afloat. – [Voiceover] Do what? – Ripping a lot because they're
hands don't shift as much. – [Voiceover] Careful. – What do I just a flip? – [Voiceover] Front double full twist. – Yeah right. – [Voiceover] Go out. – [Voiceover] Hey that's pretty good! – And twist! – Okay front side and then
just open to your mat. Can you do that? – [Voiceover] I think you
have too much faith in me. – I don't I know you can do it. Front side, open and just go to your back. – He also is the first time
teaching the flip backwards into a pit. He like balks once and then he twisted and then he like bailed
halfway through the next time. I was like we're just done. – We're done, we're done. – [Voiceover] I'm done with you. – [Voiceover] What? – [Voiceover] Two and a half. – [Voiceover] Holy. – Foot first Andrew. – Yeah Andrew! (laughter) – Guys ready? – [Voiceover] Yeah go ahead. – Haley you're next. – [Haley] Okay. – That was super good. – [Voiceover] Yeah the rope helps. – [Voiceover] Oh yeah to get out? – Most of the time when you're in the pit the hardest part of the
skill is getting out. – [Voiceover] You got it, it's recording. I don't jump on the trampoline. – [Voiceover] Are you going? And embarrassing. Nice! – [Voiceover] I could do that. I could do a front flip. – [Voiceover] Here we go! – Go Katie. (child screaming) – Ready honey? – Ready. – I've done a front flip
on the other trampoline. – Two, three. – [Voiceover] Nice! (cheering) Save her get her out! – Do I just like run? – [Voiceover] Whatever you want to do. – [Voiceover] It seems a little crazy. – Yo jump in the air and
flex at the camera like this. – Oh Angie. – You want me to hold it steady? – I'll just go, I'll just go. Ready, like in cartoons. – You're going to keep running all the way into the pit, alright yeah. – Is it scary? – Yeah. – [Voiceover] It's pretty good. – [Voiceover] That was pretty good. – [Voiceover] It's relative I guess. That's true. (loud, ambient conversation) That's the encouraging coach in you. – You know that daddy's right there. – Nice job! (cheering) – Little bit of fear right? – [Voiceover] Amazing! – Oh my gosh. – [Voiceover] Are you filming honey? – Yeah. – [Voiceover] Yeah. – You think all the way to the green? – [Voiceover] No you
won't land on the green. – Push hard. Go long. – Okay. – Long way down! – [Voiceover] You're just
jumping you're not flipping. – I know. – [Voiceover] She's so tiny. (laughter) (cheering) – I plugged my eyes. – A clear black tramp above ground. – You had a black tramp? Oh no. Just bounce on your
back, yeah just bounce if you can get your balance. Get your toes up. There you go, when you have good balance you'll bounce go up. – Whoo! – Yeah that's it! – [Voiceover] Haley, how you feeling? – Good. (laughter) – [Voiceover] Are you going to
go or do you need help down? – I'm gonna go. – [Voiceover] Here I'll hold that for you. I'll hold it. – What are you doing? No don't do– – What do I do? What should I do? – [Voiceover] Whatever you want. – [Voiceover] Come on Annabelle. – [Voiceover] Alright! – [Voiceover] Nice. – [Voiceover] I can't do that. – [Voiceover] The fall? – I can't do a fall. – Coach can teach you! (laughter) – I told her things like
I never lost flipping but I can't, I can do standing back falls. – Really? (laughter) – I can do back hand, back hand stand. He has you like connected right. – [Voiceover] Yeah Shawn! – [Voiceover] That was good. – [Voiceover] Nice. – [Voiceover] Nice Haley. – What is she doing? – [Voiceover] That's a little better. I can put a sting down if you want me. – What? – [Voiceover] Can put a
sting down if you want one. – I want to see where I put my hands. The landing's fine it's
just been a long time. – [Voiceover] I know what to do. – [Voiceover] Want me to hold that? – Thank you. Holy cow. – [Voiceover] You got it. – [Voiceover] Alright, last time guys! More muscle? Okay that's what we need more muscle. – [Voiceover] I did nothing like that. – [Voiceover] One more. Alright one more. – [Voiceover] Whoo! – [Voiceover] Nice. – [Voiceover] That was awesome. – That's Mia. – Nice. – And Mia. – And Mia. – Eight, seven. – Nine. – Ten, eleven. (children screaming) – Nice. Do you guys score here? Yeah it's really hot. Hey you could watch her. You're standing there, what if I fell? So it's scary but it's like
learning how to put that away. (child asking question) (bell ringing) (bright, lively orchestral music) – [Voiceover] Whoa! (fast paced electronic pop music) – One two three. – [Voiceover] Nice. – That was a struggle. – [Voiceover] Nice. – Tina's down. – Now do something. – So what happened was the very first time they told me to
spot on the back turn. – Arms straight up. Don't do it I'm going to flip you okay. Ready? – [Voiceover] Whoo! – So she said do this, so
I said okay and I did this and she went up and I was
like you said do this. But she went with this keep your hands up. – I'm going to do something this time. – You want me to just leave my hand here? Okay. – [Voiceover] One more time. – [Voiceover] Nice. – Yeah and so we were up against a wall when they were dancing
all the music went off.

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