fully baked and ready to serve that's how Washington insiders describe the legislative effort to replace the notorious FPA deeming regulation an effort being led by Republican congressman Duncan Hunter as a reg watch reported last month a major push is underway to repeal the deeming rides however fallout from the health care debacle appeared to have stalled the effort but instead the failure to replace Obamacare delivered an important lesson repealing the FDA deeming regulations will not work unless there's comprehensive baking legislation ready to take its place and that's exactly what congressman hunter said his bill is ready to do and the plan is to introduce it in Congress next week the hunter legislation just cleared the house office of the Legislative Council and is ready for release titled the cigarette smoking reduction and electronic paper alternative act the bill removes dating products from the definition of tobacco that's in the Tobacco Control Act and it establishes an independent regulatory framework that enshrines vaping as a tool for harm reduction the bill also changes the name of the Center for tobacco products at the FDA to the Center for tobacco products in harm reduction and it authorizes the Secretary of HHS to undertake a detailed assessment to compare the risks of smoking cigarettes to vaping and other nicotine alternatives finally the bill sets industry standards for a liquid and device manufacturing with special attention paid to battery safety including short circuit protection discharge monitoring and cereal or lot number tracking for all devices earlier this week on a conference call with industry reps discussing the electronic dating coalition's repeal strategy congressman hunter shared the timeline for the introduction of his replacement bill we separate baby from the tobacco control it's accessible on we we take away the liquid we take away the devices and we created our own set of standards but I think we've got everybody on board one of the most one result of the outliers but we have enough people to get on more down when we have no momentum so that we're not just doing the coalition bill the coefficient of minutes if we have an appropriations off on the bus or as you're going to have in place language that everybody to forget that separates the baby from cigarettes is regulatory framework that were introduced into the basis for 80 for the next 50 years and it creates a missed one base point so that we innovate we can change it allowed you to death where the longer wants to go some I understand we're going to introduce this next week we're about to session next week and it could be out there and we'll be able to start getting people support for it going to the entire baby community and saying this is what we're fighting for and it says that is laid out as the future of baby and the rhetoric framework going forward that allows it to grow and try that as an industry and then you start getting people piling on with the hunter replace legislation ready to drop next week the focus now turns to repealing or suspending either all of or portions of the deeming regulations before the owner s and costly product listing deadline kicked in at the end of june so it's basically all hands on deck for the entire vaping community as industry and advocacy groups like the dt a casa safada EDC a and C via USA all rally support across multiple tracks whether that be for the hunter legislation the coal Bishop amendment or by organizing calling campaigns to pressure key political leaders and Trump cabinet members for regulatory relief the edca is one group treading some unique ground it's launched a legal effort to force repeal by demonstrating that the FDA failed to follow the legal process of what's called coordination which requires federal agencies to core local levels of government before implementing new rules and regs hearings begin next week in Wisconsin on the half of the village of Heartland and the Johnson Creek paper company also breaking news this week is the announcement by the Senate health education labor and pensions committee that it would vote next week on president Trump's kick dr. Scott Gottlieb to leave the Food and Drug Administration dr. got leads confirmation by the full Senate for FDA Commissioner is expected to sail through which could be very good news for the vaping industry as dr. Gottlieb in his confirmation hearing earlier this month articulated strong support for tobacco harm reduction in areas where there's an inherent obvious and seemingly unavoidable risk related to certain consumer products whether it's combustible tobacco or dangerously addictive opioid drugs we have the opportunity to help consumers move to less risky alternatives visit those to the fourth set of Congress and envisioning pathways to reduce harm as an animating principle and FDA regulation I know what's at stake here people's lives are literally on the line when it comes to the decisions that FDA makes it in its oversight and its enforcement of Congress's laws and the American people deserve to trust with the agencies letting impartial manner got it only by the science that informs its work and an abiding faith to the public health that's the mandate by which I would lead this agency Jordan us today to discuss the details behind the hunter replace legislation and dr. got leads nomination for FDA Commissioner is Larry flick a government affairs consultant in Washington DC and lobbyists for the American eliquid Manufacturers Association Larry thanks for coming on the show you've been with Ames and now for over a year developing strategies to overturn the deeming regulations do you think president Trump selection is having a positive impact on that effort it is had Secretary Clinton won her policies at the FDA would have been a continuation of what the Obama FDA was doing and the chances of getting any real reform would be minimal Larry many papers had high hopes following the president's election but with all of the turmoils his presidency and with the defeated his attempt to repeal Obamacare those hopes seem to be waning everybody likes to put their own spin on it what I think with regard to vaping at least repealing or suspending the deeming regulation it won't happen until the FDA Commissioner gets confirmed then then the effort to get executive action on the deeming regulation by suspending the deadlines or postponing implementation that will begin in earnest at that point Larry do you believe the president's pick for FDA Commissioner understands the value of dating as a tool for tobacco harm reduction we're confident that dr. godly understands that he's a he's a physician he's a trained medical scientist he's worked at FDA as Deputy Commissioner based on what he said at his hearing and things he's written um he's doing this for the right reasons this isn't just pure politics Larry dr. Gottlieb also has direct experience working with the vaping industry is that not correct he does in fact it was not widely known but he had a position with a company named pure a vaping company which he had word positioned and an investment in it's important to note that dr. Gottlieb has properly disclosed his investment and as promised to divest himself of those interests within 90 days of his confirmation let's quickly turn to the replace effort and for our viewers you can expect a red watch interview with congressman hunter to be really shortly finally Larry you played a role in crafting the hunter legislation what do you think is the most important aspect of the bill well the most important thing is that it takes vapor products out of the tobacco products category and that that's where the debate has to start we're trying to reform the culture of the Center for tobacco product we're not going to increase the number of people that work there under this legislation or give them more money the idea there is that the mission isn't just to get people off of tobacco products which is how the center use its mission now the mission will be moving forward how we get people to get off of cigarettes and step down the ladder toward less harmful products this is philosophical this is scientific this is common sense well that's it for this edition a reg watch before you head off please like us on Facebook and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for regulator watch calm I'm bread Stafford


  1. so us pipe and cigar smokers are still screwed? what a bunch of bs what ever happened to personal choice and freedom?

  2. Much love Reg Watch! thank you for keeping up on this, no one here in the US seems to know about this! this is the saving grace vaping needed!

  3. I'm sharing this everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. YES!!!
    FINALLY a member of the Federal government that has some brains!!!
    THANK YOU Rep. Hunter, THANK YOU again!!!
    Thank you Reg Watch for your diligence!

  5. Everyone needs to share this please!

  6. Finally Congress is starting to wake up and smell the coffee. They didn't think we would just give up on vaping now, did they?

  7. Definitely sounds like things may be looking a bit better for the Americans but their Surgeon General want vaping destroyed to save the children. A very misguided plan.

  8. This is great news

  9. why is noone talking about this! this is what we need and have wanted

  10. i hope fascist europe also gonna follow

  11. Hopefully, Zeller will get the boot after Gottlieb is confirmed. I don't see him helping any. Thanks, Brent! 🙂

  12. what has gottlieb ever written about vapin.from what i hear the hunter regs are moore about getting rid or open systems and making closed systems the norm .

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