FULL WEEK OF WORKOUTS | Monday – Friday Fitness Routine (vlog)

here we go and love hey guys what's up and welcome back to my channel today's video I wanted to do a workout of the week vlog so I'm gonna be sharing with you guys my workout Monday through Friday I tend to work out around those days and then on the weekends I like to kind of just relax and have a rest day to rest days I've been watching a lot of these videos and they're super super inspiring and they helped motivate me and want to get me back into the gym so I just thought it would be a fun video to share with you guys so today it is currently Monday I am gonna go to the gym and probably run and do abs that's just kind of when I'm feeling I also do like kind of intuitive working out so like whatever I'm feeling whatever my body is kind of creating for the day that's kind of what I do and that could be like intense workouts that could be like yoga or just taking a simple walk whatever the case is I just try to get my body moving at least for 30 minutes so I'm headed out to the gym now and that's a workout for Monday [Applause] [Applause] just a quick little recap I did 15 minutes on the treadmill and then I did 15 minutes on the Stairmaster just because I had to make a phone call and my shins were like literally killing me and then I did like a quick ab circuit I usually do like a whole bunch of circuits but I just did like as many ab workouts as I could I probably did about like 5 to 6 minutes of ABS I am so tired I just got back from Jersey yesterday so like I'm still kind of like groggy and not feeling the best I picked up an iced coconut milk latte because I am so tired but the thing is that I got something done even though it wasn't my best and I'm pushed too hard I move my body which is what's important so Monday workout check good morning everyone it is currently Tuesday and I'm headed off to the gym my goal is to just do legs today and maybe the Stairmaster for like 15 minutes nothing too crazy so [Applause] but I guess that this trying to hide g'bye I'm gettin tired I'm legs can reach me doesn't dream Dustin McLean let's keep on science falling nothing falling down from the sky and from hey guys happy Wednesday so I just finished filming a video and I'm gonna go work out um it's always the worst right when you get ready and I'm like oh it kind of look okay and then it's like I'm gonna just ruin that by working out and sweating all my makeup off I have a class at noon for yoga I'm going to the Istana vinyasa I think that's how you say it it's a calm your mind with concentrated breathing as you strengthen the core muscle groups of your body a vigorous practice you will focus on a set of progressive series of postures the temperature is from 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit I am pretty sure I am not allowed to film in the class so I can't really explain it to you but if you look up a strana vinyasa it'll tell you the kind of sequences and poses that we do if I remember to all kind of let you guys know after I think you'll go is really important for your physical body as well as mental so when I go to yoga it's more like therapy for me as well as just like strengthening and improving my flexibility and my body you're really in tune with your body if you guys do not have a gym that you can always just do a yoga class on YouTube just put on your TV or your phone or your laptop set out a towel or a mat if you have one and you can do yoga they have everything online from beginner to intermediate to advanced so I'm headed out to yoga it's a one-hour class I'm gonna get ready to go I feel so relaxed if you guys know anything about yoga we did 5 Sun Salutation A's 5 Sun Salutation B's we did a mixture of like balance and standing poses and then we went to the floor and did a few floor poses and then ended with savasana it was really intimate so like my instructor put like all the yoga mats facing each other so you were literally facing somebody so it's different and it's a kind of like mentally challenging to not like think about other people looking at you expecially if you're like staring at them right in the eye so I was like really different but I really really enjoyed it and I feel very calm and relaxed I feel like my muscles have loosened up a little bit and it was a gun kind of like midweek workout so yeah I'll leave some videos down below if you guys want to try it out kind of traditional style yoga class but like I'll find one on YouTube if you guys don't have one available to you you guys can try it out if you want so yeah I'm heading home Wednesday check so it is currently Thursday and it is later in the night it's actually around 6 o'clock it's like pitch black outside I did not work out this morning which is kind of rare for me but it's kind of like the last of the chilly days here in Florida so I really wanted to do something outside no one needs to work out today too so we're gonna head off to a park and do sprints so I personally really like sprints because they're super super quick you don't need to workout for too long you can do them outside anywhere honestly you can do them on a treadmill if you really want they're just super quick but also super intense oh no way sure yeah no oh we so I just finished working out we ended up just doing like a warm-up so I did [Applause] I did record this but I did like a jog and then sprint and then jog and then sprint five times and then we ran around the track which is like a soccer field how long is that like a quarter of a mile and at the end we always are super competitive so like we did a sprint to see who won so like running and then a sprint at the end and then we found a hill and we ran up the hill five times again sprints and then we ran around one more time the field just a quarter of a mile so probably around 20 minutes 15 to 20 minutes it's not bad it's super super high intensity but really quick so you can knock it out like really fast and you feel like you got in like a really good workout I am sweating right now more than I sweat when I run like long distance so really good workout for Thursday it is currently Friday is my last workout of the week I'm so excited I just want to knock it out real quick so I'm heading off to the gym I want to focus mainly on my legs and my abs I don't want to do something too crazy I am a little bit sore from the workouts and I've pretty much done all the cardio that I want to do rainfall new song coming feeling a little somber 1,800 miles from home but it's alright no no trick could face this people are so persistent that's why I'm staying in tonight I need a little getaway to town with you we can always try to I just miss you and Howie let me call you and tell you how happy then you saw me everything Inessa to blame my thinking I am done for the week thank the Lord so I am just finishing editing this vlog and I just want to say thank you so much for watching this video I ended up writing out all of the workouts that I did so if you guys want a screenshot you can screenshot this you guys have any requests or tips or constructive criticism for filming these definitely let me know I personally really love watching this style of video because it motivates me I don't necessarily like follow every single workout it just gives me kind of like inspo I'm not like a fitness guru or a fitness vlogger it's kind of hard I don't know if I should like film the whole workout my accent with that I don't know if I should film the whole workout or if you guys like got enough inspiration from this I don't know I'm just kind of like brainstorming ideas thank you thank you so much for watching this video if you guys liked it definitely give it a thumbs up and I'll see you guys all in a future video bye guys


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  20. Man, respect though. I get home from work around 6.30/7.00 pm and I don't have the energy to work out. But let's be real, I'm also lazy af. Time to get my ass off the damn couch

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