Full-Time MBA Healthcare Management Track

the healthcare management track of the full-time MBA in the d'amour McKim School of Business is a two-year full-time experience that will involve one year of deep immersion in traditional business disciplines like Finance and Accounting followed by a six-month corporate residency in one of our leading local healthcare institutions and then a second year of healthcare specific courses where students will learn some of the traditional business knowledge applied to the healthcare industry students who tend to get this kind of training will be students that have a very sort of altruistic or service-oriented passion Healthcare is a fastest growing segment of the economy so for people who are going to be coming into the industry with relevant skills that they have learned from an MBA program particularly a health care focused MBA program there's an incredible amount of opportunity for career advancement I've been in healthcare my entire life but I saw in healthcare management that you could really impact with the quality of care so I decided to go to the de Meaux McKim School of Business in order to do so the domore McKim school businesses in Boston which is the medical mecca of the world you're surrounded by the best hospitals the best doctors the best clinics northeastern does have a lot of ongoing relationships with some of the major healthcare players in the area we have some leading faculty here nationally known scholars in the study of health reform the study of health care implementation and innovation the most important thing about the d'amour McKim School Business is the corporate residency program I did a lot of research and a lot of different business schools and no one had that experience corporate residency program is an opportunity for full-time business students to go and spend up to six months or a year at a corporation and it's a chance to go get real-life business experience and put what you learn in the classroom and to use every day hands-on experience is critically important for an individual who's looking to enter or advance in the healthcare industry workforce these are real jobs these are not internships the employers hiring the students provide them with the opportunities where they can contribute to make a difference dana-farber is one the best oncology research institutes in the world so where can't dana-farber with some of the people i've looked up to my entire life and look working with some of the best minds in healthcare has been the number also empowering experience they look at you not as an intern they look at you as a team member if you're someone that's interested in learning more about management but you want to feel like you are going to make a real contribution in your career then you truly want to consider the healthcare management track of the full time MBA because working in healthcare will provide you with that feeling

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