how are you tonight very good very good okay so what's happening today same again we're off to see the insurance broker I asked you last week a few guys I've got about nine comments to ask him I've also got some am question / myself so we've got about 15 questions to ask him so he doesn't mind but I just thought it'd be a good idea you know you know getting health insurance at all and such a that's it it's not difficult it's just so confusing that's why I've got I've gone to a broker I'm not saying that everyone needs to go through a broker I just went to a broker like in Australia all my insurance is done houses insurance and car insurance everything in Australia I've always gone to a broker I find a lot easier they handle everything they make it very simple to you know to explain everything so see ya all your questions here and should be good I hope I can give you guys some advice on how to get assurance here in Thailand and my dear Vietnam okay from there maybe welder will see the see in the office hi Chris how are you hello very good yeah I'm very good thing um see you bye my insurance broker yes so tells me back so yeah I'm Chris I'm 27 years old I'm coming from Luxembourg I am working 8 years in the insurance domain so in Europe I'm making everything what is life insurance and all type of insurance and here in Thailand I'm since since I am since January yeah and yeah I'm I'm working on the health insurance advising for for the clients and I pretty like it it's nice I know I'm half Thai so for me yeah for so far it's easier to stay here and to work here and yeah and I speak five languages so yes so it's pretty nice for the experts there living here yeah I can help them you know a lot of languages because always a struggle when you're working in insurance or need to do insurance and you're speaking a language when it's really hard to speak French English German Luxembourgish and a basic of Thai yes it's pretty nice that we can help a lot of people here our insurance company calls a8 insurance brokers exactly and we are located in three different cities so here in Hua Hin Pattaya and Phuket yeah and yeah we're specialised on everything what is health insurance for expats living in Thailand catches everything of insurance everything insurance exactly so I'm going to feed questions to us how do I choose which plan is best for me as always depending here in talent is quite challenging to choose a plan it always depends on your personal circumstance on your age your family situation but most important your health situation and that's there for a insurance helps you or to guide you through this mass of different how the turns here in talent and gives you some helps used to gives you some advantage and gives you some disadvantage on different plans that you are free from care so you just can come and get a good advice okay thank you very much exactly because not every client is famous exactly it's not in the same situation and like you saying also H related family related and health situation related so if you have a lot of pre-existing conditions is always harder than if you're young and healthy and just come in and but then it's no challenge in talent you have two different types of insurance so the first type is like I always say all-inclusive insurance so it covers nearly everything two hundred percent so you're just going to the hospital giving your cart and left the magic happen and then you have this if I get sick Hospital what I do is I just give this car exactly everything what is covered for the inpatient case so everything what is an accident or an illness you need to stay overnight or at least assigned to bad to hospital you're covered not that no prepayment and them came back later yeah so there's a lot of Thai based companies who were saying okay you will pay up front and we came back later but the problem is not everybody has because already when you're an expert you need to have a lot of money on the side for a visa to be you can stay in talent and you can attach this money so so a lot of clients they love it because they don't need to worry they're paying one time a year their premiums and then they are quiet all year for no matter what happened it was like for example in your in your situation yeah you are covered for everything what is inpatient inpatient it means you need to be assigned to bat or at least being for longer stay in the hospital outpatient is when you're going to the hospital for a medical visit to a doctor get some medication and go back home that's no patient care mostly here in Thailand people choose inpatient care because outpatient cares are not that expensive in Thailand exactly exactly you are here when you're going to the pharmacy you even get everything if you have headache or you have like you sneeze or something and that's why we trying always to to provide a coverage for the most expensive and worst case scenarios so that's the inpatient case is it much difference between inpatient outpatient exactly yeah because we're working with a lot of international companies together but also Thai based companies and mostly when you're adding outpatient to your policy it's nearly doubles the premium exactly and that's why we're saying is it interesting we always making comparisons isn't interesting when you go to doctor here in talent and you pay maybe like thousand thousand five hundred baht for routine control with medication and everything and or to say okay I pay $1,000 a year to be covered for outpatient care so that's always like exactly what is waiting period the waiting period is defined under your insurance policy before medical selections comes in so they giving you a waiting period of one year for example to say okay you had this illness before we are willing to cover it but if in one year of waiting nothing happens after that we can cover it so it's a it's it's a deal that a insurance company makes with you and saves okay in case of your have a pre-existing condition we we are willing to cover it but if we're giving you one to two years if there's nothing is happening then we're willing to cover say sure we do so it's always depends on the insurance company and always of the pre-existing condition so cancer is possible to be covered but just if the cancer is treated and there's no medication anymore for it then it's okay then they will they are willing to cover it but as long as you're on cancer and on treatment and on medication is very hard and pretty you never have medical chairs before yeah Thailand yeah yeah got cancer policy yes is very hard if you have cancer you know you're still on treatment to the most important is always if you still on treatment and on medication so it's possible that you have cancer and you are on treatment your own treatment is over but you can still get medication just to control that's no that's still going and that is also already effect they saying no we don't cover exactly but if you had with 40 years cancer and you go through it and there's no problem anymore and with 55 for your coming and we're saying okay I want to have health care here in Thailand and you have to provide the documents or certificates of the doctor saying okay everything is okay no treatments no medication no any issues then the insurance companies are willing to cover deductible is an amount you can choose in the beginning of your policy to lower your yearly premium so for example you say okay I take a five thousand dollar deductible and you said you you choose it to lower your premium your yearly premium you're going to the hospital you have a ten thousand dollar bill so the first five thousand dollars you're paying up front and the rest so their ups out of the under $5,000 that's still open dollar for example because you have different yeah you have the dollar plans you have the Euro plans you have the tie-back plans and we I just took the dollar example now because mostly it's more easy for sixteen thousand 6730 ah but I can see I've got a say my bills what four hundred thousand baht exactly I've gotta pay the first exactly which is a lot better than pain exactly okay so like we was talking before a pre-existing condition is always related to your history your medical history so if you in case you had you have already high blood sugar if you have high blood pressure cholesterol or if you had any major accident or illness before that's a pre-existing condition so if you have an accident what do you mean or something and you want to be anyone to be covered the insurance companies are willing to cover pre-existing conditions if they have the medical files for it exactly if they have yeah if they have your information the right information and that the insurance company knows okay everything is okay treatment was been done no medication no any problems with it they are willing to cover but as long as a company don't know the informations or the right informations the insurance company is not willing to cover something what is already broken and what a insurance company do is either three possibilities so first they say no we just exclude second they say okay we accept it or tert they say okay we accept it but with the premium loading so if you want to get covered your high blood pressure we cover it but with the 15% loading of your premium yeah that's the first question what people always asking us okay that's our price now but what is our price later so the most company is working with five years breakage so you five years your price will be stable it will not go up because of your age the only reason is going up is because the medical inflation so when the doctors get a more expensive medical medics get more expensive and everything gets more expensive then the insurance company need to raise their prices to stay in a balance the older you get the normally the higher premium get so you have two different kinds of insurer so the world they're going skyrocket so your premium just double and you have the other one who really stay affordable who's staying on the same level of pricing and that's our also our job as brokers so we're always keeping the premiums and the following up of the premiums in in mind and also following our clients to say okay you will have a Raisman next year are you willing to change or do you want we're looking up for a nice exactly so in your case with April if we know okay in three years your premium will go double and you say okay listen that's a lot of money and then we say okay do you want that we look up for new possibility for your policy new pricings and you say yeah then we go again through work and we start again of doing researchers and finding the best policy with the same coverage and a better premium because this is also our job as broker not just to provide but also to do the work behind exactly exactly know what are you going to the Halden to do to the insurance company are you coming to us the premium stays the same but if you're going to a insurance company directly what you have you have always just the one possibility the one product day selling and the one option you have if you're coming to us as broker we're working with a lot of different companies together and we can provide you with a choice we can give you a lot of multiple choice you can choose and what fits you the best and this is one of the most how can I say the most effective way to work to get and personalize your need and we're working from the client to the insurance companies we're not working for an insurance companies and just try to sell one product so we are working for the from the client to the different insurance companies and we fully support you with all claims and they say yeah so you say y'all got a problem with the claim I'm Savin Hospital and uh you know March and April and sure to you guys yeah exactly we're doing the paperwork what people don't want to work so that everything was claim handling and all the stuff we're doing for them no no the hospital in case you're going to the hospital you have your card they will look at your wallet and you will see okay you're covered with April they will get in contact with April they will send they will they will sent a detailed information to April what happened with you what they need to do with you and what is the cost estimation we will send to April April we sent up an approval they will say okay we will pay it or they will say okay no we don't pay it and if they say no we don't pay it we will do the research why they don't pay it and we will tell them okay this in this case applies to the client and everything just has to be covered so they look in case you have an accident or unconscious they will try to find your information like your ID card and stuff yes mostly of our contracts are covered are you covered for different defined days out of cover of area out of area coverage so exactly for the moment exactly for a moment you are covered in Asia so you can be treated everywhere except in Singapore and when you're going back to Australia are you going back to Europe or you go back going to visit you are covered for 30 days for everything with its emergency so what is emergency so everything what cannot wait to be treated if you're back in Asia so that's in case of an accident or or an illness that cannot wait to be treated for we're not doing life insurance here in Thailand because it is different a different kind of business and we're focusing on health insurance yeah life insurance is possible you can go to the banks or the the other financial places and they can operate from for this as a healthy 74 year old lots of options that would be expensive especially for a high country stratum backwards racers travel insurance knowing their hope and yes it's still possible so if you're forty 74 years old and you're still good in shape you don't have too much pre-existing conditions there is always possibility to sign up for health insurance we have if we were working with different companies they have no late entrance limit so you can even apply with a B yes sure but as always we always doing yearly palden sure exactly exactly for the 90 days you need to look up for health insurance and accident insurance that come back exactly challenge exactly okay pacer said I come at six months medical check some CPS will just answer that without it's wrong you have to insurance is always depending how old mr. PS is now because we're having one who we're working with they're doing the six months coverage so exactly so because in and in the other case he was 74 years old we cannot offer him desk that anymore so he's always depending how old you are and there are different possibilities also to cover you for six months okay might be a motorbike it might have restrictions palsy so it's better than have an accident shares can you ask no because with health insurance they don't really pay attention how you have an accident so they are covering you for everything what is an expense in the hospital the only thing you can get restrictions is on your motorbike or car insurance you had because there you're also covered for different for a specific amount for everything what is coverage in the hospital for medics and so it no matter what kind of insurance or health insurance you have and no matter what kind of accident you have you are always covered no no because how the insurance covers you for the health is not no matter which purpose you had which yeah because your health insurance have nothing to do with your motorbike I mean you there's nothing related to your health insurance so no matter what happened say your culture Johnny saying goodbye yeah yeah say you have two or three bees to me yeah you still coming yeah sorry I know subscribers original grab you a question about um chips burger is a solution for that guy thank you for the request I was looking it up for a guy over 50s and if you are good in shape and healthy you would pay about $125 a month for a full inpatient coverage with a cover of 1.2 million dollars the year in Thailand 16 million Thai Baht 1.2 million dollar exactly that's good my personal insurance can you actually break or what's the custom insurance is approximately for a private family policy say assume she sang entire policy as your policy with a husband in the fifties wife in the 40s with two kids at ten years old age wife and kids yes I just looked at Davos for you mr. mark McCormack you will be about at 3,000 for $125 a year to have a complete coverage for your family coverage $500,000 per person so you will be at $285 monthly 425 so tree two hundred eighty five per month for five hundred dollar coverage and $500,000 yearly coverage for everything what is full impatient yeah sure welcome so if no matter what what question you have yours welcome to just write me or call me I'm always open for every question you have and every need you need and where I can help you it's always I always have a solution Thank You Sonic enjoy all right thank you whoa thanks buddy sake you say huh bye-bye you


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