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what is up you guys welcome to my channel today I wanted to do a little walkthrough of what I eat in a typical day I'll be showing you my breakfast lunch dinner dessert and a couple snacks thrown in there as well I wanted to put out a couple disclaimers really fast but I am in no way trying to pressure anybody into getting a certain body type post partum definitely just listen to your body do what feels right for you get back into a meal plan and an exercise regimen when you've ready for it and second disclaimer I am NOT a nutritionist by any means so if you are wanting to get a serious meal plan going consult with a nutritionist first let's get in to the good stuff alright starting the day off right I love overnight oats I look like them the night before so that in the morning I can just pop them out of the fridge and eat real quick before the gym there's so many different recipes for overnight oats this is my personal favorite PB&J style there's like strawberries and cream I've made apples and cinnamon they are so delicious and so easy hello that's cute I go ahead alright so I'm shaking on my oats I'll pop them in the fridge and I will see them in the morning d-ohh so this is what I made last night I like to make mine a little bit thicker so you can eat it with a spoon like oatmeal Blake makes his pretty thin just you can drink it straight out of the blender bowl so you can do it either way yeah this is kind of like PB&J style looks gross tastes real good gotta have my extend BCAAs every single day I love the watermelon mangos wicked too and then I take a little squirt of neo energy to give me a bit of a boost I always try to get a protein chicken ASAP after the gym there is no quicker and more convenient way to get your protein okay meal number three of the day is just a rice bowl with a bunch of different stuff in it this might sound kind of nasty to a lot of you but you can really put in whatever you want to make a big Marsh Marsh what's a cold thing smorgy borg smorgy borg i don't strictly macro track it but i kind of eyeball it this is all about just having like a base of rice or quinoa a complex carbohydrate and then just loading on some good nutrients some vegetables I put some mozzarella cheese some guac I told you it looks gross so a couple hours later I'm hungry yet again so I grab some almonds and a pure protein bar this meal right here Kodiak cake pizzas saved my life when Blake and I were super poor living in Hawaii we bought bulk Kodiak cakes from Costco and I made this like five times a week so you set the oven to 450 you make your dough and put on whatever toppings you want I just put cheese on this time but I love to put pineapple sometimes we put ham anything you want and then I have a side of broccoli or spinach with my dinner look how good it looks though I mean I'm proud of that and then a side of greens because you can't forget your greens this is one of my all-time favorite snacks so set the oven to 400 I'll get a can of chickpeas rinse them bring them Pat them dry and then put an olive oil along with spices I like putting human salt sometimes chili pepper and then put them on a baking sheet as such there you go actually cook them for 30 minutes because 40 minutes I kind of burned them stick them in the oven and they're good you probably have these by now I think this is one of the more popular healthy desserts I want to do and say this because I actually do make these a lot most loves peanut butter I just love how I can make them into little balls pop them in the fridge and grab one out whenever I need a little snack thank you guys so much for watching today I hope that you learned a thing or two picked up a couple new recipes if you'd like to check back for new videos I'll be uploading on the 1st and 15th of every month give this video a thumbs up make sure to subscribe follow us on Instagram at Madison Miele and have a great day but I


  1. I love you being so spontaneous and sweet! Keep sharing. Greetings from Uruguay 💖

  2. What is your favorite flavor for this brand of protein powder? Also is the protein your using in this video chocolate?

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  6. are you still breastfeeding?? i was looking i sit certain protein powders & stuff like that & a lot you couldn’t eat while breastfeeding 😩

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  8. I would love to see a workout routine!

  9. Dane fan club!!!

  10. So glad you started a YouTube channel!

  11. I love you guys so much! Y’all are so awesome and such an inspiration!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. This is soooooo good! Thanks for all of your wisdom. Also, you funny girl!!!

  13. Why are you all so cute?❤ love from Chile 🇨🇱💕

  14. I love following your lil fam! 🙂 you are so sweet and genuine it’s so refreshing!!

  15. cutest fam!!!

  16. ah GO YOU MADISON!! love keeping up with you and your sweet fam💗 gonna make those overnight oats ASAP

  17. FAV FAM

  18. someone please tell me why dane looks so grown up already!! cutest fam


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